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Nude model Eileen Yumiko Yap breaks down after her nude photos were circulated online

Posted by temasektimes on April 30, 2012

Nude model Eileen Yumiko Yap has been in a state of distress since her nude photos were leaked online and circulated widely.

Miss Yap was working as a part-time model when she was approached to do the nude shots with photographer and modeling agent Chen Jun Hao.

She was paid $1,000 per session and has done 13 nude shoots, of which one was done in the outdoors.

It is not known how her photos found their way on the internet as the trainee photographers present during her nude shoots all signed an agreement to not release in public photos which show both Miss Yap’s face and her private parts.

During an interview with a Chinese tabloid, Miss Yap broke down and cried:

“This is not a dirty job, I do not go through back doors and I do not have any illicit dealings with the photographers. I have never done pornographic shots nor taken part in any sexual transactions.”



12 Responses to “Nude model Eileen Yumiko Yap breaks down after her nude photos were circulated online”

  1. thegarderner said

    Breakdown? For ya standard, lucky ya got paid.

  2. thegarderner said

    Breakdown? For your skill & standard, lucky you got paid.

  3. TMD WTF said

    自作自受,为了那区区$1000? Easy money? Not dirty job? Don’t bluff us! Don’t give excuse! 现在的年轻人就是这么不能吃苦!

  4. theminoritydude said

    Erm, Thegardener and TMD WTF, are you both still humans? Or did your mothers not inculcate a sense of empathy in your pathetic soulless empty shells? Skill and standard? What are you? A “professional” with an opinion?

  5. Choo choo said

    Small neh neh, nothing to see leh. Gimme also not interested.

  6. evil said

    if you live by the sword, then be prepared to die by the sword

    get a job, if pap can give you a job, vote them out, and dont be a prostitute which pap quietly endorsed

  7. stevenado said

    when collect $1000. never think of crying! now after spending $$$$..breakdown…..please lah…don’t wayang too much…easy$$$ difficult to resist!!!!

  8. Wilson said

    It’s a job, and it;s not that she did anything illegal or wat. Can those ppl here stop posting those hurting comment for goodness sake.

  9. joh said

    she is pitty

  10. FT said

    ya pitiful…….should not have taken the job if you know it’s gonna be like that. Next time seek parental advise!

  11. WTF said

    A Chinese having a name Yumiko? You farking deserve it Yumiko!

  12. Notiboy said

    Alamak! Hey! Slut…get decent job lah and don’t have this kind of problems. Tell also your pimp bf after getting money and free advertisment is good right? Just garbage in the making both of you.

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