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SMRT trains delayed this morning due to ‘bad weather condition’ and ‘train fault’

Posted by temasektimes on April 30, 2012

Train delays were reported in both the North-South and East-West lines run by SMRT this morning due to ‘bad weather condition’, causing many commuters to turn up late for work.

Some commuters reported being stuck in packed stations in Bedok and Kembangan. (pic left, from Twitter)

This occurs less than a week after SMRT trains are hit by a series of ‘minor’ disruptions in service.

Angry commuters affected by the delays took to Twitter to vent their frustration and anger:

“Bullshit – SMRT trains delayed this morning due to ‘bad weather condition’ and ‘train fault’.” – icelatte

“At the speed this #smrt train is moving and constantly stopping, I am sure I can outrun it from one station to e next!” – David Teo

“due to congestion train will be traveling slower” guess there’s traffic jams on mrt tracks now. How bout implementing high COEs too” – Nina Chua

“Whats wrong with #smrt ? Bedok platform is full of people. Like seriously. People cannot get into the train…” – Si Yi

Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew has earlier said in Parliament that ‘minor’ disruptions less than 30 minutes are ‘unavoidable’:

“We will try and minimise as much as possible the major disruptions and to keep them in check. But I think it is unavoidable that a system that is as heavily utilised as ours is today will not face any disruptions. Every day there are about 2.7 million passenger trips. We are running thousands of train trips for more than 18 hours a day. And I dare say that there is no way you can prevent disruptions from occurring.”

As usual, there are no public announcements by SMRT on the latest disruption in train service as it is becoming the new ‘norm’ in Singapore.


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9 Responses to “SMRT trains delayed this morning due to ‘bad weather condition’ and ‘train fault’”

  1. CB said

    Imagine without those doors on platforms, when overcrowding exists with escalators bringing more people onto the platform, people would have fallen onto the tracks or even a stampede at the escalator areas regardless. Does MRT have a safety policy in turning off escalators when this happen?

  2. Badass Ed said

    Now with twitter, cannot bluff and hide anymore.

    Poor SMRT. You have my sympathies but for fuck sake, can you jokers please get your act together so there aren’t so many disgruntled commuters twittering like crazy on the trains?

  3. Jaded said

    I think implementing COE and ERP for the trains will fix all these problems…

  4. Cheap Labour Addict said

    As I remember it, Lui says delays are due to a ‘rare confluence of factors’ while the SMRT technical head says ‘ it was just waiting to happen (due to overpopulation)’.

    Wonder who is more truthful?

  5. Hachioji said

    This “unavoidable” statement is a blanket excuse for more things to come.

    How on earth that no one is asked to take responsibility over this chronic failure of a public transport ? Or is it s privatised company ?

    Why should the general public continue to suffer while the few who are responsible are let off ?

    The public patience is fast running thin and low on this issue.

  6. blurrbl0ck said

    Reblogged this on blurrbl0ck.

  7. anakin said

    it will only get worse, with high COE & 25K more “imported” citizens each year!

  8. sgcynic said

    So, when the monsoons come, expect the trains to slow to a crawl or grind to a stop?

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