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Top NUS graduate accuses ministries of plagiarizing his ideas after rejecting his job application

Posted by temasektimes on April 30, 2012

An irate NUS graduate has filed a complaint on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Facebook after several futile attempts to land a job in one of the ministries.

A top graduate from NUS management department in 2011 and MOM National HR award winner, Jhony Ng Choon Yeong has not been able to find a job in a government ministry, prompting him to ask PM Lee if Singapore is ‘sincere’ in giving jobs to local graduates.

“I went to several ministries for job interviews and writing tests. While a few rejected me, most failed to give me the promised reply after the stipulated date,” he wrote.

He also accused the ministries of plagiarizing his ideas and implementing them a few weeks after the interview.

Jhony appeared to be in a state of despair when he was rejected again for PSC scholarship without being given a valid reason:

“Is NUS top student really that low quality?! If this is the case, we should really do something to NUS asap. If not, may I know is SG really sincere in making these job and scholarship offerings? Or is this just a way to get ideas for free and to make the job market looks good?”

There is no immediate response from PM Lee.

The Manpower Ministry reported today that “even though employment creation moderated slightly, the job market remained fairly strong.”

The jobless rate rose slightly, as the seasonally-adjusted overall unemployment rate increased from 2 per cent in December 2011 to 2.1 per cent in March 2012.


44 Responses to “Top NUS graduate accuses ministries of plagiarizing his ideas after rejecting his job application”

  1. said

    dear ng. why do you want to join the civil service when you claim that you have the brightest idea that you alone knows of? go and be gates II , III , IV and employ singaporeans will ya? you are too good to join the ranks of Prefer Alien Party lackeys. Aniwae, mr. lee will not reply. instead your comments will be taken down tonite. trust me. he and they just want to listen to praises and comments from prc and pr only.

    singaporeans are dead. they dun care about us. sorry to say you are one of them 😀

    • Chris said

      Word press has a bug. There is no like button.

    • seX pisToLs said

      “Aniwae, mr. lee will not reply. instead your comments will be taken down tonite. trust me. he and they just want to listen to praises and comments from prc and pr only.”

      as long you are Singapore citizenship, your post will be definitely removed.

  2. WR said

    Well, what can i say?

    Welcome to the real working world, Jhony.

    Just to be fair, Being a top grad does not mean you will 100% find a job too, even in the private sector.

  3. youngman said

    This boy has gotten it wrong.
    It’s not just about grades. To work for government, they have to see you demonstrate OBEDIENCE. You cannot talk back, and certainly cannot post something like that on PM Lee’s Facebook. This gives them all the more reason to justify their decision not to hire you.

    • Edgar Poon said

      Are they looking for ýes’ men?

      • stevenado said

        ya lor…don’t show them you are too smart….that’s amounting to threaten their seat!!! Ask them…agree with them, praise them…listern to them attentively….sure got the job..

  4. Ng Zhi An said

    Doesn’t seem like a “NUS management department top graduate” if he accuses ministries of stealing his ideas, on the wall of the most prominent figure in our country, for the entire population to see. It might be a fact that the ministries implemented those ideas based on his suggestions, but concluding that the ministries plagiarized is just causing himself trouble.

  5. denzuko1 said

    So LHL should be listening to PRC scholars complaining instead of locals.

    I was laughing off my chair when I read about his claim of the government agencies plagarising his suggestion.

    Was his a genuine suggestion? More advertising for MCYS? MCYS been doing that al the while. Let the cost felt by the market? PAP already letting the cost felt by the market long time ago with their pay hike. Outsourcing of man power? Who is manning the call centre?

    Further more, why only government agencies? Has he not considered private enterprises? So not only Singapore need to sponsor him his school fees, they need to give him job security?

    There is nothing new with his suggestion, no wonder no one feel like hiring him.

    • shinchi said

      absolutely. my thoughts too. his suggestions are not truly unique, they are pretty common sense and honestly, the agencies have always been doing so. i feel sorry for him but… really. calm down and figure out the real problem, dude.

  6. azizah said

    My friend went for interviewed years back, she told me she didnt get the job because she was asked few questions that she couldnt answer. eg Any ideas how to improve hospitals lack of beds? Now, I know why she didnt get the job. lol

  7. FanaticD said

    first of all, the answers that he provided, as a non graduate but a person with common sense will be able to answered the questions with the answers that he provided. that is the most basic answer and if he based on that to get a job, i think he can forget it. seems like he is more of a bookworm than more of higher intelligence.

    during interviews, attitude and appearance play a great part. if he act snobbish and give those high up attitude, he can forget it. best for him to reflect upon himself than splash it all out on social media. this guy is crap. i will not hire him for sure and no one owes him a living.

  8. i5htar said

    after you write this letter do you think you still can get a job in a government ministry???

  9. jazzy jeff said

    Erm what a crapload of BS. He can’t even write grammatically correct sentences. WTF? Top NUS grad my ass!

    • Edgar Poon said

      Certainly much better than the PRCs and other foreigners who were offered scholarships.

      Some of these foreign scholars can barely speak English.

  10. wMulew said

    For a top graduate, his ang moh is almost as bad as mine

  11. RC said

    Try give up Spore citizenship. Become a FT and come back try again. You’ll probably get a ministry job without going for an interview.

  12. Badass Ed said

    First, congratulations for being the top management student 2011. I am privileged to be able to comment on the plight of such an exalted student.

    You insinuated that they plagiarized your ideas. Are you sure boy? I am inclined to think that what ideas you offered were actually what they had in mind to implement, there being not so much talent, and so co-incidentally, both conflated and hence you had the impression that they “plagiarized”. Looking at your suggestions 1 to 3, I am frankly not really that impressed. I only got “O” levels but I would not only give such simplistic suggestions but offer much much more advanced ideas as well.

    Be that as it may, I wish you good luck in looking for a suitable job. If you still can’t find one, may I suggest you join the merchant navy? I heard there are lots of openings for those wishing to run a merchant ship which in a way is some kind of a management career and you will get to visit interesting and romantic far away places as well.

    Of course, you would have to handle the ship’s crew which may include Pinoys, Indians, PRCs and the like. One thing is for sure, your job is absolutely safe as they will never be able to take over from you not like those jobs on land, reason being that on the high seas, competence and professionalism is absolutely necessary, not the size of the salary envelope. These people can monkey around with a country but for a ship that can cost a few hundred millions of US dollars, it’s better to have real professionals instead of those from half past six universities.

    All the best.

  13. RC said

    Try give up your Spore citizenship. Become an FT. Come back apply again. You’ll probably get a job without going thru an interview.

  14. RC said

    Ask not what your government can do for you. Ask what your government WILL do for you !

  15. Top MGMT Graduate my foot said

    Your English as a top management graduate from NUS is….. astounding.

  16. DY said

    This dude couldn’t even write a facebook post properly. I highly doubt he is as good as he claims.

    I laughed when he said the ministries implemented all his ‘suggestions’. Especially the part about making ‘your logo look big’.

    And seriously, the PSC scholarship is ultra competitive. What makes him think he has the right to complain about not getting it? Hundreds of other singaporean students get rejected too.

    Stop whining and go improve yourself and see how you can do better.

  17. Puffy said

    Ok honestly, with such a horrendous standard of english, I don’t think he has justified himself enough for why he should be hired by any ministry. He can be someone with the most creative of ideas, but if he can’t articulate himself properly in simple writing, then he has to live with what he has, or not.

  18. jaded said

    let this be a lesson to those bushy tailed, bright eyed young ignorant students, that this is what the real world is like. there is no equality or fairness outside. you may be the best person, but your job can still be given to a foreigner.for one reason or another.

  19. fpc said

    how does mdis come into this? with NUS? what does he mean: let the market feel the real price? pretentious fuck!

  20. Terence Chong said

    Actually, I can understand why he wasn’t hired… he seems HIGHLY DELUSIONAL. Every “idea” he claims to have plagiarized are pretty common ideas that practically anyone with half-a-brain already came up with. He’s also delusional about the timing of some of these “ideas” going mainstream.

    To Jhony: Dude, stop imagining you’re smarter than you really are. Wake-up.

  21. wake up said

    why are people making sarcastic remarks to this TOP STUDENT OF NUS? What are you compared to him?
    This is a reflection of the problem in Singapore. People are being ROBBED of their ideas. And the majority just dispense liberally ‘sage advice’ which amounts to nothing. As if the onus is on him.

    HOw about we reflect what a ROTTEN govt SG has?

    Some people are talents in one field but not in another. Scientists may not be business people and business people may not be inventors. A top inventor may not be the best when it comes to financial accounting. It takes a rare man to be a talent in all fields.

    This is a very serious matter and I am appalled by the disparaging remarks made by the bystanders.

    This has happened before and friends in the business world also told me the same. Usual story, promoting some business idea/improvement to EDB, sent proposals in and got rejected and turned down. Then, govt bodies started govt affiliated companies to do EXACTLY the same thing.

    Talk to a few more people involved with business with the govt and you can hear of stories like this easily. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM.

    And the problem is the GREED of the govt. It is the ROOT of all the evil that is taking place in SG at the moment. What with the immigration, NO to minimum wage, overpaid ministers, floodgates opening to foreigners, etc, etc, etc. It is all manifestations of the SAME problem.


  22. DonDon said

    1st in the class last in EQ..

  23. Incredulous! said

    i wonder what the hell was NUS thinking when they admitted this dude. how he got a scholarship is beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. these arrogant sentiments of self-entitlement, of the feeling that the world (and singapore government) owes him a living. what a joke! with asinine comments that demonstrate his reasoning abilities and maturity to match that of a primary schooler, it’s no wonder he never got called back. and still whines about it and blames everyone but his egoistic self for being incompetent and infantile. i feel for PM Lee this time.

  24. js said

    Jhony. I think you are nuts. I really do. I’ve worked in the civil service before, this is not how ideas are implemented. A gazillion papers need to be written before it will even reach the MOS. Btw, I was also a 1st class honours student from NUS, nothing to shout about really. If you continue with your self-entitled attitude, I can assure you that you will not be able to get a meaningful job anywhere in the world.

  25. a9fc said

    That…is the reason why you’re not hired.

  26. jaded said

    your command of English simply CMI… btw, spell your name properly, don’t be a poseur.

  27. Andre said

    I think the point here is that all those ministries that he applied for should readily have hired him, it wouldn’t be so hard to cancel an employment contract of an FT and to be replaced by him, after all what’s the whole point of wasting several years in NUS if you can’t even get a friggin job in your own government. With a degree in management he can immediately do photocopying, making coffee, dictation, file organising without the need for training 🙂

  28. John said

    I know thus jhony…lol.We were from the same cohort in BizAd.He is a world class braggart and aka top big cannon.Always like to talk big and full of hot air

    He is a lamer.No one in BizAd wants to be in the same project group as him except a few lazy ones.Why?Because he always thinks that his ideas are the best and everyone should be ruled by him.He don’t accept other people’s ideas and will change other people’s work without notifying them.When he notifies them,it is always in a demeaning manner.Those who wants to goof off will like him coz he will do everything

    This guy is damn unpopular man…everyone in BizAd can testify this.Heard that he applied for phd in many schools but all kena rejected…

    When one person fail one or two interviews,you can’t really tell what went wrong.When someone fails 10-15 interviews,it is quite obvious where the problem lies

    Btw,I’m not a top graduate from bizAd like him but I’m earning 3.8k 🙂 many of my peers are earning around that amount too.Don’t let him tarnish the school’s reputation..

  29. Have our local schools and institutions encourage creativity and originality? Have our local institutions stresses on plagiarism and copyright? When the foundations above is not stable, the ground foundation is crooked.

    Much work needs to be done!

  30. pointblank87 said

    As much as I have some issues with SG governance, your letter tells me one thing….. DELUSIONAL

  31. CYK said

    I studied overseas in Australia for undergraduate, and United Kingdom for a MSc, but i was not even shortlisted repeatedly for civil service jobs partially because i did my college (Year 12) in Australia and did not have ‘A’ levels in Singapore. My impression is that preference is given to NUS/NTU/SMU students. Please don’t discourage yourself as a local graduate because civil service prefers local graduates as to foreign graduates.

    Local graduates have advantages in securing jobs at Civil service.

  32. He may be black listed? said

    Our minsitry are quite arrogant! He may be back listed as one of my friends?

  33. Magos Biologis said





  34. Webbie said

    You give me the impression as someone who is full of himself. Your interviewers and future colleagues would have sensed this and most people would rather hire someone with a pass degree and humble, than an arrogant top student. For a top student, your standard of English is mediocre and your ideas ordinary. If you had written a proposal using English and ideas like this, it would be thrown out by your supervisor.

  35. PTKW said

    Comments like these cannot possibly come from a “top nus mgmt graduate”. What crap!

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