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Trains delayed along North-East line towards Punggol due to ‘signalling fault’

Posted by temasektimes on April 30, 2012

Singapore’s public transport system appears to be crumbling apart as another disruption in service hit the North-East line, barely hours after trains were delayed along the East-West line this morning due to a combination of unforeseen factors such as ‘congestion ahead’, ‘bad weather condition’ and ‘train fault’.

Commuters receive a notification from SBS Transit at around 1.52pm this morning via SMS informing them of the train delay:

“NEL train service in direction of Punggol, from Little India (NE7) to Woodleigh (NE11) stations is currently delayed due to a signalling fault.”

[Source: #SMRT]

One commuter Jeremy Khoo was actually surprised to receive the SMS:

#SMRT fail again, but this time I actually got a notification from them!”

Another commuter Alex Chew was appalled that SBS Transit did not put up any notices at the stations:

“Only notice at Kovan down to city, the train was open for quite sometime. Didn’t notice any alert from the MRT staff or any sign put up.”

SBS Transit claimed that normal service is expect to resume at about 2.00pm, but as of now, the trains are still moving slowly along the NE line.

As usual, the mainstream media did not report on the latest train disruptions, leaving unsuspected commuters in the dark in order to save the blushes of the authorities.

The Temasek Times is the FIRST news site in Singapore to report on the latest train delays today.

For immediate updates on the latest MRT delays and disruptions, please visit “The Temasek Transport Review” page here.


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4 Responses to “Trains delayed along North-East line towards Punggol due to ‘signalling fault’”

  1. singaporeans said

    Even 3rd world train services aren’t that bad.

  2. Badass Ed said


    It’s no longer news.

    When the trains runs smoothly for an entire day and there are no glitches, then it IS news.

  3. Ken Lee said

    see break down again so should our PAP Gov pump in another few billions for you again??

  4. Freemakan said

    hopeless & hopeless

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