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PAP MP Patrick Tay tells homeless Malay resident seeking help: Go and find another job which pays higher

Posted by temasektimes on May 1, 2012

A 40 year old Singaporean Malay lady Sapiah went to seek the assistance of her MP in Nee Soon GRC Mr Patrick Tay during a Meet-the-People session last week to prevent her from being evicted from her HDB flat, but was allegedly told to find another job which pays higher instead.

Her encounter was shared by an angry colleague on Facebook:

Sapiah is single and currently earns about $1,600 monthly working in a hotel. As her sister is selling their parents’ flat, Sapiah has been given three months by HDB to move out or get evicted.

Though Sapiah wants to buy the flat, she does not meet the minimum monthly wage required by HDB to ‘own’ the three-room flat.

Her colleagues were aghast at the ‘advice’ given by Mr Patrick Tay:

“Can someone advise what fxxking cock he talking? If there is such a job, my colleague would have taken it already! Why waste time queuing and getting this kind of fxxked up answer?”

Meanwhile Mr Patrick Tay has replied on his Facebook denying that he made the comment:

“Quite shocked at such a comment being posted cost at the MPS, I always endeavor to assist our residents to the best of my abilities and not dish out such insensitive remarks.”

Mr Tay may like to contact Sapiah’s friend ‘Princess Ivah at her Facebook here to find out what really happened.



66 Responses to “PAP MP Patrick Tay tells homeless Malay resident seeking help: Go and find another job which pays higher”

  1. Jenny said

    Typical Mp reply, gives u stupid suggestion and wash their hands of it.

    • yoyo said

      typical stupid singaporean, believing everything she reads on the internet.

      • said

        typical 60% always believe in prefer alien party’s. go and die la.

      • Nimal said

        Yoyo… U live in another planet is it? This Is PAP standard response to request for help… They give the most stupid obvious answer like as if we can’t think of it ourselves. They don’t care

  2. Ken Lee said

    lucky he didn’t tell you to get lost!! this what we get for voting PAP!!!

    • said

      paiseh. i belong to the 40%. so your “we” does not apply to me. you shld go and die since you are the 60%

  3. simon foreman said

    Minister Khaw Boon Wan would most likely as her to see her MP.

  4. simon foreman said

    Minister Khaw Boon Wan would most likely ask her to see her MP.

  5. samdolmat said

    please lah, show some proof it actually happen, not just blah, blah, blah, if not true, Patrick must sue, this Princesss Ivah and TT for slandering

    • said

      please lah. you think pple so bo liao must use his name issit? he is not some kind of movie star. just a fxxking MP who draws obscene pay of 15K per month. why don’t he quit and we can have 15 Singaporeans who would draw 1k more? 15 vs 1. not bad rite? fxxk the mp. simple.

  6. I added him “Patrick Tay Teck Guan” on my fb. Waiting for him to approve and then Ill give him a piece of my mind.

  7. Patrick Tay said

    Saw this posting and am checking as I did not recall meeting Ms Sapiah last Monday at my MPS personally giving such an insensitive advice. We always endeavour to do our best to assist our residents – Patrick Tay, MP for Nee Soon East.

    • Sun Wu Gui said

      Mr Tay, good… Please do be transparent about this and if you did say those things, come clean and fix the wrong. Thanks!

    • just a thought said

      Is it possible that you have met too many residents at your area that you can’t recall meeting Ms Sapiah? Can you give her a proper solution to this case right now?

      Or are you simply faking your ignorance on this case dear MP Tay.

      One of these days nobody’s gonna pay attention to the TV because the news online is gonna be much more accurate than the controlled media. Reflect upon thy self

      • Chuz said

        ^So typical to always blame the MP first. Haven’t you considered that its also possible that this Sapiah is just making this up? Nobody can even verify that she actually went for MPS that night =_=

        “Reflect upon thy self”

      • Terence Chong said

        > One of these days nobody’s gonna pay attention to the TV because the news online is gonna be much more accurate
        > than the controlled media.

        What do you mean “one of these days”?? It’s already happening! And has been happening for years! The online news is far more accurate and unbiased than any local mass media – TV, Newspaper… the works.

      • Henry said

        Why take sides? MP Patrick Tay or the citizen, no smoke without fire. Let’s check it up ourselves. But I must say that when I informed my MP about traffice parking problems in my neighborhood, he stepped backwards and signaled the policewoman touring with him to interrogate me. How embarrassing! Since then I learned my lesson, I started to take pictures of cars parked illegally in my estate and send them to the traffic Police. No thanks to the MP.

    • Jenny said

      Then check for this person in the area and help her. Don’t just talk and deny everything.

    • js said

      Patrick Tan- Your words against her’s. Nobody will give you the benefit of the doubt outside the comfort of your PAP office. I suggest that you wise up and provide a thorough rebuttal. If not, just man up and apologize.

  8. Freddie said

    Approach the alternative parties. They are very helpful and always willing to lend a hand.

  9. Jake said

    If true, that’s like telling someone who’s bald that the solution is to grow some hair. Duh…

  10. Ensoleille said

    The people voted for this bitch. Bo bian.

  11. singaporean said

    We pay S$15,000 to these civil service to serve us and if this is really true as what Sapiah claimed, you may want to complaint directly to his minister!

    Sapiah and her familiy group and friend need to think twice before voting in 2016.

    • said

      why did they not habour such thoughts during GE2011? Why choose to be the 60% when you thought the prefer alien party’s policies to be flawed? you sow what you reap tbh. why wait till GE2016?

      Come GE2016, there will be fxxkers who vote them just because they were given money with the so called singapore bonus or watever shitty name that is called. if you dun like them, why vote them? seriously, which part of the “you reap what you sow” do you fxxking 60% don’t understand? i belong to the 40% so i wun even go the mps session coz i know it is a complete waste of time. typical wayang session.

  12. wanker10 said

    Did Sapiah voted for this PAP MP during election 2011?

    • said

      yes she certainly did. that’s why she is complaining. do you think the 40% will go to mps? they had woken up and knew that mps is a complete waste of time. WAKE UP. PLEASE. 60% = idiots.

  13. Lex said

    Personally, I never see a need to see these MPs anymore. Most of the time, they are not helpful at all and just go through the motion.

  14. The issue of MP aside, $1600 is not enough to pay for a three-room flat?!?!?!?!?!
    How will a family with one breadwinner support the entire household then?

    • Zach tells you The Other Hard Truth said

      I thought Mr Tharman said one can buy a flat with $800 a month income

      • said

        wrong. it should be 500SGD please. and it still be 500SGD in 10 yrs time since Singapore dollar will not suffer inflation and devaluation is not on the table. 😀

    • GE2016~! said

      Our ministers still can say $1000 is enough to afford a HDB flat?
      Pure Bullshit

      • Let the minister have $1000 pay for just couple of months and stay at rented flat with his or her family . Then they will know whether $1000 is enough. Full of bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. fpc said

    to use pap mp service. you need to write in good english. else these pigs don’t get it. trust me. they live in another world

  16. hellman said

    typical mp ans…….no profesionallism……dissapointed…feel sorry for Sapiah if its true

    • said

      another fxxking idiot. why shld you?!!! She voted them into the office. So she accepted EVERYTHING that they had,have and will be implementing. She deserve it. Suck thumb la. Easier.

  17. Sam said

    Background check should be done on the her, if genuine, MP should offer her help with some rental solution.

  18. What? said

    Patrick Tay should wise up quick. Not even a short term solution?

    In a situation where there are two conflicting accounts, who will the people believe? The PAP MP or the victim soon to be evicted?

  19. voice of the people said

    pappies = low productivity lousy solutions.

  20. Blood suckers said

    Your pap like to sue what. If that resident is lying. Sue lah. Threaten lah. Learn from your leaders.

  21. wMulew said

    A case of another idiot posting cock and bull story to incite hatred against PAP? This is the reason why we need to ensure the person in question can address their innocence via lawsuits. Temasek Times should do better then to post random bullshit from facebook

    • No More Forgiveness for Traitors said

      You mutherfucker obviously never been homeless nor hungry. Chee bye asshole like you should be thrown into the strrets with your children to feel how its like.

      Just because its not done to you, its random bullshit? Fuck your parents too.

      • said

        you forgot to mention his kids and relatives. like the chinese saying goes. 斩草要处更根。 So, you shld curse all of his relatives.

  22. 守护者 said

    R u sure happen in spore ? Our mp are good mp.

    • silly said

      and are u sure u ARE living in spore?

      An old man once complained to mp seng han thong about inflation, even hair cut also ex. mp told old man go buy scissors and cut your own hair. This IS in the States Times newspaper.

      A close friend once went to see mp to defer ICT cos his wife was 8mth pregnant. Mp gave him long lecture why u ppl all trying to escape national service!

      • said

        lol. next time when idiots go to mps. remember to record everything down. then publish the dialogue online. but wait. 60% will still say it is a fake one. LOL. why argue when you have 60%? just admit that 40% is being fxxked by 60%.

  23. Wei said

    That seems like a troll comment… probably someone whom patrick tay offended recently lol… As much as I have issues with PAP… I beieve even the MPs would not be that stupid to risk their reputation by saying such insensitive comment

  24. John Chan said

    vote for change in 2016..

  25. evil said

    this is the kind of people who are your member of parliament

    living in a world of his own,

    he is fucking dumb to be honest, tell me who dont want a higher paying job

    may be pap mps

    shocking, unbelievable, humiliating, and sad to have people speaking like this

  26. stevenado said

    misquoted or quoted out of context lah…same old pattern but still can use

  27. Could it be a mistake to have approach the MP who has got limited means to assist Ms Suppiah. She should HAVE APPROACH our deputy PM for assistance where earnings of a thousand dollars is able to secure her a flat. NOW IS THE TIME, THE MOMENT TO REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE TO SHOW SINCERITY BY OUR HORNABLE MINISTER.

  28. lsvop said

    First, I wonder if this actually happen. Secondly, why don’t this lady get a second job? In the US and many other places, people hold 2 jobs to make ends meet, but in Singapore, they just see MP and complain. I’ve studied and work full time before, so I know its not easy, but it can be done. First priority should be self help. I couldn’t afford to study full time as I need money to live, so I did my degree and Masters part time. Did she attempt to do 2 jobs and cannot find a second job?

    • said

      hello. before you blurt your shit out can you please think in her shoes? she works in a hotel industry. which means she is likely to be placed into shifts. and up to 10 hrs of work. even if I assume she rest for just 4 hrs and zero recreation, that leaves just 8 hrs. Unless she can teleport herself from work place A to work place B, how do you suppose she can find another job? Even macdonalds needs you to work a min. of hours to work as part time.

      You have the money to study degree and masters doesn’t mean that she can have the same background as you. everyone has different conditions to stay alive in singapore. you are fxxking stupid to use yours to compare with hers. this is what our ministers are doing right now. with their 15k to million dollars paychecks, of coz they can say that hdb is affordable and inflation is low in singapore.

      what kind of bullshit is this. with this kind of mentality, singapore will only have one destiny. fxxked by FTs and rule by them. IDIOT.

      • P H said

        Same sentiments… such a pappy response… insensitive and indifferent to the less fortunate… I wonder how many more empty vessels like this we’ll still have…

  29. Bengy said

    Not only the MPs suck in Yishun, the bloody town council also suck..doing nothing but only know how to collect money…pay and pay…

  30. SLAP our PM Face!! said

    Should SLAP our PM face and TELL HIM, to WAKE THE FHUCK UP !!!

  31. Tintin_1428 said

    Pap government will only remember Singaporean when coming to election and by-election. The appreciation period for voting PAP is also very short, after a while, everything come back again. Never dream that these people will change, they will never change!!!!!
    Made many empty promises before don’t forget … So call all 60.1% wake up !!! before is too late …

  32. GreenWarrior said

    If this is the best our so called “elected” MP can do. Anyone can do their job.

    • said

      Agreed. So, for cost efficiency, we shld sack the entire govt and nominate prc, pinoy and indians to our parliament.

  33. KH said

    In the future see MP must record already… if not MP deny here and there, we have prove through the recordings.

  34. osoconfusing said

    i think we should be able to like/unlike comments. Are accusations on this website true? Shame on you, if you really said that, Patrick.

  35. Madam Sapiah is probably not the only local-born Singaporean to get such a laissez-faire response from an MP. I’ve also received a similar response from my MP. Guess what, I even thanked the MP profusely for it all the while holding on to the belief that the MP would recommend me a job with higher pay. Guess what, I was even so foolish to come back a month later to check with the MP if he had gotten me a job. Yup, laugh all you want but back then, I was simply a blind & ignorant ardent supporter of the PAP. Now I know it’s the “Party Against Poor” local-born Singapore citizens like me.

    That’s why I wish to share an excerpt which I’ve copy & paste from the Facebook page of the book “No More Bullshit, Please, We’re All Malaysians” which I believe every truly-concerned local-born Singapore citizen should take note of :

    “If people were to ask me how I’d vote at the next GE, this is what I’d say – why vote in the people who have been taking us for a ride and robbing us blind? They may actually bring about a slew of reforms just before the elections in order to win our hearts and minds… well, let them. We can accept that, like some voters who accept money, and still vote them out. Why not let in a group of people and see what they can do? At least at the beginning, they will be so blunt on winning our approval, they will bring us a further slew of reforms – until they get corrupted or prove to be incompetent. If that happens or if they don’t come up to our expectations, and the other salesmen clean up their act, we can choose anew at the following GE.”

    “That’s a simplistic way of looking at it, of course. More importantly, I think we need to get in fresh government because the old one has become too entrenched in its ways. They know the system too well to use it to their corrupt advantage. What’s more, we need to undo the damage that has been inflicted to our country by the man who outshines Avatar. We need a massive spring cleaning.”

    ~ Kee Thuan Chye, author of “No More Bullshit, Please, We’re All Malaysians”, published by Marshall Cavendish International (Asia)

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