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Pinoy new citizen ticked off NSman: You have such a LOSER mentality!

Posted by temasektimes on May 1, 2012

He did not serve a single day of National Service and became a Singapore citizen only two years ago at the invitation of the PAP government, but Angelo Marc Jandugan behaves as if he is the rightful owner of Singapore and ticked off a Singapore NSman like nobody’s business!

Angelo Marc Jandugan has earlier implored PM Lee to ignore the ‘noise’ made by Singaporeans and continue his ‘good policy’ of bringing more foreigners into Singapore:

“Hello sir, on behalf of all the Filipino community in Singapore and new citizens like myself, we thank you so much for believing in us and I hope you will continue your good policy of bringing more people from all over the word to take Singapore forward.”

[Source: PM Lee’s Facebook]

His insensitive remarks were bombarded by many angry Singaporeans, one of whom is Mark Lee who served two and a half years of National Service and ten years of reservist in a combat unit to protect the likes of Angelo Marc Jandugan and other foreigners.

When Mark wrote to Angelo Marc Jandugan to protest against his remarks, Angelo Marc Jandugan gave him a tongue-lashing:

“You have such a LOSER mentality. You have to wake up….We have people earning so much than you guys..”

He also revealed he became a citizen in 2009 and boasted about having people in the PAP grassroots organizations:

“For your info, I became a citizen in 2009 and voted for GE2011. We have people in your grassroots, RC and PA. We have new citizens who have gone on to become MPs in Punggol.”

He ended his rant at Mark by saying he has the support of the PAP government:

“….we have the FULL support of your government and we love them. They believe in our talent. Face the new reality, migrate somewhere else cause you can’t stop more of my people (from Philippines) from coming here.”

According to his Facebook page, Angelo Marc Jandugan graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman and is currently working at Deutsche Bank, Singapore. He is probably earning much more here in Singapore than back home.

The University of the Philippines Diliman, is ranked 332 by QS, and 753 by webometrics but can’t be found on the list of THE and ARWU.

Mark Lee may have served his National Service faithfully and even sustained injuries during his stint, but he is still considered  a ‘second class citizen’ in Singapore compared to newcomers like Angelo Marc Jandugan whom the PAP government has been exhorting Singaporeans constantly to make them feel ‘welcomed’ in Singapore.

Speaking at a forum recently, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said:

“Singaporeans need to do their part to make newcomers feel welcome, and to help them imbibe the values that have made Singapore strong as a society.”

With new citizens like Angelo Marc Jandugan supplanting native Singaporeans, it may be their responsibility to make us feel ‘welcome’ in Singapore instead.

You can provide feedback to Deutsche Bank at the following:


Deutsche Bank AG
Asia Pacific Head Office

One Raffles Quay
South Tower Level 17
Singapore 048583
Tel: +65 6423 8001
Fax: +65 6225 9442


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181 Responses to “Pinoy new citizen ticked off NSman: You have such a LOSER mentality!”

  1. Haha said

    Deutsche Bank address provided. Let’s do this.

  2. sweetbean said

    Marc, welcome to Singapore. I hope you will make as many valuable contributions here as you did back in the country of your birth. So grateful you could come here and take this country as forward as the Philippines! In anticipation of us becoming the next Philippines, I have drawn up my bio-data so that I am ready to apply for my job as a domestic helper in any foreign country that needs me. With grateful thanks, your fellow Singaporean

    • miles said

      dude, with all due respect, just hate the man not the country he doesn’t speak in behalf of us.. don’t get us involve with that asshole don’t speak in general, i know you can be better than that. -some random filipino

      • No for Squatter Sovereignty said

        Hey pinnoy man you come to Singapore to EKE OUT a living
        just like every pinnoy who left the Philippines to seek sustenance when your ex President Marcos closes Clark Airbase.The exodus of your breed begins after that just like slaves to work as maids,etc.etc.etc …

        Bear in mind you are a foreinger breed and not a true blue Singapore and the comments you made against any Singapore has zero tolerance and every pinnoy are affected everyday in everyway.I wonder what your current President Aquino of the Philippineds have got to say about you or to advise you about ethics b4 you and your kind of breed set afoot to a much developed country to seek a living If you got balls put up an apology

      • sweetbean said

        Maybe some of us are not talking from a “one-man” experience. It’s probably taken more than just this guy to get us riled up. Did you ever think of that?

  3. Singaporean First said


    On one hand you said you are Singaporean, on the other you said “my people (from Philippines) from coming here”!


    • sweetbean said

      Really good point Singaporean First! You caught him out! HIS PEOPLE are still the pinoys.

    • Hsien Liao La said

      that’s why i am going to file a complaint to his work place! he will know what is called people power, if the filippines loser piece of shit country hasn’t taught him already.

    • LkySi said

      Marc, like Marcos your dead body will not be allowed to be buried in Singapore. Sory no Choa Chu Kand burial for you.No wreaths please.

  4. jay said

    Putanginamo ,angelo. If you have any pride, go back to your country and serve there. You are not a talent ,don’t flex your muscles here. GET IT RIGHT, go back to shit in your country, don’t dirty our Country

    • Andre said

      He’s Singaporean dude, he’s probable already taking his next step on migrating to Australia or Canada by now

      • Nad said

        HE’S NOT A SINGAPOREAN. A pink ic doesn’t make you singaporean. Bred in Philippines forever a pinoy. Gosh they really don’t know the meaning of loyalty towards country huh?

  5. Stirrer said

    Hmm, this CCB.

  6. singaporeans said

    The University of the Philippines Diliman, is ranked 332 by QS, and 753 by webometrics but can’t be found on the list of THE and ARWU.

    Hahaha, this is funny

    • Andre said

      Yeah this is funny a graduate of an unranked university from a 3rd world country (probably with fake credentials), ordering around graduates of NUS and NTU and as Marc mentioned, “He treats the locals very well”, very funny indeed

    • proudpinoyako said

      332 in the world, 48th in Asia by QS….. only NUS is higher….

      • sweetbean said

        Just a friendly caution about displaying too much of pinoy pride here in Singapore. If you haven’t already noticed, we are a pretty proud nation ourselves. Save your national pride for when you are at home. Here you root for the home team:) This is the to acceptance and integration.

      • sweetbean said

        *the way…

  7. Singaporean said

    Just have the government to implement the policy where ALL citizens, regardless of nationality, will have to serve 2 years of NS and these ‘FT’ will be gone within days of implementation

  8. singaporeson said

    Pinoys, u r as dumb as your fucking police who cant even rescue hostages from an ex-cop. This shows that your race is a walking time bomb.

    • Jonathan said

      Wow!Nice try. Singapore, a “first world” country with a Third World attitude. If you guys ain’t so stuck up and moronic you wouldn’t be needing foreign talents.

    • thx1138 said

      Any foreigner could say the same about Singaporeans. For example: All these campaigns agains terrorism and you couldn’t even capture Mas Selamat.

      You’re not reflecting well on Singaporeans at all.

      • wake up said

        nice one on mas selamat. that’s why we pay our ministers MILLIONS. and no one needs to resign even after a TERRORIST on one leg escaped from a pee break! World class!

  9. venetianrose said

    Halo Marc,

    How come your name is Marc?? You people have no original pinoy name is it?? You take on the names of your nations who have squandered and made use of your useless people. That shows what kind of origins you people actually have. You insulted our local NS man who is protecting the very country you profess your undying cheap love for. WTF is your problem?? You wanna leech at least be paiseh a bit la. Most of your women are here as maids and prostitutes. What does that say to you?? It tells me that your country is so damn useless that we have to endure trash like you spilling into our country. Your damn arrogance is of no use to us. We don’t want SHIT like you here. I dare you to walk into any NS camp and tell them the’re losers. Tell them that you and your damned kind are here to stay and leech. I assure you, you’re not gonna walk straight after that. You cheap trash shit! Get the hell out of our country you arrogant SHIT!

    • thx1138 said

      The only arrogant person here is you. You are insulting his country for having been a colonial nation in the past. How ironic that your own country was founded by colonialism too.

  10. Pinoy University Graduate? said

    University of the Philippines Diliman is a joke.
    Why is Deutsche Bank hiring a piece of trash? I thought Germans take integrity and quality of their employees seriously? The fact that such ungrateful scums work at DB does not speak well of the bank. Oh ya I almost forgot. EU is now in serious financial debt. No wonder they are hiring trashes.

  11. solaris said

    disappointed to have this kind of FT people in our home land

  12. venetianrose said

    Marc you arrogant SHIT. Your mother obviously didn’t raise you right! She never leasttaught you how to be grateful is it?? You want to leech at least be paiseh a bit la. You call our NS man loser?? You arrogant shit, looks like you won’t even stand for the training! I dare you to walk into any NS camp and say that you SHITFACE SHIT!! Your people can even speak proper english. Your damn accent is a joke. Your women are littered on the streets like trash as maids or whores. Please take your shitface back home you arrogant shit!!!

  13. Frankie said

    I recognised Pinoy are good with people power. I hope all the pinoys/pinays who become Sinkapore citizens will not exercise this talent. Otherwise, our Pappies will have a revolution to contend with. But Pappies have no experience dealing with revolutions and people power…….oops, we need another kind of Foreign talents. hehehe!!! Will it happen in the near future, I hope not, otherwise, Sinkapore citizens will have to learn Tagalog, train to be maids……be ruled by Pilipino presidents and Prime Ministers who will accept lower pay, something Sinkaporeans will not be unhappy about.

    • Ali Faizal said

      hahahaha I don’t believe they have the balls to do people power in singapore…. they are much too contented with their ‘work’

  14. Frankie said

    Sinkapore gahmen should check very thoroughly Pinoys qualifications are genuine. In one of my prevcious workplaces, Pinoys colleagues told me degrees can be bought from any phillipines university, you can also choose the discipline you like to have for the degree you buy. Don’t check, one say will back fire and explode in your face, my dear gahmen.

  15. sweetbean said

    Eh pinoy! You said you have “full support of your government”! I thot you are citizen – then? Not your government also meh?

    • sweetbean said

      The way your write…our people, your government – it betrays your true feelings. You don’t FEEL Singaporean do you? You just signed on because you’re terrified you have to go back to where you came from. You’re not fooling anyone here. We welcome those who truly accept this country as their own – not come here and then tell us to FO. Don’t tell us you got Singaporeans working for you. Most of us have Filipinas working for us.

  16. yoyo said

    the only reason why many people are getting riled up is because they cannot match up to him. just look at some of these singaporeans who cannot even type properly and just scold him ccb. my suggestion, let it go and stop being racist against all nationalities (filipinos, prcs, bangladeshis etc). the government is at fault for failing to control migration but YOU as a singaporean must have some pride in yourself and not stoop to name-calling. We are becoming widely known as a breed of snobs in SEA who look down on our neighbouring countries.

    As for you mud slingers and foreigner-haters, most of you just cannot compete with these foreigners. “Empty vessels make the most noise.” If you were a top performing Singaporean in Deutsche Bank, Angelo would lan lan. If you were a top Singaporean student in NUS against a PRC, they would lan lan. Lastly, even if you were a top notch Singaporean prata seller, the Indians would also lan lan. My point is, go make something out of yourself and prove why LOCAL talent is better than FOREIGN talent instead of telling them to go home. They go home, still got other Singaporeans better than you right?

    Btw, I am Singaporean. Just that unlike others, I already realized it’s a competitive world everywhere…..

    • anakin said

      yoyo, competition must be fair and on equal terms, if 1 SGD equals a lot of pesos, rupees and not equal to NS & reservist then it is not equal at all

    • piaksinkees said

      Bravo Yoyo, i see a ray of hope in all of these name-calling and mud slinging. May your tribe increase!

    • said

      by what you had said. all FTs btw, this mean 100% are way better than Singaporeans. So you should be replaced as well. Just find some HDB and jump. you sick fxxk. Just die. Thank you. But we “lousy” singaporeans will keep looking down on them, since they are the ones who quit their own country of birth in the first place. Btw, if you ever come out of your stinky cave, go to a telephone booth, pick it up, drop your last penny, and dial 1688. You will find yourself talking to either a prc, indian, or pinoy. if you can be sure what they are talking about. good luck to you.

      It is because of pple like you that we still have 60%. We do not need traitors like you. Fxxk off!!!

      • yoyo said

        Surely, there are many Singaporeans much better than the foreigners who work here. But the onus is on you to prove that you are better than them. If you were a businessman, would you hire the better worker or hire the same countryman? Hire the cheaper one or hire the more expensive one? Hope that explains my point on foreign talent on all levels including your bigot views about call centres. (FYI, you should come out of your cave. Many MNCs around the world prefer to use cheaper labour for call centres, not just Singtel)

        and correction, YOU, not other Singaporeans, look down on other nationalities because they quit their country of birth. What makes you think I cannot support the opposition without being rationale? Stop crying about the 60%.

    • Badass Ed said

      What crap are you talking about? If I were a bank and I just need a mediocre critter to perform a low level supervisory job, would I pay double just to employ a Singapore? If I am a top performing Singaporean, would I take up a so called “managerial” in name only job that pays the salary of a bus driver?

      He is welcomed to the bus driver’s job but please do not disparage locals.

      Please write with your brain in your head and not your arse.

      Actually, you are masquerading as a Singaporean. True natives don’t talk like this.

      Scram, trash.

      • sweetbean said

        Absolutely right!

      • Ali Faizal said

        SGD5,000-6,000 per month is a bus driver’s salary? I would now apply with smrt and sbs! hahahaha

      • yoyo said

        If the bank needs a supervisor, I am pretty sure they wouldn’t settle for a “mediocre” one. You fail to see the point about being better than the FT considering you cannot read (and cannot write properly). No bank would be stupid enough to hire a supervisor and pay him double the market rate. I am not disparaging my own people for sure.

        Btw, if you are a top performing Singaporean, you would have nothing to complain about if someone is better than you and you definitely would know your market value and how much salary you can command. Obviously you’re not since you cannot even comprehend my short paragraph. I would tell you to be a bus driver but you would say there is already a PRC who took that job right? boohoo.

  17. Musing said

    Angelo claimed to be a proud Singaporean yet in his mind, he still sees himself as a non local from his statement “I have locals and treat them well” As a Singaporean, shouldn’t he have said fellow Singaporeans? Isn’t it obvious that he sees himself as a new citizen to the physical LAND but he does not see himself as one of us? Secondly, he said “my people” , again he sees himself first as a Filippino and not as Singaporean. With such a mindset, Angelo, can u truly cross your heart and say foreign residents regardless converted to pink IC or not, are creating this back lash upon themselves? There is a difference between changing nationality and mindset. What we seek are foreigners who love n respect the views of Singaporeans living here, not foreigners like yourself who love the system and benefits for you to enjoy your lifestyle while making deprecating remarks about locals here. A simple question, should a war break out between Philippine and Singapore, where will you stand? My answer is obvious, I will defend my birth country Singapore. How about you and your children and family? Will we be able to count on you? If not, then u cannot blame us for treating you with skeptism and mistrust. In Japan when tsunami struck, hoards of non native Japanese fled the country back to their birth country regardless if they lived there for decades. We have a term call “fly-Jin” for these people. In my eyes and m fellow brothers and sisters born n bred here, people like you will always be fly-Jin to us.

  18. singaporeweeps said

    Let me guess…. this will be followed by an apology from him? (If he has any ethics or dignity remaining in him)

    The scenario has been repeating too many times too often…. I weep for Singapore, my homeland.

  19. Jack Ng said

    Deutsche Bank should look into this matter seriously, the bank reputation should not be affected by one staff

  20. sweetbean said

    It does not make you better than us or us better than you. Stop trying to WIN by saying you’re Singaporean and then creating a distinction between yourselves and us. If you love this country then why are you telling your fellow citizens to migrate? Why are you talking with this “us and them” tone? Just because we speak out, does not mean we don’t love our government or our country. Think back to Philippines – when there is unhappiness there – don’t they have public demonstrations? Do you see us doing that? Please, kindly stop all this and develop some humility. Don’t allow your new-found status to get to your head.

  21. singaporean said

    Just forget about this guy as he is just a victim like me that regret after nearly 20 years as Singaproean!

    Been nearly 20 years as Singaporean from Malaysia, appreciated and grateful initially for the first 10 years and voted for PAP but the past few years been badly discrimination due to old and been dumped as government open 100% floodgate (unlike 20 years ago) to accept all Tom, Dick and Harry coming to singapore to take away my job.

    I hate and cried for my decision to be singaporean affected my family now but i can do nothing except praying the government will change the policy to “close the gate to only allow 10% foreigners instead of 100% now.

    I am not qualified to speak and hate this government but because of my decision made 20 years ago, it affected my own family now ….. so the above Pinoy can only happy for the first 10 years and his next generation will suffer as well if the government is not stopping this policy to protect local singaporean.

    • Nizam said

      I am very sure….the same will happen to the pinoy shit and his family.

      • Jonathan said

        Nope. He will bring his CPF back to his homeland after a few years. Haven’t you heard “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!”

  22. worldorder said

    If this is true, then MINDEF has to explain to all the Singapore Male why this is the case. ALL able SG Male has to serve NS at 18 years of age and reservist till 40 years old. Angelo looks fit and able by his appearance.
    Also , how many new male citizen below age 40 did not serve NS.

    • said

      100%. they do not need to do coz of the T&C. Their kids will have to suffer the fate of NS tho. But wtf cares? just cancel citiizenship when your kids hit 16 yrs and by then, your cpf will be a few hundred thousand dollars. take everything and move back to pinoy land. plus you can boast that you had 16 yrs of overseas experience. find a director position and rake in more corrupted money. live in luxury while you say “Thank you Singapore” and ” You are fxxked. LOL”.

  23. Conan said

    60%, please wake up before it is too late.

  24. stupid, arrogant and ungrateful!!

  25. blurrbl0ck said

    Reblogged this on blurrbl0ck and commented:
    We didn’t invite you guys to reprimand us. Seriously! Fuck. Who the hell do you exactly think you’re?

  26. Matrix said

    Now I see what PAP is trying to do. They know that they are increasingly losing votes from native Singaporeans. Thus, they allow more foreigners to come in, making them feel very welcomed and appreciated and hence, gaining these foreigners’ vote. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, PAP!

    • wake up said

      NOW then you see?????
      Already moved to tears by Nicole Seah’s speech. Young yet sensible and eloquent.
      Been saying since wayyyy before election, too bad all you 60% STILL BLIND. No wonder you guys voted for the party that SCOLDED you DAFT and still voted for them. Wtf is wrong with Singaporeans? Damn sad, BLIND nation.

  27. Bengy said

    Hey, why don’t we scrap off the voting system and implement the tender system for a Managing Agent to manage the country and bind by the contract terms & conditions..

  28. Curious said

    Can PR vote in GE??????

    • said

      Yes. GE2016. all pap need to do is pass an amendment to our constitution. which can be easy as they outnumbered the opposition by 80 plus to just 6. 😀

      so 60%. good luck!!!

  29. GhostMan said

    What goes around comes around….wait till he gets retrenched and see whether if he will still stay

    • Andre said

      He probably wouldn’t be able to get a similar job in another bank with the same pay, that’s why if he’s smart he’s already on the first stage of his immigration application to Australia

      • SingTeacher said

        Well, even if he is, Australia is pretty strict with background checks. Well done! What a blacklist technique! the web has put him out of Australia.

  30. Isabel said

    I have sent an email. I encourage people who are pissed off by this person to do the same. We do not need more “foreigner citizens” insulting us in our own country.

  31. singaporean 2 said

    I cannot believe he said this:
    “You have such a LOSER mentality. You have to wake up….We have people earning so much than you guys..”

    Really really not respecting Singapore and its people.

  32. NS men said

    I really hope government do something about it, or else something like Racial Riots back in 1964 is going to happen if they don’t handle this properly.
    Anyway, he has no right to criticise us too. If he is that good, why he leave his country. You call this loyalty to your country? I agree that they should serve 2 years of NS before becoming our citizen.

    • said

      they are shit. who can actually expect shit to pay loyalty? Shit is Shit. btw, good ones are enjoying higher pays even in pinoyland. how? because they are fxxking corrupted. corrupted money is limitless. so those shitty talents who came to singapore are really shit who cannot survive in their own pinoy land.

      this applies to prc as well. if you think that prcs are still earning low pays, then you are so very wrong.those who came to singapore and just using our hospitality and end of the day, they will return to their home. those who are stupid enough to turn into singapore citizen are really shit. just imagine how much jet li has regretted now. gong li as well. suck thumb la. 😀

    • A Singaporean by birth said

      Totally agree with you NS Men…the govt better do something to fix this obnoxious foreigner, sponging on our resources and act so “kuai-lan”!!! I already feel like “hum-tanging” him liao…

  33. silly said

    wah liao, this guy talked damn big. only a Cobol trainee in ibm? not even a junior systems engineer or IT Specialist? cobol was a procedural programming langage, what we used to learn in uni 1st year. Throw in a bit of Cics Bms and Db2 sql, how tough is his job? still trainee? my gosh this kind also call talent? spore is really attracting all the FT (foreign trash). The good ones will go to States and earn bg bucks!

    • Andre said

      Wrong info dude, this guy is not the Cobol trainee from another cheap school in the Filipines, get your facts straight before posting

    • james said

      good point, I agree, the really good ones will go to the US.. haha.. taking us as a temporary home, these are opportunists..

  34. joeaudar said

    Perhaps this is the signal from our Singapore government that in future, all Singaporeans need not serve NS anymore

  35. A Sinkie said

    Hey Pinoy, I like to see you crawl back to the shit hole you came from! You will never be like anyone one of we true blue natives even though you could be now holding a pink IC which will never be as pink as ours!

    Your attitude and mindset cultivated from a 3rd world country will never fit in!

  36. seiya78 said

    wa lao, i don understand how come the party getting screw up when handle things, even a MRT can’t handle not to mention people.

  37. Get out said

    he is a coward n removed his photo on fb

  38. JP431010 said

    I have forwarded 3 emails. Hopefully, will get the feedback. But what if the one who open it, is from Philippines too….I reckon he/she will trash it. Anyway, no harm in trying.

  39. Andrew.R said

    Has this been the level Singaporeans are stooping to these days?

    Xenophobia should not be embraced as a form of nationalistic identity.

    Truth be told, we do indeed need the FTs to propel our economy forward, without a strong economy, we’d simply see a marked increase in unemployment along with the possible scenario of widespread poverty, removing the FTs from the equation does not translate to a miraculous increase in disposable income or lower cost of living, as much as i hate to say this but we Singaporeans have and is still demonstrating a severe lack of understanding to the FTs “existence” and we’re simply ranting and whining away without truly being able to think critically.

    FTs although un-pleasing as they might be, is necessary to ensure our nation’s competitiveness in the current volatile world economy, for once, place the greater good of the nation above our individual selfish wants.

    The plight Singaporeans are in is to a certain extent, self-inflicted, after-all.

    One possible solution is for the government to implement minimum wage limitations for blue-collar jobs e.g service and hospitality when that is achieved, It will entice a larger number of locals to seek full-time employment in blue-collared jobs and thus increase their disposable income allowing them to afford the cost of living and at the same time gradually reduce or even eliminate the stigma associated with such jobs.

    The key I feel is to entice more locals into the industries populated by FTs and when that is achieved, it will then wean us from the reliance of FTs, the FTs are not to blame for seeking legal employment, they are also not at fault for wanting to earn more to feed their families back home, the issue at hand is simply that Singaporeans are too choosy when it comes to jobs, we’re simply not willing to commit to a career in blue-collared jobs, we all want to be business owners, finance bankers, doctors, lawyers and engineers but none of us wants to be a waiter, doorman, bellboy, construction crew, painter, car mechanic, customer service operator or even a bus driver.

    If the FTs are gone, who is gonna do those jobs?

    • Alex Wong said


    • said

      btw. if you ever study economics. the current situation is indeed self inflicted. but by who? common citizens? did we ever ask the govt to expand our economy by importing foreigners? If the FTs are gone, who is gonna do those jobs? good question. but in the first place, if you know that no shit is going to do your shit work, why import so many shit in the first place?

      They are shit in the first place so you cannot expect shit to turn into gold. So, no matter how good the shit is. he is after all, SHIT. Can shit know how to repay back his master after he had ejected it out of his A hole? NO. Coz he is shit. So, if his new master can accept this kind of shit, why not consider his own shit instead? coz it is after all his own SHIT.

      Prefer Alien Party is just shitting and fxxking us up and importing this kind of shit. Thks to the 60% shitty Aholes, our next generation has to suffer their shitty fate by playing slaves to this shit managers when they join the workforce after graduation.

      Good luck!!!

      • Andrew.R said

        I attained my honors in economics not out of sheer luck.

        By boosting the economy, it keeps jobs flowing in and money expenditure up, as companies are more willing to hire as compared to a depression where companies are naturally more wary about expenditure and thus would hire less or in the worst case scenario, even collapse, leading to a rise of unemployment.

        The shit is yours and the government have to even help you clear your own shit, if you were to clear your own shit, the government wouldn’t need to hire FTs to do so for you. I don’t get where your analogy comes from but you clearly showcases the absolute lack of critical thinking I’ve talked about.

      • Andrew.R said

        After re-reading your post, I’d like to add that I don’t think FTs are shit, they might not have the best of education or the most civilized of society but that does not make them worthless and certainly does not justify derogatory remarks towards them.

        Are you perhaps threatened by them? If so, it’s about time Singaporeans start upgrading themselves and keeping up with the times.

    • anakin said

      Hmm I dun mind to do FTs work but the pay has to be fair, I’m not going to slog so that my boss can drive a rolls and live in Sentosa Cove

      • Andrew.R said

        That has always been the reality, do you expect your boss to earn the same as you are? thats just unrealistic.

        Your employer will always earn more than the employee.

        The pay in blue-collared jobs needs to have a minimum wage legislation, this will ensure that the pay will be fair and able to adequately support a blue-collared worker living in Singapore

      • anakin said

        Andrew i’m asking for fair wages. I never said my employer should earn same as me. Stop twisting my words to suit your agenda

    • Hsien Liao La said

      hahaha, you sound like lim sia sway!

    • wake up said

      Let me ask you a simple question. Who are the waiters (not busboys… the real waiters), the postman, the service attendants in USA and Canada?????

      The Americans and Canadians themselves.

      Wake up.

  40. Local said

    hmm, this ccb

    • said

      paiseh hor. he is pinoy. he would not have the faintest idea what ccb is. just use lay man term. you fxxking cunt!!! 😀

  41. lim said

    How come such treachery to allow foreign born colonists to control us and tell us to migrate somewhere else when this is our country? we are not aborigines to be displaced by the whites

  42. fdfdfd said

    Deutsche Bank has a code of conduct for its employees. The Asia Pacific Regional office is in Spore.Temasek TImes should write to the Regional Asia Pacific Head of HR & publish the letter next on behalf of its readers. Let Deutsche Bank tick him off & put a blemish on his HR records for good. But I am wondering whether their HR dept is full of pinoy crap like him too. Just give it a shot Temasek Times.

  43. zhang said

    Seriously, are we doing something concrete or just gonna complain here incessantly? Are we still gonna let them watch us bark and not bite? The reason why he was so bold is because we just make noise. In other countries, he would already been marked down. Nobody dares to say such thing when in other countries because the people there take serious actions. Not jus bark bark bark.

    • said

      then wat do you suggest? form a “fxxk pinoy road show”? We all know where they ass fxxk each other during weekend. If you want, form a gang and fxxk them up. Get caught by “police” and charge for rioting. Wake up!!! 60% have sold us 40%. We are just fxxked and sometimes, barking can alleviate some of the grievances that we have.

      btw fyi. pinoy bitches usually roam around orchard tower and you can do your nation proud by ass fxxking them. well, singaporeans are doing such by going to prc and fxxk their bitches. so, its about time that we do such to the pinoys.

      • Andrew.R said

        most Singaporeans are simply hypocrites, they have no qualms with prostitutes or social escorts from China yet lambasts the rest.

        Seriously, i just cannot take Singaporeans seriously after all, they cannot even make up their own mind.

      • Zam said

        Get lost you FT A**hole. Come from a shit hole country and leech Singapore’s wealth and talk against Singaporeans you A**hole….If you talk the same thing infront of me…you will be no more in this world

  44. Orchard Towers said

    This man is an asshole.

  45. ZJW said

    I have many experiences or encounter with such alikes. The engineers from P are earning double of what “senior” local are getting & to be frank there are so so many that are not competant but are promoted to a level of incompetancy. S$6000 to S$7000 for a system engineer that knows nuts & when confromted with technical clarifications, ALL I mean ALL either talking SHIT or no where to be found
    We Singaporean are not paranoid about you guys coming over IF a BIG IF! You are a real deal & by the way i have noticed once they have gain some power & position they speak differnetly they tend to speak down on people but to be honest there are also good ones anyway what i have written are just my humble opinion.
    Fellow Singaporean look around we are educated, we are sharp, we are versatile, we are global there is no reason why we cant be taking their jobs, calling all uni gradutes especially in electrical, telecomunication, engineering there are good paying jobs around.

    • Andrew.R said

      If they’re so incompetent, why are they paid more? why would your company you’re working in go through the trouble to hire them from another country? what is the value that they possess and you don’t?

      If the situation is as you’ve described, It’s no longer an issue about FTs, but rather your company’s HR dept.

      • wake up said

        you talk so much and try to impress cyber strangers, yet all drivel from your brain. empty logic. so sad. your stance on importing foreigners = economic growth is ultimately flawed. Same as the dumb pap. In a few years, everything will collapse because there is no NURTURING. So the import will keep on expanding and expanding, till there is no end.

        If the govt invest TIME and money on its own people…. then things can change.

        But, the govt does not love Singapore, does not care about Singaporeans. So, import a lot of foreigners, and starve the locals, be it school positions or jobs. What will happen? country will implode from within. Of course. But they don’t care because they are SO AFRAID they will get voted OUT in 2016, so they have only 4 years to MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE. And IMPORT AS MANY NEW VOTERS AS POSSIBLE. If they are voted OUT, they have no power to do what they want anymore. And need to regroup, wait another 4 years. They are GREEDY AS CAN BE. They create a lot of problems now, so EVEN IF opposition wins, opposition has 4 years to undo 4 years of damage that the PAP is causing now. And then people might think it is opposition’s fault (media will make sure people think this way)… and in 2020, pap will be voted back in power. 2 scenarios. And who suffers? The PEOPLE.

        They don’t think what will happen in the long run. They just want to GRIP onto the power and the money.

        And people as STUPID as you will believe whatever they say about ‘economic’ necessity. It is all about money and power preservation. OPen your brain before you open your mouth.

        The only way is to make sure the opposition wins 8 – 12 years in a row. And people will begin to see WHO REALLY CARES AND LOVE SINGAPORE.

        The pap had so many years. And have proven beyond a doubt they JUST DON’T CARE.

      • ZJW said

        Good observation Andrew i do not know where you are from but nevertheless i have to established certain grounds. Firstly we are not agisnt FT as long as they blend into the culture(s), they are competent. I am not working in that company which employed incompetent P, & to answer why the HR emplyed such people, the answer is quite or should i say very obvious, make a”wild” guess the answer is written down below

        HRalso from P

  46. wanker10 said

    Just what the hell he is doing in Deutsche Bank? Janitor? Cleaner? Office Boy? What a piece of shit!

  47. Andre said

    In his country Marc is earning around $500 a month while here in Singapore he’s probable is getting around 15,000 a month plus bonus of maybe around 30,000 a year, whew he can easily called 80% of singaporeans as losers

  48. pay said

    Its a sovereignty issue now in the eyes of the public, not social issue i think.

    • Andrew.R said

      This has never been a sovereignty issue and always has and will be a social issue, Singapore is not coming under direct attack or an attempt to subjugate, so there is simply absolutely no way that the sovereignty is an issue.

      The public needs to educate themselves.

      • sweetbean said

        Andrew it seems like you’re doing a good enough job educating the public single-handedly. You’re sound like such a know-it-all pfft!

  49. The Hatchet Man said

    Is he really working there? Or is he just a troll?

  50. Jaded said

    unappreciative idiot… so this is the type of talent that is brought in?

  51. said

    remember the messy times that singapore had to go through back in the 50s and 60s. that time, due to disintegration, teochew and hokkien clans went to the street and wack the shit out of each other. now, fast forward to 21st century, with singaporeans as a clan, the others FTs belong to different clans. so just one day the same history will repeat itself and singaporeans will wack the shit out of FTs. If you think you are singaprean just by selling your own conutry out and be PAP lackeys and you are so very wrong.

    We will find these pple, wack the shit out of them, hang them out to dry and you will regret that day when you sell your own country of birth out. Remember, Singaporeans go to MNL and fxxk your bitches, but we don’t have pinoys coming here and fxxk our bitches. Plus, if you do cross a street, watch your steps carefully. We love running down pple like you. Fxxking pinoy.

  52. Prataman said

    Fellow Singaporeans

    Don’t let the PAP Government treat us like second class citizens in our own country.

    Do what is right for yourself, your family, your friends and your country by voting them out in 2016.

  53. Rutt said

    I’ve travelled to alot of places, especially in ASEAN countries. And I love talking to people from different backgrounds and different places, be it the rich or the poor but all have the same reaction when they found out that I am from Singapore. The Thais, Indo, Pinoys, Viets, you name it. They wil all agree that Singapore have the best government.

    Things is… They do not know what’s going on to our own people. To me and my friends who are born here, live and breath here and bled and sweat here. And for what? For us to help our government by promoting our safe and secure little island to people like Angelo Marc Jandugan to come and get a citizenship here? But blame them not. Cos when there’s an opportunity to have a better living, we grab it. And that is what Angelo Marc Jandugan is doing…

    To be honest with you, this is what I foresee. Our government is losing its votes slowly and they know that no matter what they do to make the citizens happy, we will still want a change. Hence, the government are now increasing people like Angelo Marc Jandugan to come in and get his pink IC to get his full support. And he is not the only one. I’ve met far too many foreigners like him who are snobbish enough to respect our birthplace.

    To Angelo Marc Jandugan, please be mindful of your words. Bring your ego down before it gets back to you. You talk too much but you are really nothing over here. You may be a somebody in the Philippines and probably have all that money to support the corruptions over there but it’s miles away from here now. You’re not a boss to me and my friends who worked hard to make a secure place for you to live here. Remember, you are really nothing. I have some Pinoy friends too but you just talk and boast too much. Bring that 1st class citizenship of yours back to the Philippines cos it wont work over here.

    • Musing said

      Agree. I have Filippino frens too but they ain’t as arrogant as Angelo. They shake their head over such fellow “elitist”

  54. Roy_Rahman_Rajah said

    Hey PINOY , pls buzz off to your freaking country & bring back all your locust with you . You are everywhere , I hope there is an insecticide to spray you guys back to your country !!!!

    • Ali Faizal said

      You want some bomb? Fart bomb? I will explode it to you? Singapore don’t also need you! go back here in our dear Malaysia!

  55. Garnie said

    I have just called to lodge a complaint to Deutsche Bank, ask for Employee Relations. The more calls Deutsche Bank receives from us, the complaint will be escalated and the bank would thus take a more serious view to the matter. Meantime, a suggestion : this is the location of his workplace : One Raffles Quay
    South Tower Level 17. The nearest MRT would be Anson and Raffles Place. My office is just nearby, and my colleagues and I will be looking out for him – will post some pictures of him..

  56. Zhenzidan said

    Even if more of your countrymen join the RC

    Such a scenario will not scare me

    Come 2016 elections you will see

    Oppositions capturing another GRC

    Or even topple the PAP!

    We don’t label you foreign trash for nothing

    Because your ignorance is absolutely sickening

    Your stupidity already shown right in the beginning

    By assuming in Singapore, PAP is everything

    Because their total parliament dominance is ending

    You had been born with a brain to think

    Not to come here and create a stink

    If more FTs like you start arriving

    That’s when Singapore will really sink!

    Is an FT now managing DBS?

    The answer is of course YES

    But so far did they manage to impress?

    Look at the recent “unauthorised withdrawal” mess

    Resulting in customers suffering tremendous stress

    This is the result of employing an FT dumbass!

  57. Yiheng said

    I am a Singaporean, born and bred here. I am very disappointed in many of my fellow Singaporeans. You guys are not rational people. The Filipino immigrant only said what he said because he was first provoked by the Singaporean. His initial comment was just to show support to the prime minister and his government. He was a grateful new citizen. What is so wrong with that???? Just imagine your brother and sister just got married… your new bro-in-law/sis-in-law can be considered as new “citizens” in your family. He/she thanks the family for accepting him/her into the family…. Instead of you saying, “welcome to the family!”… You said,” You will never be part of us, go fuck back to your family! ” …. Guys, with such a mentality of intolerance and close mindedness…. no wonder foreigners call us ” losers”. I know the few of you who trash new immigrants indiscriminately are just a minority… but because you are so vocal it seems that all S’poreans share your view. Do make this distinction… you can be unhappy about the immigration policy but don’t blame the new immigrants. They didn’t do anything wrong. Some S’poreans seem to think that just because they are born and bred here that they have a free pass to berate new immigrants like PRC, Bangladeshis, Filipinos etc. That is called prejudice and discrimination. Stop it.

    • White Knight said

      THANK YOU, good sir! Anger breeds anger breeds insanity! Stop this stupid cycle of entitlement!

    • Nizam said

      Becoz of you (60.1%), we are doomed..You are an A**hole

    • sweetbean said

      I think you go back and read what he said before you comment such a long post. He didn’t JUST praise the PM – he also told him to ignore us. I don’t think that’s a right attitude – do you?

    • wake up said

      you are so stupid you should really crawl back into your mother instead of wasting 1 VOTE. Your stupidity and eager to please attitude is what brings in this unhappiness in the first place.

  58. ZJW said

    Just came back from frm a meeting at 1030mins after i wrote my thoughts from a huge Japaese coperation in Bedok we got mulit million project from them. Spending another 30mins with a high paid “engineer” from P speaking SHIT for more than 30mins both nonsense & irrelevant. He is trying to show his know how which in fact work agianst him as he is TOTALLY out of reality. Happen to also knwo from a friend he took his CPF money & went bakc to P & came back 1 year later.
    Listen here Pinoy, be humble & stop insulting us locals. We are both born & breed in S;Pore. Its only a matter of time that companies & management knows what you are made of as i have seen many.many incompetant FT.I am in my trade for more than 20 years i know what i am speaking about. Just take the money & keep your mouth shut.

  59. sinlesschocolate said

    Dear Marc,

    For the record I have met many nice and humble pinoys here. They themselves admitted to me that even IF they had been given citizenship, they will go back to Philipines. Now I do not blame them for having done so because I know how useless the pinoy goverment is. Why don’t you take a walk and count how many of your women end up as domestic helpers and streetwalkers. Most of your people have spilled on to other people’s lands to eke out a decent living. Its just human nature. These people I have met are however so vastly different from you. They have never spoken badly about any NSF men, they appreciate Singapore for what it is (a place to earn money and go home). They lament about how their children have to take up mandarin, a language alien to them and of course they have commented that Singapore’s expensive. I have however never detected any arrogance from the pinoys I’ve met and interacted with. So far they’ve been a nice bunch. You on the other hand do NOT belong to the same catergory. You belong to same denegerates who come here and leech and profess yourselves to be more talented, better than locals. Have you checked your university ranking you MORON? Your university degree is only worth the toilet paper its printed on, who noes maybe even less. Perhaps you should take a que from the bunch I’ve met. It is a humble asian trait not to spit on the owners of the house who have welcomed you in the first place. Perhaps if you’ve missed that module in your ‘wold class’ university, you should re-take it.

  60. This Filipino new citizen has not uttered a single world defaming Singapore or Singaporeans !!
    he has only thanked the govt for wat he rcvd and instead of welcoming him, you guys are abusing him !!!!
    wat kind of discrimination is this !!!!
    imagine a Singapore with no more EP/SP/WP holders …. Singapore will be no more… all those of u who flame foreigners… will u wanna take up their jobs.. ???
    if about white collar execs… first u have to be worth it.. then claim for it.. if an MNC is willing to pay levy etc and hire a foreigner…dont waste ur time on FB whining about it … and look into why u were rejected.. wen infact the company always has the pros in hiring a local !!!

    U guys say just bcos u served NS should give u a upper hand !! I served NS , i know how much patriotism prevails !!

    and always remember….all of u .. each and every one one of u whining here.. were also ‘Foreign Trash’ at one point of time !!!

    Patriotism is not in hating Foreigners !!!.. its in loving ur country !

  61. Maxie said

    @Rejin Anthony

    Go home Ftrash.

  62. From 1st world to 3rd.... said

    OMG!!! Our best SG talents from World Top 10 university are not coming back….. then We have to bring in talents from World TOP 300-800, Unknown university students here…..hahahahaha……….. What Happened to Singapore??? Will SG Standard drop from 1st world to 3rd..??????????? hahahaha…….

  63. Claustrophobic said

    MONEY BUYS Everything including NEW Singaporeans!

    Filipino turned Singaporean Angelo Marc Jandugan is one of the many reasons why native Singaporeans do not approve of the BUYING of NEW Singaporeans and PR’s. What will he do when he loses his ‘permanent’ job at Deutsche Bank? Change back to Filipino citizenship if he cannot scrape more from Singapore’s reserves? We are bound to hear much more from these ungrateful NEW Singaporeans. They don’t do Singapore National Service but would like to be “integrated”.

    What kind of people can be BOUGHT? Every year 18,000 to 20,000 people turn their backs on their country of birth to become NEW Singaporeans. Do you honestly believe these people are GOOD people to integrate with considering their kind of loyalty and integrity? People like Filipino turned Singaporean Angelo Marc Jandugan will always be disloyal. Even the Filipinos don’t trust him! He insults them by suggesting they all want to disown their country of birth and become NEW Singaporeans.

    We would have had much more respect for them if they remained citizens of their country of birth and used their God given talents to improve their own country and the condition of their own people. Perhaps they aren’t so TALENTED after all if they can’t do that.

    The PAP government must bear full responsibility for this failure and embarrassment.

    • Allen Peterson said

      It is sad to know that I see Singaporeans here discriminating foreigners. I am an American who employs mostly local Singaporeans and Filipino FT’s in my company. I see that they have harmonious relationship here. I believe he was just thankful of the new fortune he received. I don’t see anything wrong their. I guess you will also curse me if I thank your government for allowing me to invest in your country and employ both FTs (particularly Pinoys) and Singaporeans. Sad but I think it’s possible. God Bless Singapore! Majulah

      • Allen Peterson said

        plus If I became a citizen too.

      • Zam said

        Hey Allen A**hole, You can be any kind of big shot.

        Did you read the filipino shit’s comments carefully?

        He asked the PM to ignore Singaporeans concerns and asked singaporeans to migrate somewhere.

        You Fu**ing dumbass

      • Zam said

        Hey Allen, You are very big loser in your home country..thats why you have given up your american citizenship…Get lost allen..We dont want leechers like you.

  64. Bengy said

    I think he has metal blockage with this guy, why is he thanking Mr. Lee, don’t forget we, Singaporean are paying his salary..he should thank we, the Singaporean giving him & his family the opportunity to stay here, SINGAPORE… idiot..

  65. […] Prima facie, both issues may seem unrelated. But in the online discourse in the comments section of both issues, one finds a large overlap. Netizens commenting on the NSF deaths bitterly enunciated the futile, abject irony of suffering and dying in a 2 year long activity that one was made to do against one’s will, just do preserve the wealth and livelihood of the threatening Other, whereas those retorting to the perceived insensitive remarks by the foreigners bring in NS as a device to delegitimize these very remarks. In fact, both issues did reach a direct confluence in this latest issue; that of a newly naturalized Singaporean-Filipino making degoratory comments about Singaporeans. […]

  66. Pissed said

    I am also a true blue Singaporean born and bred here, served my NS and ICTs and have already MRed for a good 8 years. For my ICTs I have never ever deferred a single time and chose to sacrifice my career and family life. I know some others in my Platoon who sacrificed witnessing their new born being born in the hospital just because they are out-field in an exercise.

    I think you have much to learn. First of all I have been around FTs (like most people have also) since 2002 (PRC, Banglas and Indian PMETs at first then Pinoys later). I even married a foreigner who became a PR and hence is considered as a FT here, heck in the in-laws family there no less than 3 other working FTs. I interact with no less than 30+ of their relatives who come to Singapore regularly….yes read it again no less than 30+ of them. BTW, they are Indonesians from the Riau province. In my wife’s company, she interacts with FTs from (1) Thailand (2) Taiwan (the boss and towkay neo are Taiwanese, and we have also met the sleeping partner and family who are Taiwanese as well (3) Sales team include Indonesians, Thai, Malaysians, Japanese, Koreans and China Chinese. We interact closely and I have met them a couple fo times in outings/housewarming etc.

    There is a BIG difference between the mindset and behaviour of this Angelo guy and the way my in-laws, my wife’s colleagues, my colleagues behave and talk. To confuse between the true FTs who are humble and polite and behave properly in a foreign country and this Angelo guy is a really big mistake.

    I actually feel insulted that I should even be typing the obvious, it is so darn glaringly obvious that that even a 20-year- old who is street-smart enough knows that there is a difference.

  67. Mitch said

    I think we should investigate first Mark Lee’s comment to Angelo. I think Mark Lee’s comment provoke Angelo that’s why he said that.

    In Angelo’s first message, he’s only thanking the government which i could find nothing wrong with that.

    Please also post Mark Lee’s comment and don’t be one-sided report.

  68. Society is hopeless said

    To all those who keep saying that the remaining 60% who voted for PAP are stupid:

    We aren’t stupid, it is only in some places like Bishan, we have only PAP to choose from. There aren’t any other party strong enough to compete with them. It is a bloody walkover every single election. Therefore not all of us are stupid.

    As for the FTs: Welcome to your new homeland 🙂 Make yourself at home but do not expect the locals (if there are any left in the near future) to treat you with respect if you do not know how to behave, act and speak. In relation to the incident with the PRC saying that our local uncles are dogs, I have heard from other PRC that their government is now warning their people that are overseas to watch their language or face repercussion from the local community.

    By the way, I am currently studying in UK and I face the same problem with the locals mistreating the foreigners in every way they can think of.

  69. Denso Yamaxi said

    Jst wane say thiz a single word of u will make all,the pinoy in Singaporean suffer pls be thankful to god of wat u r and wat u already earn,for those pinoy out ther no matter how high or hw good u r your still in others country, wat people say if u n lion cafe behave like lion if u in a bear cage behave like 1 if not u will die….

  70. said

    Who does he think he is? Saying things like that. Everybody is right about him crawling back to the sh1thole he came from. He should be very grateful and keep his big mouth shut.

    I hate his guts and I am a Filipino (not in Singapore).

  71. Vielissimo said

    look carefully at the article. it didn’t specify what kinds of remarks some people replied to Mr. Jandugan. but the clear thing we know is that he just thanked the prime minister, because that move is clearly beneficial to him. i mean, if it’s the other way around, am i right to assume that many singaporeans as well will definitely thank the prime minister? what i don’t like was the way Mr. Jandugan replied to some idiotic comments that he might have received. he could’ve maintained his composure and showed class act, but he didn’t…. what i am also disgusted about is the number of comments here that are tarnished with so many racist remarks about him. it doesn’t matter if you’re of singaporean descent, indian, malay, filipino, bangladeshi, etc living in SG… but to be a racist? come on. we’re all asking for a better world, and yet some of you do these things? i don’t like MANY of what Mr. Jandugan did, but i am 100% appalled with the racist comments i see here.


  72. the observer said


  73. SingTeacher said

    Dear Marc,

    Welcome to Singapore. I hope your stay here will be blissful and pleasant. I hope you enjoy the fruits of the labour of our forefathers – who had slaved over many years -put into building up Singapore into the cosmopolitan country it is today. I hope you enjoy life here the way I have over the past 30years. I know it’s awesome and immigrants like you are blessed because….. it’s not going to last. Your insulting comments to a fellow Singaporean is the most disgusting of its lot. I have been a head-hunter for many years and thanks to your details and your beautiful insults, you can guarantee that you soon will be obviously ticked off at work for being a mentally sick man who is discriminatory. Say goodbye to your well paid job because you’ll loose it soon (if you have not already been fired).

    Such behaviour insults the immigrants from all over the world coming into Singapore. I hope you do know, that it is because Singapore gives you a better life than your home country that you have decided to take refuge in OUR country as a permanent resident. My partner is a permanent resident as well and I am indeed blessed that he is not as low-lived as you are. Again, best wishes trying to live the stinking life that you do now.

  74. ashamed Singaporean said

    I think singaporeans need to grow up. Its disgusting to see singaporeans going all over the web to flame FT, a little disgraceful when seen by others people.

    Marc had every right to comment the way he did after first being flamed by the NSman.

    its time to stop whining like spineless babies and to start working for what you want.

    What right have we to complain about who private companies hire anyway ? please grow up. its disgraceful for citizens of singapore. It does not reflect poorly on the Government, it reflects poorly on the supposedly educated citizens. Guess you cant learn EQ in schools but oh well.

    • Vielissimo said

      you’re right. also, i was thinking earlier, that based on Mr. Jandugan’s original post, i believe the only way he could’ve written those nasty words is if one of the comments contains bad remarks against him… still, i just wish he didn’t stoop to that commenter’s level. now, that made him [Mr. Jandugan] worse. His replies are way off-base, they were wrong and very derogatory, just like many of the comments we see here now…. Mr. Jandugan could’ve explained his side correctly to some of those moronic and racist commenters that threw insults at him, instead of being like them and spitting nasty words back..

      i hope that Singaporeans realize that the actions of one man alone don’t represent the actions of the whole filipino population there… the same thing for singaporeans in general. NOT ALL SINGAPOREANS are racists just like many of the people who spew nasty, derogatory, discriminatory, and racist words here. same with people of various races and colors all over the world, right?

      to quote Chris Rock, “Can’t we all just get along?” 🙂

    • Zam said

      Then you go and suck the Pinoy FT’s Dick

  75. jay said

    Anyway Marc , you face the new reality. You are not in philippines, this is singapore. Breeds like you are just trouble makers who cannot keep your pinoy mouth shut. Because of people like you,the good ones gets labelled too…don’t start this with us. Singaporeans can put you where you don’t force us and push your come here, earn your keep and shut your fucking gap. We are born and bred here, and its not going to happen ie your type of FTs trying to throw your weight around .

  76. Scorpy said

    Hey Marc. If you are so good, why cant you do something good in your country. Why come here? Because you are not wanted in your own country.
    If you are here to work , just work and enjoy our hospitality.
    We want team workers.

  77. dhm said

    Frankly, I do not see the problem in the original post. There is nothing wrong with Mr. Jandugan expresses gratitude to the government of PM Lee. I do not see why Mr. Loo responded the way that he did, when he said to quote “This is your home? LOL? The only reason you are here is for your won personal benefit. This will never be your home. You will always be seen as a foreigner. Don’t even think about it.”

    What kind of thinking or attitude lies behind that comment. Is it bitterness against the government? Xenophobia? Racism? Whatever it was, that was done in bad taste. It was obviously intended to insult and put Mr. Jandugan on the spot. It is not the kind of comment educated and well mannered people should make. Anywhere.

    Nevertheless, the response of Mr. Jandugan was also done in poor taste. Not because he was a foreign born person that acquired citizenship but because he also responded in kind with an insult. That was badly done. There was nothing wrong with his original post so why did he react that way. He could have done better.

    My issue is that this blog does not resolve anything. It does not help anyone or resolve any issue. It just promotes hate, and cyber bullying, and racism. Educated and well-raised people shouldn’t be trading spiteful remarks, whether they are Singaporeans, or Philippine people, or from anywhere else. It is childish and immature. I do hope everybody grows up.

  78. justaguy said

    wow… it was the mark lee who was being hostile (and insulting)… i think marc just retaliated… he was just applauding the PM and what he gets back is a “fuck-you-go-home” attitude from a singaporean who does not even know how to construct a well formed sentence.. geesh…

  79. JES said


  80. Ignoramus said

    LOL. Can you imagine the US doing this to foreigners? Can you imagine the UK, Canada, or Australia doing this? Actually, they do. And those who do are branded “white trash,” “racist,” “uneducated,” or just plain “ignorant.”

  81. gay said

    lol, never knew people from Singapore were such a bunch of racists!

    • zackme said

      Don’t generalize, not all singaporeans, only those few under-achieving ones are. Racism = Ignorance.
      These are the same group of people who plan to stage an Occupy Singapore protest but lost their cajones to show their faces there.

  82. jamie said

    i am Filipino and i work here in SG. this guy “Marc Angelo” is an embarrassment. he speaks for himself and not the Filipino People.

  83. Singaporean are not racist nor do we discriminate against the so called FT. We are angry because of the ungrateful foreign dogs who think that they have an equal right to this country whom we have built. When our very lively hood is threathened and all our services and infrastructure have been overused by them, what do you think we will do? Are they really talent that we need or are they using us as a stepping stone for their own ends. If they think National Service is no big deal for our young men than every foreigners should do national
    service before they are granted citizenship. Pinoys should stop talking nonsense and stop acting like as if we cannot see your ignorance and bull shit. I just sincerely hope our MIW will wake up and realised that they have mistreated us Singaporean to their own peril.
    Pinoys, you do not have to come here if your country have provided for all the comforts and good living like here in Singapore. Be grateful and stop insulting us. You would most likely get a shock of your life.

    • zackme said

      “Pinoys should stop talking nonsense and stop acting like as if we cannot see your ignorance and bull shit.” … Don’t generalize, you are contradicting your own statement that you as Singaporean is not racist. Just because of some lousy arrogant foreigner posted a stupid comment that you generalize all of them. That’s just plain ignorance and stupidity. We respect your laws, your people, your culture and everything that comes with it. We tried to assimilate so much to the neighborhood for our kids to be part of the community. I have kids that are born and raised here, as 2nd gen PR’s they will serve NS as you and the other boys did. It’s just so sad because a lot of Singaporeans elders were once foreigners here too.

  84. slayer45 said

    Look at a bigger picture ppl. It’s good this clown is making fun of singaporeans. It sure make our blood boil. So with these Sun Xu, Marc and all like minded new migrants. They piss us off to the level that come 2016, we will know how to vote wisely. More important for us is to bring this piece of news go to the 60.1% dafts.

  85. smorgasbord said

    If you people instead of wasting time on Temasek Times or TRE, did real jobs, maybe we wouldn’t have to rely on so many foreigners.

    The more you complain, the stupider you look.

  86. slayer45 said

    Look at the big picture. Ppl like Marc, Sun Xu and those alike are doing the MIW a disfavour. They are brought in by our gov. It simply shows the quality of immigrants we are taking in. Come 2016, we will know how to exercise our rights. The MIW are more concern than us on these issues. Go on, make fun of sgpns. See who will have the last laugh.

  87. Obviousman said

    *sigh* Singapore is a society that is based on merit. Obviously we are falling into complacency. Instead of whining about the competition getting all the good stuff (dude, they get the good stuff because they are working harder and working better than us) shouldn’t we be pulling up our socks and beating the competition instead? Yeah our forefathers worked hard, so what. At the end of the day you enjoy the fruits of your own labour, not the fruits of your father’s labour. So obvious also need me to point out to you.

  88. Clark said

    Hey Marc ” when u in Rome do as the Romans do” so same here STFU!!!!

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