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PM Lee: Govt will keep Singapore OPEN and embrace the world

Posted by temasektimes on May 1, 2012

The government will implement several strategies to address the issues faced by Singapore workers such as keeping Singapore OPEN.

Speaking at his May Day rally, Prime Minister Lee said:

“The first is to keep Singapore open, embrace the world, welcome new ideas and explore new opportunities. That’s how Singapore has become successful and has competed against bigger countries and held its own and more.”

One area of concern is of low wage workers whose wages are not keeping up with the rest. PM Lee said the feeling among unionists is that those earning low-wages are stuck no matter how hard they try to upgrade.

He revealed plans such as the inclusive growth programme which has now been increased to S$100 million to upgrade 100,000 low-wage workers.

There are also substantial fiscal transfers to low-wage workers and their families through GST vouchers, workfare and the special employment credit.

As for the rising cost of living, PM Lee said the government is monitoring the situation closely to see if more can be done.




15 Responses to “PM Lee: Govt will keep Singapore OPEN and embrace the world”

  1. Our cuntry is like a desperate prostitute that actually pays customers to screw her instead of the other way round.

    • The inflation in 1985/86 is not totally due the increase in wages, it was due the high levies and CPF contributions and off course also due to regional and not national as stipulated by Prof. Lim.
      Why should one not be contented with sufficiency if their BASIC HAVE BEEN BE MET. It is the insufficiency of basic income against the high inflation that is causing all the problems to the poor and the needy.

  2. Cheap Labour Addict said

    Well, well…we can see how sincere you are in trying to help…

    Do you really think you can keep on sc**wing Singaporeans forever, and the latter will just keep quiet?

    It would be interesting to see how far you actually can go…

  3. Terence Chong said

    “Thank you” you daft 60.1%…. You’ve screwed life for all of us, including your own children!

    Please don’t be swayed by the crocodile tears I fully expect to see in the run up to 2016, we desperately need a regime change!

  4. beenthereseenit said

    Gosh, he has really run out of ideas! Singing the same old tune even after Singaporeans keep saying the tune is out of tone!

  5. Zach tells you The Other Hard Truth said

    “The first is to keep Singapore open, embrace the world, welcome new ideas and explore new opportunities. That’s how Singapore has become successful and has competed against bigger countries and held its own and more.”

    Well said, but new ideas have always been shot down by the PAP itself, which is suffering badly from the NIH (“not-invented here”) syndrome. Throughout the rank-and-file, we keep on hearing the same lines being faithfully parroted by everyone, regardless of right or wrong.

    Anything that comes from the non-PAP parties is deemed “unworkable” and anything from the people is deemed “daft”………….how to improve ?

    Every time there is a topic on the economy, some PAP minister will try to pull out yet another “Training Rabbit” or “Upgrading Rabbit” out of the old and tired hat. Even if we could make a chambermaid trained for a PhD in bed-making, that is going nowhere, when those who wield power are doing their utmost best to keep her poor, so that the rich can keep getting richer.

    This whole upgrading and endless training scheme has gotten to a nauseating level. I think if we freeze all the assets of the ministers for the next 4 years, and pay them $800 a month, and live among the poorest 20% of Singaporeans, then they can start to see and think.

  6. Ken Lee said


  7. Blood suckers said

    See. Eh, the idiots, daft and bastard 60% who believe their lies….

    During the GE, they openly acknowledge that people are unhappy about the foreigner policies and they will reduce and tighten the legislation.

    One year later. See? Fucking say we must continue to open legs big big.

    See or not. Our country will crumble because of those 60% idiots bastards! Thanks motherfuckers!

  8. PM’s proposal for additional assistance is very much appreciated and welcome by the lower class and lower working class through out, but how is it to MAKE SURE that this substantial fiscal transfers able to REACH THEM, how to MAKE SURE it really reach those in need. When the LARGE AMOUNT OF FUNDS were being disbursed to some organizations to be distributed, who benefit from it is important. Maybe those who are really in need don’t really benefit FROM IT, SO SORRY TO SAT THAT, and hope disbursements to have with a sound and good system which is to assist those who is intended for and not to the wrong pocket.
    Some simple QUESTIONS if one is in need, how is one to benefit from your disbursements? Are there centres which really cater to the one who can approach for assistance and what are the criterias? Are these criterias made possible or are they made with all their STUPID QUESTIONS UNTIL ONE IS FED UP WITH THE APPLICATION? IS THE CDAC AT TANJONG KATONG ONE OF THE CENTRES.?


  9. singaporean said

    The Government need to explain with fact and data to prove how this will benefit Singaporean by 100% open floodgate to foreigners.

    As mentioned to Prof Lim/ Prof Tan, this is a wrong move in long term as the ultimate benefitual is the millions dollars cabinets and not the 3 millions Singaporean.

    PM Lee can say this now as the election 2016 is still far to say “sorry again to Singaporean” and when the time come, please remember what they did to you in 2011 and each and every year! Please get all the data record and print out ready for debates as when coming 2016, PAP will start the same old tactics to “bribe” singaporean will little welfare bonus, rebates, incentitve, etc (as this has been worked well for decades to bribe singaporean even they cliam to be clean and honest). Most Singaporean is simple and honest will accept to forgive and forget what PAP did in the past and only remember what PAP give them S$1k to S$3k for welfare bonus at that present moment. PAP has calculated (by using your money) it is worth by giving out less than 1%, they will continue to enjoy millions dollars again and again.

    Singaporean, your next generation will not forgive you as the next generation will full of foreigners that “invade” into your heart and country like cancers.

  10. sweetbean said

    Why do you think, that they think that we need an explanation?

  11. GhostMan said

    If some other countries open up and have the same policies, nobody would consider coming here and perhaps alot of Singaporeans would like to make the move to migrate as well.

  12. No More Forgiveness for Traitors said

    My whole family is just wating to vote you out in 2016. There is simply nothing you can do now because your lust for greed and power will disable your reasoning.

    You’ve screwed up. Just remind yr dad not to kick the bucket before 2016. Thats when the show starts. Maybe future historians will label it as “Pariahrisation of the Lees” or “To Catch the White Traitors”. Or something like that.

  13. Alamak! said

    Our country has prospered under the rule of our 1st generation leaders with the likes of Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye, etc. When the throne was passed to LHL, his team seems incapable of handling and solving problems. Incessant MRT breakdowns, higher crime and suicide rates, overcrowding of public transport, skyrocketing housing prices, massive influx of foreign cheap labour, intermittent floodings, etc.

  14. Pat said

    Have you read the TRUTH yet ??
    Google…..An Unscrupulous Watch Retailer In Singapore

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