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Singaporean student in UK and PAP supporter urges PM Lee to tackle ‘FT’ problem seriously

Posted by temasektimes on May 1, 2012

The relentless influx of foreigners over the last few years has not only cause great unhappiness and dissatisfaction among Singaporeans living in Singapore, but even real Singaporean talents based overseas are having second thoughts returning to work in Singapore.

One Singaporean student Tan Yiwen posted a comment on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Facebook page expressing her concerns about the future after seeing her friends struggling to compete with the foreigners. .

Admitting that she is a PAP supporter, she wrote frankly that she is very disheartened to see what Singapore has become.

“I have friends who graduated from university, struggling to get a decent job that pay them $2,000 and above, but many companies tell them that they do not have the relevant experience, in which I believe is just an excuse to not hire them or to press for lower wage.”

[Source: PM Lee’s Facebook]

She added that their salaries have been depressed by the cheaper ‘foreign talents’:

“We were being brought up, telling us to work hard, to make it to university in order to have a better life, but in the end we get replaced by these so called “foreign talents”. Many of my friends took up jobs between $1800-$2500, a lucky bunch managed around $3,000, but they all highlighted the same problem, there are more FTs in their company than Singaporeans.”

Like many young Singaporeans of her age, Yiwen was also unhappy with some foreigners using Singapore as a stepping stone to greener pastures elsewhere:

“I value our citizenship and it is sad to see people from other countries coming to our tiny island for less than 2 years and be able to get PR or citizenship, Many say that they are using Singapore a transit and their destination is United States. I feel even more enrage when FT comes to our country, not only do they not integrate with us, some of them even mock us.

She ended her post by expressing doubts about her future in Singapore:

“Mr Lee, two years ago I was so sure I want to go home to contribute to society and help make it a better place for our own citizens, but now, I don’t know.”

There is no response from PM Lee or his co-administrators. It is not known if he has read her comment which has not been deleted so far like many others before hers.

Despite her well intentions, it is highly unlikely that PM Lee will accept her suggestion. A recent White Paper released by the National Population and Talent Division under the Prime Minister’s Office recommends Singapore takes in 20,000 to 25,000 new citizens yearly to maintain the population and economy.

As immigrants usually vote for the ruling party which gives them a new start in life, the continued inflow of foreigners may serve the political purpose of maintaining the PAP’s hegemony in Singapore forever.



37 Responses to “Singaporean student in UK and PAP supporter urges PM Lee to tackle ‘FT’ problem seriously”

  1. SB said

    My suggestion is you do not return to Sg unitl PAP is defested in the next election. Like the roman empire, china dynasty this Lee Dynasty will end

  2. ;ABC said

    Remember that Hongkongers were terrified of the handover in 1997? The government decided to cash in and even set up an office in Hongkong to persuade their talents to sink roots in Singapore to augment our pool of highly skilled and entrepreneurial class and spent miilions of dollars in the process. Even the former Chief Justice Yong Pow How joined in, welcoming Hongkong lawyers to the local Bar, referring to his hitherto unpublicised “Hongkong connection”. We managed to attract only a handful of middle income “talents” to sink roots here, the rest using us as the stepping stone to their preferred destinations of the US, Australia and NZ. Haven`t we learned a lesson? The consequences this time round will be disastrous when they pack up after selling their resale flats, etc.

  3. jaded said

    stay away la, dun bother to come back. many people cannot emigrate because they worry about not being to find work in the need country. but since you can, stay there. you will have a much better quality of life as well

  4. Ken Lee said

    this what we get for voting PAP!!!

  5. YIwen said

    I still respect PM Lee a lot, and I don’t think voting for opposition will help matters either. I may disagree with PAP on certain policies, but overall they are still good. I really want to go back to Singapore and be with my family in time to come, and despite my doubt, I think eventually I will still return because that is where home is. Peace out everyone! 😀

    • Terence Chong said

      You don’t get it do you.

      It’s not about voting the PAP out per se, it’s about holding them accountable to us, rather than doing things willy nilly on their own accord.

      Unfortunately the only way to send a clear message to have them accountable to us is to vote in a substantial opposition force. The last couple of decades and the 2011 elections have proven there’s no other way.

    • Cancer7 said

      Lol….you better return soon dreamer. Every year you do not, Singapore changes, quicker than you think. I go back every year for holiday and every year something different. I’ve been away for a long time, its no longer what I remembered. Now I call it Little China.

    • Sinkhole said

      You are young, depending on your family and hasn’t seen the real world yet. My guess is you are in Australia, where the locals and their jobs are protected (with minimum wage, mind you) and given to locals BEFORE foreigners. And then these foreigners need to prove themselves before being able to get the job.

      When you are in Singapore, and realize that the greedy govt whose 2 months pay is equal or more to you working for ONE FULL YEAR, paid with the people’s money, YOUR PARENTS money, with them doing nothing. It showing face once every few years….. And they decided that foreigners have precedence over you. And instead of how you felt when you begun studying overseas…. Where You wanted to explore and learn about the country and respected the locals, these foreigners now have openly disrespected locals with Impunity because of the govt. the dumb govt asks the people to ‘integrate with’ the foreigners, Wth is that!? Do I integrate with the Japanese immigrants, Americans, Chinese PRC or Malaysians or Blangladashis? I have never seen this anywhere else. This current govt is one with an excellent track record for failing spectacularly. And then giving excuses blatantly, with no thought to answers that insult the intellect. They are just here to reap and rape as much as they can, while they can. They know the locals are unhappy, and they will not change anything. So they will import fts to outvote the locals. And continue to stay in power. The DAFT Singaporeans who continue to believe in fables will will be the downfall of everyone else.

      You come back, you will suffer. Mark my words.

  6. Youwillregret said

    You will regret!

  7. Singaporean in London said

    Yiwen, I’m afraid you don’t really have a choice in staying here. I’d hate to return to Singapore but according to our Tier 4 visas we’re supposed to get out of the UK as soon as we graduate. The scrapping of the 2-year post-graduation work visa with effect from April 2012 has diminished all our chances of living and working here in the long term. Not even being on the Dean’s List or first-class honours will give you priority over a native who may be less qualified. The entire European economy is crumbling, and protectionism is definitely on the rise. (Singapore could definitely learn a thing or two about taking care of her own citizens first!)

    • YIwen said

      Hello Singaporean in London! Greetings from Glasgow! Yes I am aware of the changes in the legislation here and I agree with what you say, Singapore has to take care of their own citizens first. Like what I say in my comment above, I will return home eventually, it is just a matter of when. Perhaps we can look to the far east or other place besides Europe, get some expertise and head home to contribute? I don’t know how feasible this is, but I’m willing to give it a shot! (:

      • wanker10 said

        Hi YIwen, stay in Glasgow if u can. I miss Glasgow…I was there (94-96) & I love it there…missed Byres Road, St. Enoch & etc…lol

      • Singaporean in London said

        I hope by the Far East you aren’t thinking of China (excluding HK and Taiwan), because you can just head home to get a feel of ‘the great motherland’, LOL (but ewwww…)!

    • wMulew said

      What own citizens first are U talking about? UK is now flooded by “FTs” from other EU nations. Half of them are leeching off their social welfare and they can’t do a damn thing about it because they are part of the EU? U want Singapore to follow their example? Are u kidding me?

    • Singapore Chinese said

      This information is disappointing. My son will be leaving for an overseas education after NS. We have advised him not to return to Singapore after his graduation. Singapore is over flooded with many low class foreign immigrants.

      • Singaporean in London said

        Depends on where he is going, and what he’ll be studying. Actually I don’t blame any of the economic migrants; everyone just wants a better life. I blame our government for letting them in so freely at the expense of our people, and coming up with the same lame excuses over and over again. Politicians will be politicians and they will always do whatever they please.

      • wMulew said

        The fact that you can call others Low Class shows what kind of “Class” you belong in

  8. debido said

    Its is true on what he says about foreign talent, in my company, the headcount was expanding, all the new hires are foreigners, 3 from Philippines, 3 from India, 1 from France. All within a year, right now more than half of the 20 over people in my are foreigners. They do contribute to a company’s growth for sure, but honestly, with these figures so evidently, what kind of opportunities are left for Singaporeans in the job industry ? What kind of competition are we looking at when they add value to a nation but the locals find it so much harder to get a job ? Of course end of the day we can complain and say. hey its the goverment’s fault and don’t do anything. But I would say end of the day its a matter of survive or be eaten kind of mentality. Singaporeans have worked hard throughout many years and I think when you get older, its hard to keep on pushing so hard. Not to mention if some health related issues would arise, how much more desperate people would be. We could definitely use alot more help as many people honestly are struggling just to make ends meet. Is it a wonder why we don’t have the idea of having children when we are so stressed out to put a roof over our heads? Its a cycle and I feel we could definitely have more help.

  9. Zach tells you The Other Hard Truth said

    I am telling my children to actively look for opportunities in other countries, emigrate and don’t come back.

  10. Blood suckers said

    They only listen to good things. Yours is not good enuff

    Praise them in the entire email. Then they will publish saying that here’s one more singaporean who support us.

  11. sfa said

    singapore will never take care of it’s own citizens 1st (and i mean the true blue ones… those born and bred here). the gov will only wag their tails at the FT who vote for them…..

  12. 守护者 said


    • jetxx said

      Well said. That’s a valid point, we cannot rely on the reserves only, once the reserves are gone, we are doomed. In addition to it, we have to have the similar vision in order to understand. If everyone is only interested in their own well-being. society will crumble even with the most effective government.

      But I think, the problem of low child birth comes with the problem of high prices of housing, inflation, standard of living, it makes young ones who are getting married, think twice before having children. Many of us won’t want our children to go through what we went through. Those born in the 70s – 80s should know, most of our parents were working day and night, McDonalds was a luxury, in other words, we were poor and our parents have to slog so much to put food on the table.

      Right now, we see a lot with high earning power. But mostly, enough for themselves and their parents, if a child were to come along, they’d be put to the test and the cycle starts again. CPF emptied for the house and shield plans, working overtime to have more money, etc etc.

      Then as your child grows, if the problem of FTs is still around, you’d start to worry about their place in society and well-being in the future if their education and skill sets aren’t good enough.

    • 哈哈 said


  13. Ensoleille said

    I also believe in the PAP. Believe that they will destroy us all.

  14. Singaporean in East Yorkshire said

    To be fair the UK has FTs from the EU coming over and they do work harder and better than the locals. They justify their position with their contribution. The locals have a chance to buck up and be better and take the jobs back. The bigger problem is that the FTs are doing jobs that the locals don’t want to do. Translating this back to Singapore, if you don’t want FTs taking away your jobs, make sure its a job that you want to do and can do well. Having said that, while the locals here are given the chance to ‘snatch’ back their jobs that the FTs have taken(by being better), I’m not sure whether Singaporeans are afforded the same privilege back there. Probably not, I suppose.

    I am a Singaporean studying in a no-brand university in the UK but I’m a firm believer in working your way up. Don’t expect to go to university and then have a job waiting for u at the end of 3-4 years. I believe in opportunity, and where the opportunities are, the talent will go(also, talent != Oxbridge, London colleges, etc. We need thinkers, not muggers.). Singaporeans in general are too scared to move, too fearful of the uncertain – to which I say, just do it. My parents are not made of money and neither am I, but I am ready to move wherever the opportunities are in order to carve a career for myself and make a living.

  15. blurrbl0ck said

    Reblogged this on blurrbl0ck.

  16. I am sad and frightened to hear that all the true educated Singaporeans are being elbowed out of Singapore. Soon Singapore will be hollowed out of our own talents who are not coming home or who are all emigrating. What we are left in Singapore are only those who don’t have a good education and who will thus become maids or hawker stall cleaners, or chauffers to serve the rich FTs who take up new citizenship in Singapore. I shiver to think of this drastic social engineering to replace the entire true blue Singaporeans with grateful FTs. No doubt the new citizens will be grateful to the party that grants them citizenship and keep them in power.

    • detaching said

      Dear “scary thought”, its the price the present government is willing to pay. They rather sacrifice us than the economy. Singaporeans were so taken in by his “sorry” and will have to pay the price for it for the next 5 years. 20 years of courtesy campaign really worked on us. Singaporeans are generally too nice. I, too, am asking my children to leave Singapore.

  17. beenthereseenit said

    In tiny Christchurch, I have met 4 Filipino families, 2 Malaysian families and 1 Indonesian family (husband and wife units) who all had PRs in Singapore and subsequently moved to New Zealand, giving up their Singapore PR and cashing out their CPF. This is just in tiny Christchurch! How many more foreigners are using Singapore as a stepping stone to other First World countries?

  18. I’m in amidst of apply for PR for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US plus UK… if any of this is successful… good bye Singapore!! I have been short changed enough…

  19. jetxx said

    Reblogged this on Right Mind Left Mind.

  20. kon said

    sigh singapore, it’s like none of us want to ever come back despite having family there. I guess to you, people that study overseas are easily ‘disposable’. I don’t get why there is priority for foreigners in the workforce and education system in our own country, when most other countries give priority to their own people. Sometimes it feels like we’ve been backed into a corner with no choice. Yet if you make the system more just now, many who have been shortchanged would be enraged. I don’t know how you can undo things.

  21. Tan Chow Hong said

    I was wondering if they could put them through NS(Army) and serve 2 years then give them the new Citizens. Of course, this do not apply to our neighbour (Malaysia). As what we know, Singapore and Malaysia are under British rule in the 1900s. We share almost the same culture as we had a flow. They do not(You know who i meant), so NS will be a good thing for them and see how many would stay if they are going to serve NS since we don have enough citizens so they must do their part. If they don serve, why should we?

    We all know that Foreign Talent from what we know but seeing more and more coming in. It’s not the issue of them coming in, it’s the issue that they are shitting on us. Don shit at the place you eat. Lastly, i saw an interesting post by an ex-singaporean and realize the government never do any selection process on this foreign Talent. Most likely is that their country don want them so they had no choice but to come here. Their degree is worst off than a diploma and yet they drew so much salary than us. When they can’t clear their shit at work, they push it below(In the end, Singaporeans do the work and clear the shit).

    You can think us as petty and puny. If others are trying this at your own country, we see how you will react(we type it out and they(you know who) cause a rebel or gathering to force it)

  22. FT A Real issue said

    PM Lee, the FT issue is a real issue threatening to explode in our faces. Worse affected are the working class, who are squeezed on all fronts – stagnant wages, competition for jobs, and ever increasing costs. This will reach breaking point at some stage. The middle class is also not spared. Many PMETs have lost their jobs to foreigners, and are also struggling to cope. Yet we are hearing from the MSM everyday the same message, that “we need more immigrants”. The feedback in the social media is mainly negative, and they tell you what your grassroots may not tell you. My humble advice is – don’t ignore these adverse feedback, and do something quickly before the situation boils over.

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