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Three ‘minor’ disruptions in a day – Singapore’s public rail system sets new ‘First World’ record

Posted by temasektimes on May 1, 2012

Singapore’s public rail system sets an astonishing ‘First World’ record yesterday with three minor train ‘disruptions’ in a single day.

In the morning, trains along the East-West line were delayed due to a combination of ‘bad weather condition’ and ‘train fault.’ At around 1.30pm, trains along the North East Line were delayed for about 10 minutes as a result of ‘signaling fault’.

Just when commuters thought their nightmare has ended, trains along the North-South Line were ‘moving slower’ again according to this announcement by SMRT over its PA system:

“North-bound train service from Woodlands towards Jurong is moving slower due to train fault.”

One irate commuter Solomon Teo posted his unpleasant trip on Facebook:

The light and aircon were on, the train wasn’t crowded(because it was around 5pm. Non peak hour). The whole trip took me 1hr 1min, normally it takes around 45mins.”

The latest spate of train delays and disruptions are not reported by the state media which has swept it under the carpet as if nothing as happened.

There are no immediate comments from both train operators SMRT and SBS Transit on the screw-ups which has led to increasing calls from Singaporeans to nationalize the public railway system before a real disaster happens.


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7 Responses to “Three ‘minor’ disruptions in a day – Singapore’s public rail system sets new ‘First World’ record”

  1. singaporean said

    Let’s see how this world highest pay and million dollar cabinet will solve this problem or giving excuse again to SMRT

    If the government do not flood in foreigners into singapore, we will not have these problem! (asking for more train services shorter time arrving to cater the crowd and SMRT has less time for train maintenance and thus more incidents happened)

    • Blood suckers said

      They already mention the solution Liao.

      900 millions dollars to upgrade the entire network.

      Which they are already in discuss with how to split the costs.

  2. peking Dog xu sunn said

    World.most hopeless mrt

  3. Ken Lee said

    “world class transport” said LHL and LKY ! media have censored the words between class and transport!

  4. 2nd Singaporean said

    SMRT should implement 50% to 75% discount for morning travel before 7am, and travel between 8pm to 9pm to ease commuter congestion.

    Otherwise, implement higher travel fares for peak periods and lower fares for off-peak periods. This would encourage commuters who are budget conscious to travel off peak periods

  5. piaksinkees said

    “First World” record – Singaporeans most favorite past time – COMPLAINING

  6. Just cannot understand with all breakdowns yet they cannot identify the root to the problems. Is bringing in the manufacturer to provide their expertise to be here a problem? Or is it that materials used are not from intended manufacturer where they are not prepared to give their professional opinions, because they are not the supplier of materials used.

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