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A Singaporean’s unpleasant encounter with aggressive PRC carpark attendants

Posted by temasektimes on May 2, 2012

Carpark attendants are usually Malay Singaporean ladies, but they may soon be replaced by PRC nationals eventually.

One Singaporean Robin Ann Rheaume was both amused and shocked when she got ‘booked’ by four rude and aggressive PRC carpark attendant trainees:

[Source: Siew Kum Hong’s Facebook]


19 Responses to “A Singaporean’s unpleasant encounter with aggressive PRC carpark attendants”

  1. Jaded said

    wah… i did not know parking lots are so complicated nowadays that you specially need to important ‘talent’ to look after ah?

  2. wMulew said

    I’m starting to think this is more Bullshit. I work with PRCs all the time and most of them don’t even know we refer to them as such. Only after staying here for a period of time would PRC know it that means. A Chinese from China usually know the meaning of PRC much less refer to themselves as such

  3. Blood suckers said

    You should post that picture. Anyway, all these carpark attendants are outsource to private companies. Like Wilson, premas, ramky, etc. so not surprise that they want to increase profits and therefore HIRE CHEAPER FOREIGNERS.


  4. Kosaka said

    Sad to say, taking photo without permission is illegal too? Its totally understandable that they got angry. Beside I dont seewhyitsso amazing to find 4 trainee crowding togetherto learn a new set of work skills.

  5. Badass Ed said

    There is classic pandering to commercial car park operators who employ cheap labour to replace our friendly and lovable middle aged Malay ladies who traditionally take up such jobs.

    Again, mostly greed to squeeze the maximum profit they can from running a car park which they got the property owner to contract out.

    This type of job should be reserved for the elderly Singaporeans because it is not so taxing on their physical abilities as most of the work is mechanized.

  6. RATM said

    most of them can’t speak or understand basic English!

    • Born a Native Singaporean said

      It is time for you to converse in Mandarin and Dialects as a cultural exchange. No harm learning a new language if you are a non-Chinese.

      • Gawdfryhogun said

        Why should WE be forced to converse in Mandarin? Why can’t THEY converse in English? English is our national language, our road signs are all in English. I think that pretty much establishes that anyone coming here to earn a living should conform to our norms. Isn’t it convention for visitors to respect and conform to the host’s social mores? You know the idiom “When in Rome do as Romans do”…

  7. Bobo said

    Give them some authority they give you attitude……. Well done sg..

  8. SB said

    Now PRC staff going to take over from singaporean malay. Big problem-even this type of job also no more for sg ppl

  9. corruptpapies said

    KNNBCCB, all kind of job goes to PRC or other Foreign Trash but not NS> What the fart our
    Pariah Action Party is doing.

    • Born a Native Singaporean said

      PRC are Asians and Chinese. Are you Asian and Chinese? They are trying their best to integrate with our Singaporean Society.

      There will come a day in the future that we would have iRobots engaging in supportive jobs. Which would you prefer … a talking robot with no feelings or a human worker? (Imagine a society like from the ‘Matrix’ or ‘iRobots’ where one day machines takes over mankind)

  10. Stirrer said

    Taking a picture wondering why Geylang prostitutes are moonlighting in uniform issuing tickets.

  11. Are we a province of cheena said

    Too many cheenas from Cheena. Singapore is soon becoming Cheenapore – a new province of Cheena.

  12. Born a Native Singaporean said

    Many Singaporeans do not want to be parking attendants because of working conditions.

    It is fine with me for Foreign talents to be parking attendants.

    There are many service related jobs that requires foreign talent.

    Dear Fellow Singaporean colleagues, please be kind and considerate. Imagine other Singaporeans who are overseas working and/or had migrated to a new country.

    Just think of Foreign talents here like ‘University Exchange Program’, and our Singaporean abroad as guests on ‘University/Diplomatic Exchange Program’.


  13. Fairminded said

    I had a somewhat similar experience. I had parked my car with the back of the car encroaching into my neighbour’s driveway. Nevertheless, he was able to exit & enter his car porch. He called LTA to complain. LTA officer responded and hovered around my car. My other neighbours informed me that I was about to be booked. With car keys in hand, I went out to meet the LTA officer. He said sternly, you have to move the car forward because it’s blocking your neighbour’s entrance. I turned to my neighbour to express my displeasure that he got the LTA involved. After listening to his reasons, I apologised. We shook hands and went on to discuss the traffic problems in our private estate. Meanwhile, with my back facing the road, I did not realize the LTA officer was hovering around my car until the complainant’s wife said, “I think he has issued you a summon”. I immediately approach the LTA officer to ask him the reason for booking me. Guess his answer? He said. “I gave you 15 minutes to move your car and you did not. My officer said I should fine you. You can appeal if you like”. At that point, I wasn’t sure if I should be upset or have a good laugh. Surely he could see that my neighbour and I had reconciled and blocking his driveway was no longer an issue. I already had my keys with me and I could do what he had requested anytime. Instead of approaching either of us, to tell me my 15 mins is up or ask if my neighbour wants to press the case, he merrily booked me! I wrote in to LTA to express my disgust and they waived the summon. What kind of Traffic Wardens / LTA officers are we employing these days? Instead of promoting a gracious society, we are engaging foreigners, who probably have quotas to meet, to police Singaporeans. Some things are just getting awry and out of control! We are now paying the price of Singaporeans not wanting to perform these ‘demeaning’ jobs and we have MEAN foreigners performing these roles.

  14. Born a Native Singaporean said

    Have you visited China cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen before? There are many opportunities for Singaporeans to work there and collaborate with Chinese citizens – Treat foreign talents with respect (irregardless of their nationality and socio-economic statuses) and you will be rewarded/reciprocate with respect and opportunities as an overseas Singaporean. No offense and sorry if i had offended anyone.

    • Julie Ong said

      I don’t think it is we are not happy with foreigners. It is the fact that they don’t integrate (most of them) that irks native Singaporeans. I have lots of friends in China and they make an effort to integrate. Besides, Singaporeans don’t shout or spit so I guess, we come across as more desirable in China. I am just giving you another perspective. I think in this tiny island, it is understandable that frustration will turn to resentment. When there is no outlet and 6 people is consider a riot, can you blame the native Singaporeans for ranting online?

  15. superman and friends said

    Ever since young I don’t even understand what is there a need to learn Chinese. Hmm to integrate with them??? Don’t think it’s possible. Central Chinese and Northerner don’t really mix well. But now, china is overrun my Northerner.

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