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Angry parents demand to know why Zoe Tay’s son was accepted into Henry Park Primary School

Posted by temasektimes on May 2, 2012

Angry parents whose children are deprived of a place in Henry Park Primary School are reportedly demanding to know why MediaCorp’s artiste Zoe Tay’s son Brayden was accepted into it after being rejected by another school Nanyang Primary School.

Both Nanyang and Henry Park Primary Schools are among the top five primary schools in Singapore and are extremely popular among parents.

Zoe Tay started volunteering for Nanyang Primary School since 2009. However, she lives in Holland Road, more than 2km from Nanyang Primary and may be the main reason why her son was unable to get a slot.

Zoe Tay’s husband Mr Chioh is an alumni of Henry Park Primary School.

For those familiar with the Singapore Primary 1 registration stages, those who failed to get their first choice are usually forced to select from the remaining ‘less popular’ schools.

When contacted by the media, Zoe Tay debunked the rumors and said her son was not enrolled in either school.


35 Responses to “Angry parents demand to know why Zoe Tay’s son was accepted into Henry Park Primary School”

  1. YMC said

    Seriously Singaporeans are too wound up. The father was already an alumni of the school – why complain? Everything worry. PAP worry when Opposition get just our lousy seat in parliament. Neighbor worry when his kid don’t get straight As. PRC PR complain about the smell of curry. What has our world come to?

  2. js said

    Who cares… I went to a neighborhood primary school and did just fine. On the other hand, I’ve got a lot of cousins that went to better schools and didn’t any better.

    • Farhan said

      Well said’s not about which school u go to but how well u study.

    • Mimi Lee said

      You’re right Js, it’s the teachers that makes the difference, not the “brand name” of the school. In fact, I’ll feel even more “malu” if I got into a top school, yet scored average marks, and then have people ask me “how come go top school still get these kind of marks?”

      If parents have the time to do volunteer work for schools and complain about the selection criteria, why don’t they use that time to teach their kids and improve their grades?

    • LkySi said

      He may go to Henry Park Primary.Thats about all. He wont end up in Raffles Institution. He will end up in some neighborhood secondary school.

  3. Wil said

    The root cause is the inculcation of the wrong values by the forces that be. It is egoism and nespostism that shape many to adopt such values. If the neighbours have it and I don’t have, then I will cry favourtism, that’s it.

  4. wtf…there is a reason why brayden did not get into nanyang pri, they do not give special treatment for celebrities in Singapore. even my parents did not bother to get me into these top 5 schools.

  5. Nimal said

    Yeah… People need to lighten up here…. This is what happens when ur too uptight with weed… 🙂

  6. music is my life said

    father was already an alumni of the school … guys before posting any comments , pls read the content!!! if u do not understand what alumni is, please look into the dictionary ….

  7. Word of Advice said

    Seriously, this kind of news can even be twisted by TR and labelled as a controversy ? Just because Zoe Tay is higher profile compared to the general public, then foul play is suspected. Come on la, what about the other parents whose kids got into Henry Park? That means all of them also foul play and pulled strings to get into the school la isit? Then what if the writer of this article has kids (if you have any) who got into a good primary school? That means also corrupted la is it? Or will you shut up and say nothing is wrong and the process is fair since its your kid?

    This article is devoid of common sense, and dumb !

  8. J.C said

    plz, its juz all this kiasu parents kao bei~ing

  9. ecks said

    Aside from two mentions, where are the quotes from supposedly “unhappy” or “angry” parents? Who is “demanding to know”?

    Seriously, what “controversy”?

  10. yoggie said

    All those parents who invested many hours of voluntary work in Henry Park but lost out at the ballot box have the right to be very pissed off.

  11. Stirrer said

    I swallow

  12. jaded said

    no need to go this type of school la. grow up carry the right person’s balls enough liao

  13. cost matters said

    singaporean are just too spoilted !!! every little situations also have things to comment. nothing else to do and no one else to relate to. funny country…

  14. Benjamin said

    Holland road still is pretty close to Henry park though.

  15. Cassandra Then said

    No big deal. One of my hubby nephews went to Nanyang Pri, School, but ended up in neighborhood sec school. My nephew is in P 5 this year & he is in Nanyang Pri School. He school result is no good & most probably will end up in neighborhood sec school too.

  16. erictherocker said

    A child’s success has so many contributing factors, the school is simply one of them. A good school without great parenting and great social support will still not result in spectacular achievements. If only parents would spent more time parenting than volunteering… …

  17. Kartini said

    ….and this is news worthy? Sounds more like a gossip to me.

  18. a9fc said


    Father’s already an alumni. First choice or not, that’s a big plus point for entry right there.

    And yes, this is gossip. I’d bet 100% of those who are complaining would do the same thing in the same situation.

    Bloody hypocrites.

  19. truthbetold said

    Zoe Tay’s husband is a public servant. He should not be accepting such extraordinary treatment even if the school offers it to him without conditions.

  20. Gaga said

    Ridiculous article…

  21. useful said

    there are lots more important things to worry about ! why complain ! if you are serious about taking care of your childrens future , then you better do whats right now ! and during the GE !!!!

  22. kpo said

    Stoopid article….her son is in SjI junior!!!

  23. 大陆仔 said

    Who R u ?

  24. Leonard said

    For heaven’s sake I do not see the point of the article…

  25. Abe Wong said

    SJI? Looks like TT doesn’t care to report a clarification, at least not as quick as it reports rumours. Shouldn’t expect much; TT has never claimed to be reliable in the first place. Come to think of it, am here to be entertained by the latest gossips.

    Mod’s reply:

    Source – TNP. Please feedback to them.

  26. Edmund said

    Another meaningless post by TR…唯恐天下不乱。

  27. begintoend said

    Seriously, whichever parent or personel from temasek times that cannot get over this fracas created by themselves should really effing stfu. Bet they didn’t know how it reflect on themselves by throwing such an article out to ignite a debate on elitism i guess. So what kinda of judgement do they wanna lay on zoe and her son? Just what?

  28. Zoe Sucks said

    Zoe Tay’s cheebye mouth is too big la, so desperate to appear in headlines. She must have brag about it with reporters that’s why got report on her. Now serves her right that she got rejected. Stupid bitch!

    Chen Li Ping’s son is in Nanyang Primary also, not so much drama like this Zoe Tay. By the way, she can retire already, her acting sucks.

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