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Deutsche Bank: We confirm Angelo Marc Jandugan is ‘currently’ not our employee

Posted by temasektimes on May 2, 2012

After receiving numerous complaints from angry Singaporeans today on the behavior of its alleged employee Angelo Marc Jandugan who sparked nationwide outrage with his snide remarks about Singaporeans, Deutsche Bank posted a reply on its Facebook page this evening:

“We can now confirm that the person in question (Angelo Marc Jandugan) is not currently a Deutsche Bank employee.”

[Source: Deutsche Bank’s Facebook]

The reply prompted one Singaporean to ask immediately if Angelo Marc Jandugan was ever under the employment of Deutsche Bank.

A Filipino new citizen and grassroots leader who obtained his citizenship only in 2009, Angelo Marc Jandugan peeved off many Singaporeans by challenging them to leave Singapore if they are unable to compete with his people (from Philippines):

“Face the new reality, migrate somewhere else cause you can’t stop more of my people from coming here.”

According to his Facebook page, Angelo Marc Jandugan graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman and is currently working at Deutsche Bank, Singapore. He is probably earning much more here in Singapore than back home.

The University of the Philippines Diliman, is ranked 332 by QS, and 753 by webometrics but can’t be found on the list of THE and ARWU.

Deutsche Bank’s surprising response led some netizens to speculate if Angelo Marc Jandugan may have published erroneous and misleading information about his occupation to show off to to the public.

Angelo Marc Jandugan has since deleted his Facebook page. Before he did so, he reportedly posted a lengthy apology on Facebook:


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42 Responses to “Deutsche Bank: We confirm Angelo Marc Jandugan is ‘currently’ not our employee”

  1. Sashaqueenie said

    I applaud all the Singaporean netizens who actively campaigned against this shady fellow. Thank you for restoring my confidence in your detective and reporting skills. Please keep up the good work and remember: Never be bullied in your own country.

    • Singapore Chinese said

      Singaporeans MUST stay united at all times. This is our country and our home. Our livelihood and dignity must be protected. We must not allow any foreigners to thumb us down.

    • wake up said

      the parasitic and ungrateful govt may encourage foreigners to bully us in the way they are treated over locals. But we locals must band together to protect ourselves! from these foreigners and parasitic govt!

    • Zam said

      Very well done my fellow Singaporean brothers and Sisters….Circulate this pinoy shit photo to all the netizens…so that we can unite together and bash him up until he bleeds when we see him anywhere in Singapore.

      • Glenam said

        no point touching him.. just humilate him will do..anyway i tink hes humilated enugh now already…hahaha

  2. RC said

    He was probably with the bank using fake degree, got discovered and later got sacked.

  3. blurrbl0ck said

    Reblogged this on blurrbl0ck and commented:
    Grassroots leader some more. Trained by gahmen to insult Singaporeans?

  4. Derp said

    Pu**y Cockroach scouting for cover

  5. singaporeson said

    Hahahahahahah. all pinoys are bastard liars just like their President, Arroyo. Pinoys will always be pinoys !!!

  6. FreeMakan said

    when a Pinoy insult us..all he need is to say sorry..

    When We insult Pinoy..all we need to say also sorry.. All Pinoy are bastards….sorry for that !

  7. ;ABC said

    One of the problems with the irate netizens is that they do not scrutinze his credentials. He said he worked,NOT is working, at Deutsche Bank Group.The Bank`s reply is clear. He is not currently working at the bank.

  8. Prataman said

    It is good to see that “People Power” can work in Singapore.

    It’s a small but significant first step to reclaiming Singapore for Singaporeans.

    The next step is to stand united as one people and vote out the pro foreigner PAP Government in GE 2016.

  9. Glenam said

    our dear sporeans will always remember your face wherever u go… after all these, if i were u, i wouldnt have the cheek to step out of my house…haha… such a disgrace

    • denzuko1 said

      the problem is that it is very diffifult for you to distinguish one Pinoy from another. they look fairly the same.

  10. Blood suckers said

    Now let’s put pressure on ICA.

    Was is motherfucker a new citizen? On what merits did he earn our citizenship?

    Is he still in town? Or has he fled back?

    ICA answer us.

  11. Search & Destroy said

    This foreign ‘talent’ finally realizes he is a piece of dispensable garbage? The fact that the German Bank did not hesitate to sack him confirms that. I believe there are still many more of such trash lurking around in Singapore. Let’s seek them out and get rid of these pests once and for all!

  12. i5htar said

    this mean this guy is talk cock all the while???

  13. Angelo bastardised santos said

    Many of you local Singaporeans don’t like us because you don’t understand our Filipino race and our great country. Let me fill YOU PEOPLE in on our race history and hopefully you would be enlightened as to why OUR PEOPLE will want to take over your island nation.

    The spaniards came to our country and raped our women for 500 years. As a result of that the country has given birth to a bastardised race called the Filipinos. Of course there are true blue natives but they can only be found in our southern islands, in particular the Mindanao island. Unfortunately the true natives are constantly fighting we bastardised Filipinos in the north. So the Filipinos you guys and the world knows about are we pariahs. Too bad you can’t get the real things.

    After our rapists ancestors left us, we are really at a lost. Come to think of it we people now wonder why our bastardised brothers, like the Marcos, bothered to fight for independence. Our grandpas and grandmas were smarter people. They asked for a referendum in the 1970s to have our country become the 52nd state of the USA. Just imagine, we could have been called the Americans instead of Filipinoes if we had succeeded. 

    DAMN THE AMERICANS! They rejected us. But not to worry, we have them with us now to fight China over the Spratly islands. The Americans will be sucked into this so deep that one day they would have no choice but to accept us as their fellow american brothers and sisters. That has always been our ultimate goal, to be called American one day. You sinkies just wait and see! 

    Before that happen, our people are looking at interim solutions. We went to Spain and loitered in their streets. We told the spaniards that whenever we showered in the rain in Spain, we knew we were home. If they didn’t believe we were their long lost brothers and sisters, they just had to look at our names. They are spelt in Spanish, for heaven sake! 

    DAMN THE SPANIARDS! They think we look too different from them. Sigh… They should have stayed and raped our women for another 500 years. By then any tiny semblance of our native feature will definitely be effectively erased. We would have become Spanish! And we wouldnt have to fight so hard to be americans. But then, maybe we would still do that. You know, American sounds so much better than Spanish !

    Our sisters tried as hard to find a home too. They went to Hong Kong working undercover as maids and stayed for many years. Our legally trained brothers from the 999th world ranked university in the Philippines told us that after 7 years or so of residing in the island,  the HK government had no choice but to convert our fellow pinay sisters to becomes Chinese citizens!

    DAMN THE CHINESE! The high court of HK didn’t find our maid sisters are of any value to their country and society! Damn it! We will fight them over all the islands in the world!

    Fortunately, amidst all these terrible countries, there is SINGAPORE! The government has accepted so many of us as citizens and even call us TALENT. Wow! When I first came here I was so worried because that Ah Beng guy from the ITE in the same department know so much more about the job we were doing. Luckily my local boss fired him soon after he discovered that he just had to pay me 50% of what ah Beng gets. Now my department is all MY PEOPLE!

    Me and MY PEOPLE, WE LOVE SINGAPORE! Soon we will take over this island and make this the permanent home of our pariah race! We have OUR PEOPLE in the government, the grassroot organisations, 7-11, KFC,  macdonalds, guardians, hospitals, casinos,  polyclinics… and more importantly, your homes, holding your babies! You sinkies better start leaving this island before WE PEOPLE kick you out! 


    • One_Shot_One_Kill said

      Before I ORD in 1997, I got 400 bucks for shooting into target boards and every year till now, I will go to overseas range to fire M249,M4,M16…..the same goes to the citizen soldiers of my dear country via their reservist cycle…….are you prepared to defend or leave at at time or crisis, my dear slant eye FLIP?

    • js said

      funny as hell!

    • Zam said

      Is this really written by the Filipino Bastard? My blood boils when I read this writing. Please reply

      • boo said

        The writer is being sarcastic.

      • Angelo bastardised santos said

        To those of you who could understand what I try to say will know that I am not a Pinoy.
        Anyway, this is what I meant :
        1. Filipinos are a bastardised race. Pariah as in dogs.
        2. They have no sense of national integrity. Wanted to be American, Spanish and Chinese (HK), any nationality so long if it’s not Philippines.
        3. No countries wanted them except for, yes, horror of horror, Singapore !!!!!
        4. Their quality is highly questionable, especially their university degrees.
        5. Our ITE and secondary school graduates can out-perform their so-called graduates like this Angelo Marc guy anytime.
        6. They are cheap labour.
        7. Their women are mostly maids working in other countries.
        8. Last but not least, they are so numb skull that they don’t even know how backward, screwed up, and looked down upon by everybody else in this world.
        A truly hopeless people from a hopeless country. Yet we take in loads of them… SAD! Very SAD!

    • Hey Filipino bastard — FUCK OFF BEFORE WE SHOOT YOU ALL DEAD.


      Just because you are some superior bastard race, you think you are above SINGAPORE’S LAWS. You seriously think this island is like DOWNTOWN MANILA where you can do anything you damn wish?

      The Spaniard assholes got it right by raping your women. For you all deserved it.

    • Andre said


  14. Hsien Liao La said

    Yeah. DB better explain why they employ people with such lousy qualifications in the first place, and ICA explain why lousy qualifications are considered when giving out citizenships!

  15. schooldropout said

    big cannon uncovered… So he fled. I doubt many of his credentials to be even remotely true.

  16. hotr0d said

    This is quite unfortunate for him that he would loose his job but he brought this to himself. Hope this server as a lesson to him and would learn about respect and humility.

  17. Ray said

    My hunch is that he is employed by a software provider who provides staff to work in IT department in Deutsche Bank. so DB wasn’t lying if they say this guy isn’t employed by DB. get it?

  18. Hannsg said

    It is well known fact that Pinoy are BIG LIAR and they made their lies feel so real. This fellow is out to stir disharmony. Is he trying to make Singaporean to go against Pinoy living and working in Singapore?

  19. Hunt you down said

    S’pore is not as big as Pinoy land, native S’poreans will hunt you down as long as you are in S’pore, take care and good luck!

  20. Stirrer said

    Pinoy son of a maid bitch should be deported, not before being stoned and spat at by all Singaporeans.

  21. Pinoy farkers said

    fark u son of pariah dogs farked by the spanish
    go to their spanish streets and look for yr father and they will kick u out muderfarkers

  22. the most lame country phillipines in the world said

    This is the most lame country in the world. Giving a grand funera, playing music like some kind of wedding l and crying for a murderer who killed dozens of HK tourisrs

  23. Prabu said

    The mass importing of FOREIGN TALENT policy, together with liberal immigration policy in granting work permits, employment passes, s passes, PRs & Citizenship (like as if it was toilet paper) are policies that sounds more like a NIGERIAN SCAM then WP MP Chen Show Mao proposal of investing in our elderly, disabled & poor, this comparison of policy rebuttal occurred to me thanks to PAP MP Vikram Nair.

    If the economy growth & sustainability is based on mere inflating of population, the economy is hence NOT self sustaining & there will be a point of time when Singapore simply will not be big enough to take in more people & would this cause an economy slow down? collapse?

    Lets say Singapore hits our maximum possible 6.5-7 Million & cannot take in more new people in, at this point how to further grow the economy??? So the PAP government once again got to WRONG in going got QUANTITY NUMBERS & NOT QUALITY.

    Mr Chen’s proposed policy in investing in the elderly disabled & poor is more if a quality improvement whereas PAP’s floodgate of foreigners & liberal immigration policy is of quantity. Singapore is a small country with limited land space so the clear choice would be quality how ever our extremely talented & multi million dollar highest in the world paid cabinet of Ministers got it wrong on going for numbers & quantity, Which in the long run is NOT SUSTAINABLE as there will be a point where we simply cannot take in more people, maybe that point might even be now as the transportation failures of the MRT can be taken as a sign of an over stretched transport infrastructure

  24. failed policies said

    many countries which are driven by immigrants have been successful but however they took in quality immigrants . not Half past six tpes

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