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Grassroots leader and PAP supporter asked PM Lee to feel the real resentment of Singaporeans on the ground

Posted by temasektimes on May 2, 2012

While foreigners have been praising Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong sky-high on his Facebook page to please him, it continues to be inundated with numerous complaints and genuine feedback from native Singaporeans, including PAP supporters and grassroots leader.

One grassroot leader Bao Heng posted a lengthy comment on PM Lee’s Facebook today urging him to tackle the ‘foreign talent’ issue urgently and feel the real resentment of Singaporeans on the ground.

Bao Heng pointed out correctly that the low fertility rate of Singaporeans is caused by economic constraints:

“In Singapore, we have an ageing population and many young couples are incapable of raising children AND NOT BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO. Thus if we do not have such a big workforce, then we should start to address the Low fertility rate instead of taking the short cut by simply import foreign workers to achieve economic growth.”

[Source: PM Lee’s Facebook]

He also reminded PM Lee that Singaporeans are not against ALL foreign workers, but specifically against the intake of PMETs to compete with them for jobs:

“And when Singaporeans talk about the foreign workers. we are not referring to construction workers. We know we need them to build housing and roads and we know they are not here to stay for good. We are referring to the PRs and the large influx of Filipino and PRCs in Singapore.”

He shared his encounter with a PR grassroots leader who never harbor the intention to settle in Singapore:

“PRs in singapore are treated almost like a Singaporeans or even better. And they have this additional benefit which is they could simply convert the currency they earned in Singapore and buy a CONDO or land in their homeland…FYI, i have a fellow grassroots leader who is a PR and he told us that he would go back to INDIA one day and he has no intention to take up citizenship. YUCKS.”

Bao Heng ended by warning PM Lee the possibility of the PAP being booted out of office in the next election if the problem remains unresolved by then:

“SIR, THIS IS THE REAL RESENTMENT ON THE GROUND. As a grassroots leader and pro-govt supporter, i really do not wish to see inferior opposition party to rule singapore one day. BUT THIS IS POSSIBLE in 2016 because when Singaporeans eventually give up hope, they wont hestite to give the INFERIOR OPPOSITION PARTY a chance to rule SINGAPORE. Like a translated saying “NO fish, prawn also good”, “no PAP, any shit also good”


66 Responses to “Grassroots leader and PAP supporter asked PM Lee to feel the real resentment of Singaporeans on the ground”

  1. loomy said

    ask him to leave in 4rm HDB with monthly wage of $2.5k for 3 months and jobless for 9mths bcos foreign trash took his job with lower salary and see how that PM feels.
    To all oppositions party, all of you have 4 more years to mount a serious fight against govt and show what the citizens of singapore on what you are capable of!

    • da said

      that wouldn’t work.. 2.5k is still a lot. plus, he knows he will return to his regular income anyway if he were to be challenged to live under that circumstance for about a year (3months plus 9 months of unemployment)…

    • Zanshin said

      LOL! you ask MP/PM to live with that kind of condition? They die also don’t want la. What makes you think they are willing to give up their good pay for our kind of pay?

  2. Totochan said

    Talk and talk and talk when the only thing politicians listen to are votes. They keep screwing us and you keep voting them. Why do they care? Don’t understand Sinkies at all. Give LHL an overwhelming majority and then ask him to change? He said sorry and you guys go soft like jelly. Words to politicians mean nothing NOTHING.

    If you can’t lie, you cannot join politics. Whether you are oppositions or PAP, all politicians need to be kept in check. People who champion for the character of politicians are the dumbest in the world.

  3. Singapore Citizen said

    My hero.

  4. oute said

    Right, we need this type of grassroots leaders who is willing to tell the truth, nothing but the truth.

    If you can stand up for election in Marine Parade GRC, I will vote for you for telling the truth.

  5. RC said

    Let’s face it. By bringing in FTs to fill in as half of Spore’s population, he/PAP can stay in power and continue his father’s wish. On the other hand, he does not want PAP to go down on his hands.

  6. singaporeans said

    Taking in ftrash is like drinking poison to quench one’s thirst. 饮鸠止渴

  7. RC said

    By bringing in more FTs just to keep PAP stay in power is a selfish act which WILL eventually ruined Singapore as a country from what our fore-fathers have painfully built. This is one policy which they cannot reverse or repair when they’ve realized the mistake.

  8. LOL said

    “i really do not wish to see inferior opposition party to rule singapore one day”

    -hey bro, no worries man. they’re still better than the current administration. so to say they’re inferior may not be correct. i would gladly vote for 20+ year old ginas compared experienced 40-50year old MPs because they are probably better at being a MP.

    more good years ahead.

    • Serious Troll said

      I too would like to see more opposition MPs. But Bao Heng was referring to a non PAP govt. It’s one thing to have non PAP MPs and another to have a non PAP govt. I’m not sure the opposition actually has the people with the right skill set to be ready to serve in govt. As much as I dislike the current state, I’m not really confident in our opposition’s current ability to govern.

      To act as checks and balances, sure; To govern, maybe not so soon…

  9. Simon said

    Do you love your country but fear your government? I love my country, it’s the government that scares me!
    If anything goes wrong in SINGAPORE or when their countries start prospering,
    MALAYSIANS will go back to MALAYSIA, BURMESE will go back to MYANMAR,
    FILIPINOS will go back to PHILIPPINES, THAIS will go back to THAILAND,
    INDIANS will go back to INDIA, CHINESE will go back to CHINA, etc.
    Irregardless of whether they got their Permanent Resident status or Citizenship here their countires will still welcome them with open arms. They are getting the best of both worlds.
    BUT WHERE CAN WE SINGAPOREANS GO? Die die must stay and face the music. The one world we have itself is not bothered about us. We must be appreciated and taken care of……

    • Old Singaporean said

      “BUT WHERE CAN WE SINGAPOREANS GO? Die die must stay and face the music. …”
      That’s why we were suan by the idiot that we phak see bey chow…

    • SG said

      Not to be rude. But there is no English word called “Irregardless”. It is only “Regardless”.

      Anyway, good article.

  10. Manegie at FareMount Hospice said

    What’s this guy wailing about. He’s the one who brought in the Foreign talents and the snooty attitude of the PAP.

    Now then panic..?? Too late liao..

    • KW said

      the writer BH is one who brought in the Foreign Talents?? u sure bo??? can u read everything clearly then comments…..

      pple like u also make SG die faster……. sad…….

  11. Jaded said

    Since his eyes have been opened, why is this guy still wasting his time doing grassroots work? Even flying a kite is a more productive use of his time…

    • KW said

      grassroot-ing is to help the residents n community to assist putting up their requests n try to help them, the sick n old cant be depending on a bunch of kite-flying “kids” to help them… tio bo??

      singaporean like u having such thinking n mindset of “flying a kite is a more productive…”…… SG die faster…..

  12. Zach tells you The Other Hard Truth said

    Bravo, this is one grassroots leader that Singapore needs.

  13. Lim said

    zhong yan ni er. good counsel is seldom pleasing to the ear nor flattering to the soul. Hope he will not rather listen to fawning flattery of those who praise to the heavens his Emperor’s new clothes. At least this one speaks the truth to his master.

  14. Aiya… Singaporeans are so forgetful… goverment give a few hundred tax return, forget everything already…. Please la… PAP will always be in power no matter what…. Just Migrate…. Dont waste your time….

  15. Ken Lee said

    well say! he is going to destroy what his father build for the past 50 over years!
    We, the citizens of Singapore,
    pledge ourselves as one united people,
    regardless of race, language or religion,
    to build a democratic society
    based on justice and equality
    so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
    progress for our nation.

    • Ken Lee said

      The National Flag consists of two equal horizontal sections, of red above white. The upper left section contains a white crescent moon, and five white stars which form a circle.

      Each feature of the Flag has its own distinctive meaning and significance.

      Red symbolises universal brotherhood and the equality of man, while white signifies pervading and everlasting purity and virtue. The crescent moon represents a rising young nation. The five stars stand for the nation’s ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.

  16. Public said

    Bao Heng may have forgotten to include MALAYSIANS also FOREIGNER and SPR holders. I don’t believe in playing double standard to disregard Malaysian is foreigner too.

    • KW said

      no doubt malaysians are foreigner too, but did they bring in their human and food CULTURES as ah tiongs…..

      • Public said

        Malaysian plays racist card in Singapore, check them out in various companies namely in construction, Semi-Con, Employment Agency and worst Human Resources Departments. They are taking personal revenge against the Singaporeans Malay, while always trying to influence Singaporeans Chinese to follow suit, For decades, Singaporeans Chinese has becoming dumb-fuck to believe how nice Malaysians Chinese are, and that includes me.

  17. bongkinchen said

    When most of the citizenry can feel this affective political divide widening, very, very clear and justifiable resentment against the incumbents, why can’t the govt understand this simple truth and erupting grouse. Are the incumbents deaf, blind or dumb ?? Must be all three !!! The incumbents will probably be replaced not because they are incompetent, unqualified, and inexperienced in governance, it is because they are simply mule-headed, numbskull, elitist and arrogrant. This is an excellent example of Pride comes before a Fall……and what a political fall !!!!!

  18. anwar said

    well said….

  19. notAproudSingaporean said

    Tell him to eff off

  20. rachel said

    i share same sentiments. i hv colleagues from india also told me the same thing. they are here just to earn money. once they earn enough, they will pack and go back to india.

    • Doctor said

      A couple of imported doctors serving at our govt hospitals shares the same sentiments. Some even buy both HDB and private, to ‘cash in’ and go when the grass is not so green. They even says that since our govt is so stupid to offer, why not make ‘hay while the sun shines’.

    • confirm said

      Confirm already lah. I got friend from india work here 8 years. Gave up PR status to take all money out from CPF and go back buy an apartment fully paid.

  21. aloysius12 said

    This is very serious, again, failing to put their ears to the ground and hear the resentments.
    I believe the next generation of politicians whether from the ruling party or others will more tune to the needs of Singaporean; I mean born and bred in Singapore, not of those citizens being “bribe” after 5 years and unconditionally need not serve NS. These leaders feel the feedbacks are emotionally saturated; and one claims the internet is a double-edged sword.
    Take a good look at your reflection in the mirror the next morning when you brush your teeth – it’s is face of a “smiling tiger”. Of course some feedbacks seems to be emotionally charged but take notice of those who “give praise to the PM” and at same time insults his ountry’s sons and daughter. Are we supposed to keep “mum” and welcome them. You create space for more influx of immigrants at the expense of early retirement/retrenchments and expect us to welome these ingrats.
    This divide is getting wider between us. Please listen.

    • hanafee said

      well said

    • Blood suckers said

      Your beloved PM will just keep telling you:

      We know what are the problems. We are trying our best. Please be patience.

      Next thing you know, come 2016, they wayang abit more, Say more sorry, cry more tears, give more money. And presto, daft Singaporeans will again believe and patiently wait for them to change.

  22. sinlesschocolate said

    We have a serious fight prizes for guess which party the new citizens will vote for….dirty tactics of an incumbent party willing to grasp for power at the expense of the nation.

  23. Blood suckers said

    So you are one of the 60% who voted them and got us into such shit

    I hope more bad karma comes your way.

    • ;ABC said

      You ,like many others, seem to have fallen victim to the oft-repeated statement the 60R% voted for the PAP. The implication is that 60% true blue citizens did that. It is time to correct that. As the former NMP Pfrofessor Straughan pointed out just before the 2011 GE the 90,000 0r 100,000 new citizens would, vote for the government out of gratitude(or fear). This hold true of the UK and other countries. If you discount the new citizens the percentage that the PAP received is closer to 50%.

      • Blood suckers said

        Still, the remaining true blue Singaporean among the 60% got no eyes to see one meh?

        If they would have been less selfish and spare a thoughts for their own generation future and not listening to the PAP lies, alot of things would not had happened.

  24. Antonia said

    I have heard from at least 2 foreigners- one westerner expat family and one from Philippines that they eventually will not be staying here for long. The expat family said they hope to get a PR status in 1 yr time as they see it as a passport for their kids to be educated here to learn Mandarin, and their gateway to Asia where the growth is. But they don’t see themselves settling here, will prefer to retire back in their home country. The Filipino family also shared their plan of buying palm oil land at their homeland and building large bungalow with swimming pool back home. And here they are taking away professional jobs which many Singaporeans are competent in, and their economic gain here in Singapore will eventually be remitted back to their homeland.

    • sweetbean said

      Yup heard this from many western expats holding PR – please do offer them citizenship or else deal and see what happens.

  25. Mitch said

    Damn, i voted for them thinking we should give them sometime. To date, i do not know of a single friend who has said they are gonna vote for them again.
    One lee undo-ing what the other did

    • Gary said

      It had began since the first Lee, just that many still couldnt see it then,
      and there were good ministers who made real differences.

    • Gary said

      It was the first Lee that S’pore political scene reached in such pathetic state too.

    • Supreme Leader said

      It’s like North Korea legacy, the grandpa hands the seat to his father and now him who is totally incompetent. Does he care if the country is hungry and suffering? No, he just fired millions into the ocean that can feed 20 million of his people for 1 year! So this lee dynasty is no different, just in different forms to torture his own people. He is totally incompetent and arrogant, and will definitely bring down his party and Singapore too. Dynasty in China never lasts and so will this fall too……muahaha

  26. james said

    Rather than to condemn Bao Heng, think TR should campaign for all reader to give him the THUMB UP in PM’s facebook. Even thought all of us might not agree with all his points but he had clearly bring up some issues which concern us. Being a grassroot leader his words definitely carry more weight than all TR readers add together so why not we take this opportunity to give him the support by giving him the “thumb up” in PM facebook to show that Singaporean regardless of pap and opposition supporter would want pap to change their strategy.

  27. FreeMakan said

    shit, one of the 60% sucker..ask pinoy all go home now !

  28. Shi Wei said

    Does any1 realise that importing FT is some how like a ponzi scheme? Sooner or later it would not be able to substain and collapse

  29. bb said

    The trouble is that we have good grass leaders but lousy leaders. 2016-2 party systems like australia. Then when opposition wins -you will know where are the reserves, the cost of HDB flats and the real reason for SMRT breakdown.

  30. gene said

    I wish the government makes an effort to truly find out what’s happening on the ground. I have a china colleague who worked hard at his job just so he could get a citizenship. Recently, he got it.. in his words “i just need to top up $50k into my cpf. So easy to be citizen! Now, with this red passport, i can migrate anywhere i want.” Seriously?? Are Singaporeans working for nothing?

  31. Hello pro-garment grassroots leaders and PAP supporters, please re-phrase your stereotyping of the opposition as “inferior” ok? There’s nothing “inferior’ about Singapore’s opposition. It’s your kind of ultimate sick mentality about our Singapore’s opposition political parties that this garment got super-glued to their chairs for 57 years! You know their ‘bauu’ and you still want to stay with them till 2016. You yourselves knows the outcome already what? No opposition, you want opposition to show the world that you people are democratic people. Got opposition you people said people are “inferior.” Hello gentlemen, no opposition is ever inferior ok? How do you know they’re inderior? Have you bought anything before and found it inferior? Has the opposition being given the chance to prove them themselves a better alternative for the past 57? Every good persons from the opposition has been demeaned, demonized and oustracized by the garment that we don’t even know if there was ever an opposition existing at all in Singapore. There’s such a thing called ‘progression’, ‘evolution’ and ‘improved version’ you know. Where everything starts from inferiority to superiority to supremacy! Only got inferior products from lousy manufacturers ok? We don’t stock inferior opposition one ok?

  32. Leffe said

    I think it is time to engage a Foreign Talent to be our Prime Minister of Singapore.
    They are cheap and they speak good english.

  33. John said


  34. zklken said

    who is this grass root leader bao seng,i want to salute him for courageously speaking out the sentiments of ppl in singapore well said ! as the times goes by the new generation will understand and they have the power to vote,the old generation that always vote for pap most of them will no longer be around ~ of course im sure the pap will try to get more ppl to convert the prs into citizens to get more vote~so much inequality in singapore …so much for the pledge….we should just erase the pledge or pls do not add the word equality in it to mislead ppl~

  35. erictherocker said

    Won’t it be interesting for PM to do an Undercover Boss thingy???

  36. Bao Heng is correct to point out that our low fertility rates is caused by economic constraints. But, what’s the point of airing our grouses in the form of “feedback” on PM Lee’s Facebook? The postings are most likely not going to be read by him but by his ‘admins’. Whatever responses one receives from his/her posting on PM Lee’s Facebook are most likely posted by his admins.

    That’s the reason why I don’t bother to post my queries on PM Lee’s Facebook page. I’ve had enough of the “Purposefully Acting Puppets”. Hence, I would like to share an excerpt which I’ve copy & paste from the Facebook page of the book “No More Bullshit, Please, We’re All Malaysians” which I believe every truly-concerned local-born Singapore citizen should take note of :

    “If people were to ask me how I’d vote at the next GE, this is what I’d say – why vote in the people who have been taking us for a ride and robbing us blind? They may actually bring about a slew of reforms just before the elections in order to win our hearts and minds… well, let them. We can accept that, like some voters who accept money, and still vote them out. Why not let in a group of people and see what they can do? At least at the beginning, they will be so blunt on winning our approval, they will bring us a further slew of reforms – until they get corrupted or prove to be incompetent. If that happens or if they don’t come up to our expectations, and the other salesmen clean up their act, we can choose anew at the following GE.”

    “That’s a simplistic way of looking at it, of course. More importantly, I think we need to get in fresh government because the old one has become too entrenched in its ways. They know the system too well to use it to their corrupt advantage. What’s more, we need to undo the damage that has been inflicted to our country by the man who outshines Avatar. We need a massive spring cleaning.”

    ~ Kee Thuan Chye, author of “No More Bullshit, Please, We’re All Malaysians”, published by Marshall Cavendish International (Asia)

  37. Bailing Out said

    This article sums up everything that is going on..

    Increasingly, I find it very very hard to justify doing National Service as in times of war, can we rely on these FT PRs to stay and fight? Or will they be the first ones to book an air ticket back. Which brings me back to the main question… What are we defending? I have concluded that the reason why we sweat, why we run, why we dig… Its Economic Defense, none of the Total Defense BS that they feed us. Don’t get me wrong, I am pro-NS and I feel that its necessary but the reason is getting blurred every single day, with PRCs, Pinoys and Indians taking away jobs. Doesn’t help when politicians that we have elected have not lived a day in the life of normal Singaporeans with considerations on Wages, HDB and COEs! Wake up 60%!

  38. sibei pissed off said

    for every 1 good grassroot who aim to serve people, there are 50 who are bootlickers, aimingto get some form of benefits via grassroot link, such as pri school priority, free parking, PBM etc. saddening to see that but u wanna keep a pet u need to feed it

  39. The Gardener said

    Bao Heng. Suck not enough is it? LHL don’t even know you are alive, idiot.

  40. Magdalene Ruben said

    Can you pls explain “INFERIOR OPPOSITION PARTY” in your voca? I truly agree with our TRE reader ‘The Gardener’ [ Bao Heng, suck not enough…] n give him an applause for being very sensibly alert.

    Hope all Citizens will be as alert too; do not be swayed by “ANY” unrealistically!!

  41. Change needs to happen said

    I think it is really insulting to call the opposition party inferior. If you have seen the calibre of MPs like Chen Shou Mao or Pritam Singh in terms of their beliefs, values and principles and the kind of Singapore they envisioned for us. You would not call them inferior. Change has to begin somewhere, not giving the opposition party or other alternatives a chance is equivalent to rejecting change. Without change, how will Singapore ever become a better place again?

  42. sc said

    you still cannot deny Singapore is a fabulous country. Run by a capable govt, that explain why so many people wana come here!

  43. Magdalene Ruben said

    You’re right, our TRE reader ‘Change Needs to Happen ‘, without a doubt,
    this article was written with a ill intention to lash insults to the
    Opposition Party and ‘fakely’ to curry favour to his ‘whatsoever’.

    If I’m not mistaken,there were so called a ONE and only ONE “RHODES SCHOLAR”
    in the history of our country Parliment seats, so I appreciate the writer
    do a search to visualise if he’s to swallow those words he lashed out.
    Perhaps he may admit misunderstanding or the wrong choice of words….

  44. spotlessleopard said

    Iam not against foreigners per se…I am against Employers (Govt.. Included) employing foreigners at a much lower salary (thereby bullying foreigners, and marginalising singaproeans) ….all these to “enshance” the GDP….I can only conclude the PAP government is complicity and is a partner in crime in the bullying ofr foreigners and marginalsing singaporeans at the same time..
    I believe that a foreigner should be employed and paid the salary that the Employer would have to pay a singaporean if he cannot get a singaporean to fill that vacancy…
    Stop the disguised Slavery of Foreginers….Singapore Govt. should be ashamed of itself

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