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PM Lee: Singaporeans will always be our ‘priority’

Posted by temasektimes on May 2, 2012

Though the government will continue to bring in more immigrants to sustain the local population and economy, Singaporeans need not be too worried as they will always come first before the foreigners, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

A recent White Paper released by the National Population and Talent Division under the Prime Minister’s Office recommends Singapore takes in 20,000 to 25,000 new citizens each year.

Speaking during his annual May Day Rally, PM Lee noted that Singapore has slowed down the inflow of foreign workers as it cannot keep on bringing in 80,000 foreign workers yearly:

“While we must always be open to the world, let me be quite clear – Singaporeans will always be our priority. This is the purpose of all our policies, including on foreign workers and talent. We are trying to seek the maximum advantage for Singapore and Singaporeans.”

He also urged companies to make use of the opportunity to upgrade their productivity which has become the buzzword for government leaders in 2012:

“Companies are already feeling the squeeze. It gives them the incentive to upgrade their productivity and to develop a Singaporean core in their companies (and these are) people who will form the long-term skills, the long-term loyalty and long-term capability for the companies and Singapore.”



28 Responses to “PM Lee: Singaporeans will always be our ‘priority’”

  1. Pinky FB allow posting of foreign trash to tell him to ignore us and bring more of their fellow trash in , but delete our locals posting to rebut them – SINGAPORE FIRST ? YA RIGHT!!!!!!!

    • useful said

      his singaporeans first got meaning one , it doesnt mean true blue singapore , but imported “talents” who became citizens . did he mention all singaporeans ? no! thats the point !

    • Why No Hum? said

      If this is true, our PM is certainly blinded by the flattery of the foreign trash towards his government.

      We the citizen has to wake him up by giving PAP the trashing at the poll comes 2016, and no amount of wayang apology is going to fool the people.

  2. Leonard said

    A leopard cannot change its spot.

    Change is the answer to all our problems.

  3. Terence Chong said

    What PM says: “Singaporeans will always be our priority.”

    What PM really means: “Our real priority to get as many FTs to be Singaporeans as possible.”

  4. Dear PM,
    I hope your promise of “Singaporeans will always be our ‘priority’” will soon be followed by clear actions to demonstrate your sincerity. Please show us on no uncertain terms that you will walk the talk. It has been NATO (no action talk only) for too long already. We the ordinary citizens are suffering.

  5. 10000 Foreigners were dumped within last year – and counting, coz they did not match the updated (stricter) criteria for productivity laid by govt. for EP in effect since 1st January already. Those who are performing, should they be scrapped as well? I mean to what extent are we going to carry forward this xenophobia? Let the actions take effect, while commit yourself to be more productive for Singapore.

  6. denzuko1 said

    He should go and take a look at his Facebook page before making this speech. The evidence shows that he has done a lot more for Philippinos than locals.

  7. Sinkie1st? said

    I believe Singaporean first is definitely on LHL priority list. It is unfortunate that it is the 10th not the 1st.

  8. Ray said

    Question is, who else can you turn to other than PAP?
    WP? RP? SDP? These parties can’t even get their own party in order. How to govern the country?

  9. CKMPD said

    Dont believe what LHL said

  10. Stirrer said

    Don’t bluff la, you need a tampon in that mouth
    What you are saying and what you are doing are completely opposites.

  11. RC said

    What I see is “PAP voters will always be our first priority especially foreign workers and talents.”

  12. RC said

    Mark my word. In 2016 we shall see formation of Singapore own version of red shirt and yellow shirt

    • Snoopy Says said

      maybe one of the reasons for flooding our land with foreign trash is to perk up the number of supporters for PAP for GE 2016. Obviously they are not even worried even if most pure-breed Singaporeans vote otherwise. I feel sad to leave my homeland but if I am left with no choice, I have to.

  13. Jenny said

    He went on leave already. So much for productivity.

  14. unknown said

    Dear PM,
    After seeing what you have done for the country and you actions does not match your words, hence I do not believe in you and have no confident of your promises.

  15. Kenny said

    Ya right, Singaporean will alway be your priority….after you made most of the foreigners into

  16. SalesExec said

    Once an immigrant gets a citizenship, they will be considered a Singaporean and they will be able to vote. Seems like importing for more supporters.

  17. To believe a pappist is like believing a tiger when he said he won’t eat you up the next time he sees you in the jungle! Evidence already proven that they’ve sided with FT, FW, FM, Foreign turncoated Singaporeans against Singaporeans and why do you still want to listen to their crap? Was is it not clear when they said they’ve the support of the garment which gives them the impetus to blast us in the first place?

  18. Wil said

    From the pictures, I see that PM is really looking very haggard. I am worried for his health.
    Mr Lee, you have more than enough to last you 3 generations, on Singaporean’s standard of living, or maybe even Swiss, if I am not wrong. Won’t you consider quitting and enjoy your life from here on, rather than working till death, like us normal citizens. We have no choice, but you DO HAVE one.

  19. Jaded said

    Someone said before “Change is the only constant”. That guy must not know the PAP because the pappies never change!

  20. SalesExec said


  21. invictus said

    Mr PM, quit the rhetorics and show us you mean what you say ? As the leader of Singapore, show us that you are prepared to protect our interest.. Just as you ask us to work and protect this Nation.

  22. Only talk cock said

    Yeah, he mean Singaporean is always in priority to be retrench, or have application form dumped into trash bin, in favour of the foreigners he welcomed to depressed our wage and who do not need to do ICT?

    Hearing him talk really made me sick!

  23. FreeMakan said

    he also mean New citizen? includ Pinoy everyday play drum

  24. venuscolt said

    Well PM Lee and repeat the statement 5000 times but It is the real action and policies that Singaporean wanted to see. Show us you really do mean it. Show us some real action please,

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