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Actress Emma Yong passed away from stomach cancer

Posted by temasektimes on May 3, 2012

Prominent theatre actress Emma Yong (pic left, source: Facebook), one of the cast for popular musical comedy ‘Dim Sum Dollies’ passed away last night after a fight with stomach cancer.

The 36 year old was diagnosed with cancer last year, but still appeared in Dream Academy’s Into the Woods in July.

She also featured in dramas and films like Blackbird and The Blue Mansion.

In a tweet last night, Nominated MP and fellow actress Janice Koh wrote:

“We have lost a beautiful actress and one of our most talented performers & singers tonight. Rest in peace, my dear Emma. Miss you…”


9 Responses to “Actress Emma Yong passed away from stomach cancer”

  1. Thrasher said

    R.I.P Emma Yong.

  2. Jack said

    go in peace

  3. said


    • said

      But having said this, we do need one more FT to replace right? Singaporeans no TALENT.

  4. Facts said

    Marilyn Monroe also died at 36.

  5. glenda said

    Rest in Peace, Emma.
    It is so sad to see someone so young as yourself

  6. KempeitaiTransLEEtors said

    Its better to leave this messed-up shit place called “Sin City” and be in HEAVEN!

  7. Errol Tan said

    Rest in eternal bliss.

  8. WillTheCircleBe...Broken said


    The Final curtain, knowing that you’ve given your best, All that counts

    Stiven Liang

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