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IPS study proposes increasing percentage of foreigners to 33 percent of population

Posted by temasektimes on May 3, 2012

One week after the National Population and Talent Division under the Prime Minister’s Office released a White Paper recommending Singapore takes in 20,000 to 25,000 immigrants yearly, another government agency has published a report supporting the government’s move to increase the intake of foreigners.

The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) under the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy proposes Singapore takes in 30,000 new citizens yearly with foreigners eventually making up 33 percent of the population.

The report states that a higher non-resident population will mean a larger total population, from the current 5 million now to 6.8 million in 2030, if the proportion of foreigners in the population is raised to 33 per cent.

Despite rising discontentment and disgruntlement among native Singaporeans at the relentless influx of foreigners, it appears that they will have to take the ‘bitter pill’ and continue to accept more newcomers to keep the economy growing.



9 Responses to “IPS study proposes increasing percentage of foreigners to 33 percent of population”

  1. My questions to the proposal of increasing Singapore’s population from 5mil to 6.8mil:
    1) Can the obviously strained transport system handle another 25% increase in commuters?
    2) Will Singapore have enough water supply to support the 6.8 million population, especially when 2061 arrives?
    3) How will Singapore react to the impending energy crisis when our electrical consumption is ever increasing?

  2. fpc said

    this is a joke. it is to finance the retirement of these fuckers pigs

  3. wayan said

    Are these 30000 new citizen babies?? Don’t they grow old too? If they are not productive and I bet they are not , whose tax money will be use to pay for their old age? These ppl at the IPS are the product of the PAPs education system.Playing with numbers and not from their heart.No wonder we’ve critized for not being creative or innovatives.

  4. Prabu said

    The mass importing of FOREIGN TALENT policy, together with liberal immigration policy in granting work permits, employment passes, s passes, PRs & Citizenship (like as if it was toilet paper) are policies that sounds more like a NIGERIAN SCAM then WP MP Chen Show Mao proposal of investing in our elderly, disabled & poor, this comparison of policy rebuttal occurred to me thanks to PAP MP Vikram Nair.

    If the economy growth & sustainability is based on mere inflating of population, the economy is hence NOT self sustaining & there will be a point of time when Singapore simply will not be big enough to take in more people & would this cause an economy slow down? collapse?

    Lets say Singapore hits our maximum possible 6.5-7 Million & cannot take in more new people in, at this point how to further grow the economy??? So the PAP government once again got to WRONG in going got QUANTITY NUMBERS & NOT QUALITY.

    Mr Chen’s proposed policy in investing in the elderly disabled & poor is more if a quality improvement whereas PAP’s floodgate of foreigners & liberal immigration policy is of quantity. Singapore is a small country with limited land space so the clear choice would be quality how ever our extremely talented & multi million dollar highest in the world paid cabinet of Ministers got it wrong on going for numbers & quantity, Which in the long run is NOT SUSTAINABLE as there will be a point where we simply cannot take in more people, maybe its not as transport failure can be a sign

  5. Herp Durp said

    ……. Fuck you PAP

  6. Henry said

    A century ago, when our forefathers came to Singapore, there was no FB for the locals to express themselves. Is there a difference? Then again, the locals were the Eurasians who have migrated over earlier. See how history repeats itself … Question is will Singapore be stronger after this new wave

  7. Joe said

    The figures given… Are they just the people that have been given EPs/WPs and such or dothe figues include all the dependants brought in by these professionals?

    For every 1 EP/WP/PR given out, we have to keep in mind that there are many cases where the whole family comes attached. So for 1 working ‘contributing’ FT, there can be another 4 or more family? E.g. Wife, kids, parents etc….

    I’m just wondering as the country really does feel increasingly conjested.

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