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PM Lee rebuffed offer by netizen to share photos of elderly collecting rubbish and cardboards with him?

Posted by temasektimes on May 3, 2012

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has rebuffed a sincere offer by a netizen to share his personal collection of photos of elderly Singaporeans collecting rubbish and cardboards with him.

In his latest post on Facebook, PM Lee shared a photo taken by a photographer Sam Kang Li of his neighbors in his HDB estate and urged Singaporeans to follow his example to promote community bonding:

“I hope other Singaporeans come up with similarly creative ideas, to build friendship and community among ourselves.”

One netizen replied immediately offering to share some photos he had taken with PM Lee:

“I have taken many photos of elderly still working as rubbish collectors, cardboard collectors, toilet cleaners, waiters, beggars, living off the street. Sir, I am wondering if you would be interested to take a look at the photos too?”

There was no response from PM Lee and the comment was deleted minutes later:

It is not known who deleted the comment – PM Lee or his team managing his Facebook page. However, other comments from new citizens and foreigners were allowed to remain while those critical ones from Singaporeans were deleted.


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22 Responses to “PM Lee rebuffed offer by netizen to share photos of elderly collecting rubbish and cardboards with him?”

  1. Stirrer said

    Just post in a gallery and tag the bitch’s name.

  2. Blood suckers said

    See. I said before. They only want good things to be appearing in their Facebook. Any negative and yet constructive ones will be deleted.

    So all those grassroots pap supporters can ‘kao pey kao bu” or beg him to listen. It will be all in vain. Cos as long as you are not praising him. Your comments are worthless!

    This is one of many karma coming to you all for voting them in the last GE.

    And to think you actually believe he will sincerely say sorry, listen to thr ground and make changes. Haha. Daft.

  3. singaporeans said

    Only praises can stay on his FB lah!

  4. In said

    I believe the admin for LHL fb is
    She had commented on LHL schedule on his page previously.

    She removed most of her own post in her wall, but previously, her england ah, totally cannot make it.

  5. I hope Singaporeans remember Ong Eng Guan when he Mayor he was in touch with the ground to extend of riding a trishaw. If I am not wrong he is the man who introduces bins around Singapore.

  6. Marcus Goh said

    How can you be sure that the author did not delete the comment herself/himself? TT must be monitoring the page full time to know that the comment has been deleted within 20 mins. This is fishy man..

  7. Just like the radio FM 90.5 ad, “only hear the good things”

  8. cd ang said

    even things like this can be said and mentioned as prime minister fault. why are people here so negative about everything? certain issue i could understand (eg smrt) but this is too far……..over the top.
    Singapore have a good Prime Minister.

  9. lsvop said

    Nothing wrong with the elderly working as cleaners, or collecting recyclables. Its an honest job that anybody can do. Students do it too. Are we implying that only our foreign talent can do these jobs but not Singaporeans?? I support the elderly working in whatever job they choose. I only ask for a minimum wage so that they are fairly paid.

  10. daveth26 said

    I had to say it is a fact that there exists the lower income elderly kinds that still work in our country with much tiredness and helplessness. Their hair are all white and still going around areas. It is cruel not to face the fact. Every one of them needs to be assisted, dealt with individually instead of associating all together due to their different needs. Some even rejected help when you wish to assist in both monetary or physical modes. These are kinds in which counselling comes into the picture for another department. Some suffers but did not have the voice to speak while some are the “other” types. I believe you know what I meant.

    It would be shocking to see those pictures and distressing to all younger generations as well as to the world outside Singapore. Lee saw all this including his seniors. It is not that he has not yet seen. There are groups or jury monitoring the well-being of the growth and see to it that it is rather “censored”. His groups will follow up with those in more discerning differences. It is not easy to speak to every one or even repeat a few hundred times and it is already a courage to face the masses trying to feel their implications. Then again, there are also restrictions both we may know or not understand.

  11. 'Mk Chin said

    See no evil…… Hear no evil……. Post no evil ??

  12. haha said

    PAP Motto is ” See no evil, hear no evil, touch no evil.” In short, sweep everthing BAD under the carpet. Pure magic!

  13. Family Man said

    Let’s have better “transparency” here.

  14. Katherine Chua said

    This is so untrue, every user in Facebook will know they can “REMOVE THE POST” themselves without the admin to do it at all.

  15. CKMPD said

    A PM who only wants to hear praises is a lousy PM

  16. dan2429E said

    …Come on, who would want negative and vulgar comments to remain on their FB page ?….
    …LHL is only human and is entitled to delete unwanted comments….
    …he is already open enough to log onto FB and communicates with the populace……..
    …doesn’t need to but did so nevertheless…..
    …cuedo to him

  17. His father is Lee Con U; he is Lee Hsien Tau. What do or can sinkies expect from the combination? Empathy and sympathy?
    Next GE is barely 4 yrs or less from now. Let’s hope a good % of the 60.1% who voted PAPies last GE will awaken now that they’ve tasted the empty promises of ‘sorry’ sorry, sorry’ of Lee Hsien Tau. And with Lee Con U likely not around or gone by next GE, it’s a good chance PAPies will be voted out with the huge groundswell of dissatisfaction and resentment brewing among the ppl. But our opp pppl esp the WP shd stay vigilant and not complacent to unite the ppl en masse for a regime change by then. Sadly, the WP’s lacklustre show in Hougang after the Yaw sacking leaves much to be desired, in contrast to PAPies’ Desmond Choo who is energetically softening the ground 4 a PAPies’ comeback as the ‘comeback kid’.

  18. wMulew said

    Please lah Nicole Seah have also been caught several times deleting post. No one mention anything about it

    • Colvern said

      Did we as taxpayer pay Nicole Seah ? No, so it is up to her to do what she want. Did we pay Pinky millions as salary ? You bet we did. We paid him to solve our problem, and how dare he delete the feedback given by his salary payer ? Get it ?

  19. No Can Do said

    @ WMulew May 4 at 2.12 pm: U missed the point. Nicole Seah is not a MP, only an opp darling altho her public image has bn somewhat tarnished by her st@p#d hubby’s insensitive post on the Christian issue and their secret marriage for lack of openness with the ppl.. LHL is sinkies’ PM and he shd both empathise and sympathise with their grievances, not sweep them beneath the carpet. Or maybe he is FTs’ helmsman, considering his strongly pro-FTs policies to bring them in by the millions at our ppl’s expense and, worse, giving them better terms than locals like no NS, competitive pay and job opportunities, etc., etc.
    @ Leopards Unchanged May 4 at 1.24 pm: u’re right to call 4 opp vigilance esp on part of WP as Low TK does seem complacent in Hougang. Can’t the WP plan more programs for this constituency to increase its visibility?

  20. J said


  21. spotlessleopard said

    As long as a simple problem like this is not taken up by the Leader of A Country…the country is doomed.

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