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MDA to investigate ‘kissing’ incident between Vivian Lai and Kate Pang during Star Awards

Posted by temasektimes on May 4, 2012

A seemingly innocuous kiss between female actresses Vivian Lai and Kate Pang during the Star Awards ceremony last weekend has caught the attention of the Media Development Authority (MDA) which says it will now investigate the incident following some ‘complaints’ from Singaporeans.

During Sunday’s Live telecast of Star Awards Show 2, 36 year old Vivian Lai was seen kissing 29 year old Kate Pang on her lip when she was announced as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes.

Her kiss prompted a mild backlash among conservative viewers who are uncomfortable with seeing women kissing each other.

When contacted by the media, Lai said she was surprised by the reaction of some viewers as the kiss was a natural reaction to express her joy.

MDA said it will review the programme to see if it has breached content guidelines of the free-to-air TV programme code.

Two months ago, two Singaporean girls were expelled from their junior college after being caught on video kissing each other publicly in the school’s canteen.


31 Responses to “MDA to investigate ‘kissing’ incident between Vivian Lai and Kate Pang during Star Awards”

  1. Ken Lee said


  2. NowKiss said


    No Tongue!!!??? kiss again!

  3. Zhanwei said

    Is normal what they also NOT naked!!!

  4. SICKnPOORian said

    WTF, like this also complaint. Might as well throw away their TV set.

  5. Shan Shan said


  6. The Hatchet Man said

    The word “anal” describes those complainants perfectly.

  7. RC said

    For God’s sake, start growing up ! It’s only a peck ! It’s not like they’re having hardcore sex ! No need to make such a BIG hoohaa !

  8. Eugene said

    MDA needs to stop putting Singapore to shame.

  9. David said

    What’s wrong with that?

  10. aiyah, fight also cannot, demonstrate also cannot, protest also cannot, pornography also cannot, asked maid to clean outside window also cannot, keep dogs in HDB flats also cannot, rent out the rooms also cannot, sell house also cannot, private car become taxi also cannot, freedom to speak also cannot, put flower pots outside balcony also cannot, girls scantily dressed also cannot, bareback also cannot, naked in your own house cannot, argues also cannot, talk back also cannot, late also cannot, long hair also cannot, dog shit in public also cannot, no wear socks to school also cannot, don’t wear underwear also cannot, don’t use condom also cannot, bring handphone to school also cannot, dyed hair to school also cannot, girls’skirt too short also cannot, boys’ shorts too tight also cannot, shirt never button fully also cannot, cut botak head also cannot, party like nuns also cannot, eat in Shangri la hotel also cannot, occupy city hall also cannot, walk along main road from Hong Lim Park to somewhere also cannot, 5 people gather together also cannot, Occupy Shenton Way also cannot, vote for opposition also cannot, want to work also cannot, take MRT also cannot, take taxi also cannot, own your own taxi also cannot, go home late also cannot, scold people also cannot, straights make love at staircase also cannot, homosexualism also cannot, lesbianism also cannot, bi-sexualism also cannot, sadism also cannot, masochism also cannot, voyeurism also cannot, fetichism also cannot, fellatrix also cannot, cunnilinctus also cannot, smoking in public also cannot, smoking in air-con places also cannot, spitting also cannot, littering also cannot, party after 10 pm also cannot, repeal Section 377A also cannot, repeal ISA also cannot, repeal mandatory death penalty also cannot, go on strike also cannot, don’t work also cannot, don’t pay HDB bills also cannot, don’t pay PUB also cannot, don’t pay Singtel bill also cannot, hold hands also cannot, go internet see XXXX also cannot, buy Playboy magazine also cannot, download XXXXX into our handphone also cannot, download XXXXX into our computer hard drive also cannot, schools girls kissing one another also cannot, school boys dressed as girl also cannot, teach different sex in school also cannot, teach same sex in schools also cannot, have by-election soonest also cannot, ministers cut pay also cannot, men have sex with underaged willing student prostitute also cannot, be opposition also cannot, be gangster also cannot, be loan shark also cannot, be bookie also cannot, be beggars also cannot, busking also cannot, asking for donation also cannot, sell blood also cannot, sell human organs also cannot, be car park warden also cannot, don’t bring in FT also cannot, don’t bring in turncoat foreign citizens to become Singapore also cannot, don’t take in PR also cannot, go to casino also cannot, gamble with my own money also cannot, want social welfare also cannot, want higher salary also cannot, go hospital for operation also cannot, talk about religion also cannot, talk about racism also cannot, talk about politics also cannot, talk bad about garment also cannot, road hoigging also cannot, jaywalking also cannot, borrow money from banks also cannot, borrow from loansharks also cannot, don’t join National Service also cannot, deferment from National Service also cannot, ponteng also cannot, take all our own CPF out also cannot, equality in the eyes of ther Law also cannot, got democracy also cannot, fair and square also cannot, justice to one and all also cannot, progress for one and all also cannot, peace for one and all also cannot, propserity for one and all also cannot, all inclusive soceity also cannot, go Batam with our own CPF money to enjoy ourselves once in our lifetime also cannot, break government bond also cannot, say F&%k@#& basket also cannot, opposition be garment also cannot, opposition wins some seats also cannot, commit suicide also cannot, talk cock and sing song also cannot, piss in public area also cannot, sell fake CD and watches also cannot, buy and carry gun also cannot, take ganja also cannot, don’t arrest and detain people without trial also cannot, don’t cane people also cannot, don’t charge people also cannot, don’t sue people for slander and libel also cannot, don’t violate human rights also cannot, don’t bully people into submission also cannot, don’t force Singaporean into a corner also cannot, don’t make Singaporean angry also cannot, give a way for people to tan chia also cannot, don’t want donate organ also cannot, appeal for clemency also cannot, want to die also cannot, don’t carry military rifle also cannot, don’t want to go to war also cannot, don’t want to die also cannot, consenting 36 years old adult woman kissing another consenting 29 yrs old adult woman also cannot, etc. Actually, what can do in Singapore ah? Hang people only ah?

  11. Stirrer said

    Which fucker complain??
    Move that bitch to North Korea and let lao kim screw her.

    • IQ vs CBQ said

      Lao Kim died aleady.. siow lian kim better, young cock LOL.
      Girl cannot kiss girl! Man can kiss man?

  12. Pathetic mediacorp and mda.

  13. Tan Big Tan said

    When certain people lose billions of dollars in overseas investments, gahmun tell us to not be concerned. When SMRT breakdown gahmun say its normal, don’t worry. When we get flooding, gahmun say its ponding. When PRC student getting free education and scholarship say we are dogs, gahmun say nevermind. When two school girls kiss, they get expelled from school? When two hot girl kiss, gahmun not happy??? What is wrong with our society?????

  14. Theminoritydude said

    Ahem, I smell a particular religious group’s anti gay zealots hands in this. I thought they were shown the door 2 years ago at a certain “AGM” involving a bald guy standing up for his personal beliefs and principles in the face of criticism about his social status?

  15. Godzilax99 said

    Should be some parents who are so protective of their child in such thing… I do know of many parents who kept their children in a safe box… They probably don’t know that their kids are surfing porn on websites….

  16. vogue said

    pls lah singapore…are you still living in the sea or space…

  17. Quinn said

    What this is crazy , what century are we living in? Did their kiss touch your lips or check ?
    With their physical expression it is between both of them and none of the viewer are involve – Pls people as long as they did not have any physical touch on any of the viewer leave your comment to your self .
    Leave them alone !

  18. Chris Chiang said

    Why get so worked up? If they expressed their joy by having a hug, then no hooha liao, just dun understand why they hv to do that in public???!!!

  19. Ron said

    Pity Spore. Want to be First World but act like 3rd World shrouded with archiac Victorian beliefs. Yet, will allow prostitution to operate freely and even allow deception on underaged sex. Yet, will allow free travel for foreigners charged with assault.

    So mixed up. So fxxked up. What’s wrong with two women have a smooch in celebration? Might as well shut down all TV shows and play only religious programmes.

  20. P H said

    Vivian Lai? Kate Pang?? Their fault??? Y not the cameraman??? Duh! Everyone’s clapping while they watch them kiss…. So how? Investigate them too? Wise up, Media…

  21. bt said

    pang chance la … they meant to kiss each other on the cheeks but miscue ….

  22. IQ vs CBQ said

    “..mild backlash among conservative viewers..” ??!! The complainants must be deluded, ultra conservative self-righteous ancient dinosaurs who
    think they are living in the stone age!
    MDA must never allow “conservative” exclusive groups to impose their personal warped moral agendas on the wider society. Investigate ? LOL!
    This is going to be sensational headline news throughout the world! Maybe this is what MDA wants.

  23. Marcelo said

    Maybe trying to divert attention from other issues that leave people fuming

  24. Freemakan said

    Both are non-singaporean…send them home

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