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Petite SMU undergrad Natasha Wan Xue Wen pleaded guilty to whacking four police officers

Posted by temasektimes on May 4, 2012

She may appear to be small-sized, petite and demure, but 24 year old undergraduate Natasha Wan Xue Wen (pic left) at the Singapore Management University (SMU) managed to take on four police officers on her own.

Natasha was charged on Friday evening for “using abusive words and criminal force on public servants and behaving in a disorderly manner.”

She pleaded guilty in a district court and the court had called for a probation report with the next hearing fixed on June 7.

According to court documents, at about 4am on Oct 26 last year, two officers patrolling Jiak Kim Street in a police car saw a bouncer escorting Wan, her boyfriend Lim Zhao Ming and another man out of Zouk following a brawl in the disco.

Lim was punched in his right eye and was bleeding from a wound on his temple while Natasha was intoxicated and was hurling vulgarities at the police officers who went to take a look.

When they tried to probe further, Natasha turned violent suddenly and started punching, head-butting and abusing them. She bite a female police officer on her wrist and it eventually took four police officers to apprehend her. The officer who was bitten had to be warded in hospital for six days and given 13 days’ medical leave.

Natasha has since deleted her Facebook and Linkedin accounts.

In a separate case on 19 April, 23 year old Muhammad Iqbal Bin Azman was jailed three months for punching a plain-clothes police officer and nine months for drug consumption.


33 Responses to “Petite SMU undergrad Natasha Wan Xue Wen pleaded guilty to whacking four police officers”

  1. singaporeson said

    Wow !!!! The power of alcohol !

  2. ah boyceeee said


  3. Peter said

    She turned into the Hulk

  4. terrible ivan said

    Daft police man. good in bullying opposition member,foreigner no balls to handle.

  5. Bitch it said

    酒拳 power!!!

  6. Tan Big Tan said

    I bet if they were PRC – our gahmun would let them off the hook and give them community service at Sentosa instead

  7. 岂有此理 said

    Can’t believe that our police are so useless. Last time one China man kicked 3 police officers. Now is one young female against 4. How are police going to fight against terrorists? I WONDER!

    • rinadhafi said

      It is not about being useless. The fact that she is dead drunk the police cannot use force due to her mental incapabilities. Even so, dont underestimate what an intoxicated person can do. Do you like waking up having a hangover with painful bruises you don’t remember where you actually get ’em from? These police officers may be questioned for abusing authority! They know what they’re doing and unless you’ve been in their shoe, you can suck your own balls.

  8. Agree with Kojakbt said

    Natasha Wen is an SMU student.

    • milo said

      SMU should expel this kinda student lest she damages the institution’s reputation. This will become a deterrent for all SMU students not to misbehave themselves outside the school.

      • Katroman said

        Hey milo, grow some balls…

      • Katroman said

        You should be expelled for acting like you’re not capable of doing this kind of thing in the future. I wanna see what you’d do if you were in her situation. Bet you would piss your pants. Peace!

  9. Godzilax99 said

    How come the sentence of such cases are getting so easy? punching a cop and only 3 months? Female beating up 4 cops and only a probation? I think the sentence is really too weak..

  10. Terence Chong said

    Must be a chilli paid in bed! 😉

  11. conquisito said

    What is the whole world coming to…as the song goes! Young people these days take to drinking and smoking like fish to water….these days it is not uncommon to see young girls drinking, intoxicated and cursing away with four-letter word..
    A taxi driver I know overheard his teenage female Singaporean passengers, talking about how sexually transmitted diseases is very common among their friends…

  12. nat said

    this is the media’s side of her story. i wont be surprised if the police provoked her too..

  13. hokkien peng said

    china girl, they can fight.

  14. Family Man said

    Girls today just aren’t the demure, innocent things we once thought of them as.

  15. stinkapore said

    Stinkapore boleh lah !

  16. After her terms, Singapore Authorities should expartriate this undesired WILD BITCH which need no considerations.

  17. Stirrer said

    SPF cannot handle a little bitch???
    Just smack her cb hard with the baton.

  18. sc said

    hmm…why her make up so thick>? look like come from SIA training class…

  19. Makkkeee said

    Team Avengers will contact her soon

  20. JP431010 said

    Our Singapore Police Officers are so weak??? tsk tsk tsk

  21. weeennnyy said

    shes has the best lawyer at her back anyways.. power of alcohol.. ip man..

  22. ellery chua said

    Clap. If she is Singaporean when we do the local version of Avengers she could be a shoe in for Black Widow. She punches, head butts, and even bites all while being able to talk. Talk about talent. Luckily for the SPF she does not seem to be assassin trained or there would have been 4 dead police people. If she is PRC we need to understand and may assimilate how to add this to our national identity mix and bring back the old Hokien – Lu Khaw Semei I pahk ahh?” attitude that would make people try less to subjugate us.

    Proof that the female is normally the deadlier of the species.

  23. wong Mun Yong said

    now the question is this Natasha a local or foreign talent ? now if she is foreign she will probably be given the ” now don’t be naughty and don’t do it again ” type of treatment – but if local well it would probably be err heavy punishment. lor !

    Personally – SMU should expel her and she should serve time in the Changi Hilton for bad behaviour and not just a small fine and slap on the wrist ! regardless of whether local or foreign – and if foreign after her time in the Changi hilton – deported with permanent blacklist on her ever being ableto enter SGP – she is not young but an adult and supposedly educated – drunk or otherwise is no excuse and if really drunk why don’t she eat some shit or do stupid things but can still fight with cops !

    Then what happen to the superb training in self defense of our men and women in blue like we see on TV .- like point of entry !

  24. mr bean said

    Give that girl a ‘Tiger’, she deserves credit for standing by her man.

  25. spotlessleopard said

    An intoxicated bitch is one you must approach with utter care….a good lesson to Police Officers.

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