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DPM Tharman: Govt aims to build an inclusive society for all Singaporeans in the next five years

Posted by temasektimes on May 5, 2012

The Singapore government will do more to build an inclusive society for all Singaporeans in the next five years, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and Manpower Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

In an published in the PAP’s newsletter PETIR, Mr Tharman described an ‘inclusive’ Singapore as one which aimed at giving every Singaporean a real chance to improve their lot in life and to enable them to share in the nation’s progress.

The government will try to find ways to help disadvantaged Singaporeans catch up and do well as well as to provide special aid to small and medium enterprises so that they remain a vibrant part of the economy for years to come.

“The government is providing substantially more resources to uplift and support lower- and middle-income Singaporeans if you add up all that the government is doing — from healthcare and housing subsidies to Workfare and the new GST vouchers,” he added.


13 Responses to “DPM Tharman: Govt aims to build an inclusive society for all Singaporeans in the next five years”

  1. The Gardener said

    Hahaha. Afraid you want get vote before that. Reserved a stall at Teka Market for you to sell your prata.

  2. Blood suckers said

    Your so called full of shit substantial help means

    “I rebate you fifty cents. But depress the wages, increase inflation, rolled out new taxes, bring more foreign trashes, sky rocket pulic housing and increase minimum age for CPF withdrawal so that i can take five dollars away from you and pay yourself millions of dollars”

    And leave all the fucking problems and shit for us, true blue Singaporean citizens to face everyday!

  3. It is much appreciated what the PM Tharman have stated. “The Government is providing substantially more resourses to uplift and support lower and middle income Singaporeans ”’if you add up all that the Government is doing ”’ from healthcare and housing subsisidies to workfare and the new “GST” vouchers”
    Natuarally it will be good on what ever was being distributed to the needy an the poor. I have stressed on umpteen occasions with the large FUNDS disbursement whether it really reach those intended or it has gone to the wrong pocket.
    The disbursement maybe not be as much as what the GIC and Tamesek have lost and not to mentioned the amount syphoned off by those corrupted officiers, but the disbursements of FUNDS MUST be made sure that they can reach the poor and the needy and not the WRONG POCKETS. What I may want and mean to say is that proper system and very close monitoring system should be accorded to where money is concerned.

  4. The Hatchet Man said

    “The government is providing substantially more resources to uplift and support lower- and middle-income Singaporeans if you add up all that the government is doing — from healthcare and housing subsidies to Workfare and the new GST vouchers,” he added.”

    If he feels this is substantial, then I think the end result will not amount to much – for I think what has been done so far is only minor tweaking.

  5. terrible ivan said

    I M so scare 2 hear your good side of this story. Next Election U all B out. Keep it to yuorself. Botak Tharman.

  6. Sad Singapore said

    Dear DPM,
    If you know really sincere to build inclusive society for Singaporean, please close all s-pass/EP department ASAP and immediately send letters to all employers to progressively replace foreigners by Singaporean to show you really sincere want to change instead of just talk and no action!!

  7. Exaggerated said

    Why in the next five years and not from today onwards? Is this a patronising statement? I cannot help to think this way through their practice I experienced over the years.

  8. js said

    Tharman – You guys are already 10 years too late. You certainly are patient but I’m not sure if other Singaporeans want to wait another 5 years.

  9. Empty words said

    I see ! now say built an inclusive society for next 5 years..

    Then what is Lee Hsien Loong’s speech about building an inclusive society way back in 2004 when he become PM?
    Just empty words that he is famous for?

  10. DaWolf said

    Citizen DaWolf: Singapore citizens aim to vote the PAP out of office in the next five years.

    We are sick of your empty promises and immigration policies.

  11. singaporean said

    The election is yet to come but start to “bribe” so early?

    If PAP are really serious of helping singaporean, please start the revolutionary change by removing all S-pass/EP application now (or close totally close this department) and those presently having s-pass/EP, please start to investigate!!

    Many of those S-pass/EP did not meet the minimum salary qualification of S$2000 and S$3000 respectively and yet MOM approval and did not check as well!

    Almost all local singaporeans know about these fact many employers just do not want to hire singaorean because singaporean demand higher (say S$ 2000) than foreigners (Say S$1500) but their application to MOM for S-pass for this foreigner stated S$S$2200.

    And I do not think MOM do not know about this or just act and pretend ” naive”?? How can you let your taxpayer down???

  12. jaded said

    too little, too late. anyway, why come out with so many confusing schemes? just drop prices, problem solved. keep it simple

  13. Bengy said

    Aiyo, why always sing the same song again and again..not tired meh…No Action Talk Only…

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