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MediaCorp filed police report against impostor site in India soliciting payments using its name

Posted by temasektimes on May 5, 2012

MediaCorp has filed a police report against an impostor site “MediaCorp -Tenders for India” for using its logos to solicit payment and services.

The website claimed it was a branch of MediaCorp and contains links for users to make online payments for ‘online TV products’.

It also contain tender forms to download MediaCorp programmes – MediaCorp Eaglevision and MediaCorp Studios.

MediaCorp came to know about the site’s existence following a query from a Mr Manish Regmi who was told by the site to pay US$1,000 for outsourcing work to him.

A quick check on ‘’ reveals the site was registered in March this year by somebody in Chennai, India:

In its police report, MediaCorp said it was concerned that “the public will be misled by the website to make payments for a company which does not exist”. The company does not know if anyone has made payments to the bogus website.

In a statement, MediaCorp also stressed:

“MediaCorp is not connected in any way with this website or the owner/operator of this website. The use of MediaCorp’s name, trademarks and logos on this website has been done without our prior consent, and we will be taking the appropriate action to protect our rights.”


2 Responses to “MediaCorp filed police report against impostor site in India soliciting payments using its name”

  1. Emeritus Wannabe said

    Are they talent or are they cheat? Obviously here, they are latented at being a cheat!

  2. Freemakan said

    double check all FT certificate

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