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SAF Sergeant Suresh Seluras found hanging from rope in Changi Airbase

Posted by temasektimes on May 5, 2012

An SAF regular and military police man 2SG Suresh Sularas was found hanging from a rope in Changi Airbase on Saturday morning.

He was from the 608 Squadron and was stiff, unconscious and without pulse when his body was discovered.

An SAF medic attended to him immediately at 9.35am and he was sent via ambulance to Changi General Hospital (CGH) at 10.25 am.

The ambulance arrived at CGH at 10.40am and 2SG Suresh was pronounced dead at 10.30am.

A MINDEF statement said SAF will be investigating his death and will extend its assistance to the family.


43 Responses to “SAF Sergeant Suresh Seluras found hanging from rope in Changi Airbase”

  1. Singaporean Overseas said

    soldier pronounced dead at 1030am when the ambulance arrived at 1040am. So he was pronounced dead in the ambulance by who? there’s no mention of a doctor being in the ambulance. Is that an error in the reporting?

    • Singaporean in Singapore said

      PLEASE READ BEFORE U COMMENT: The ambulance arrived at THE HOSPITAL at 10.40am, he can be pronounced dead IN THE AMBULANCE by the PARAMEDICS at 10.30am. You don’t need a doctor for that – NO PULSE/HEARTBEAT = DEAD

      • Singaporean Overseas said

        Singaporean in Singapore, I understand what you are saying. BUT! Please analyse the post and understand what I’m commenting on. I’m not taking a cheap shot at you and if I do come across as that, I apologise.

        Given that the situation was urgent and critical, the SAF would not be waiting 10 mins (maybe less) for a civilian ambulance to be dispatched and reach the soldier to take him back to the hospital (totaling ~20 mins or less). Hence, analysing the situation, you can safely conclude that a SAF ambulance was used. In turn, you can further conclude that there was no civilian paramedic (who can pronounce someone dead) was present,only the medic (who cannot pronounce the death) who first attended to him. Further, there was no mention of a doctor (MO) on board who may or may not pronounce the person dead. Either way, it was no possible to pronounce the person dead on board the SAF ambulance.

        Hence, I opined that there was an error in the reporting. Thus my question – “pronounced dead in the ambulance by who?”

        You criticised my comment based on general points to which I generally agree with. However in this case, they do not apply to the facts and I STILL conclude that there is an error in the reporting.

        On a separate but related point, I extend my condolences to the family of the soldier and hope that they will find peace soon in this trying time.

      • sinkapore got hope liow said

        @Singaporean Overseas i think u hv great potential to be a politician.. please join opposition party..

    • Kellie said

      Singaporean Overseas , i think you never read properly. The ambulance came at 10.25. It reached CGH at 10.40. He was pronounced dead at 10.30. There is no error. Paramedics are fully capable of pronouncing whether the person is dead/not

    • paramedic said

      there are procedures to record down the time when the person is ‘officially dead’, no need a ‘doctor’ to be around for that recording. anyone trained can look for the symptoms like no pulse, no breathing, no heartbeat, etc, etc, etc. then they will attempt to ressucitate that person. after repeated attempts, they will log down the time of the passing.

    • N said

      Paramedic lor.

    • Singaporean Overseas said

      I did read the post properly, you all misunderstood the post. The ambulance is most probably military ambulance and hence no paramedics, only medics. Medics are not in the position to declare the person dead. Moreover, the point is the time as reported here is inconsistent with that on channelnewsasia (per comment 4 by Medic). Singaporean in Singapore, maybe you should understand the underlying facts properly before you comment. Thanks.

  2. Thrasher said

    This is sad man…

    R.I.P. Hope that you’ll find peace in God.

  3. Stirrer said

    TT so up to date, the rest of the official lackey times also no report.

  4. medic said

    According to CNA, he was pronounced dead at 10.53 not 10.30. Medic on board cannot pronounce him dead. TT pls do the necessary alteration.

  5. Ken Lee said


  6. Utter Rubbish said

    Gambling debts could be a possible cause. The casinos have brought massive social problems to our country. It’s a tragedy..

  7. Justin said

    @Singaporean Overseas, paramedics in the ambulance can declare a person dead, not just doctors in the hospital. SAF MOs and Medics however, cannot do so in peacetime, unless the person is undoubtedly beyond resuscitation, i.e. decapitation, rigor mortis, etc.

    • Singaporean Overseas said

      Thank you for the clarification on the role of the MO and medics in peacetime Sir, much appreciated.
      However that is indeed my point. There is no paramedic given that a SAF ambulance was used – my basis for this assumption is above. I strongly doubt that the medic on board had declared the soldier’s death. Hence, I still contend that my comment is valid and I further substantiate my comment with yours.

  8. Random singaporean said

    singaporean overseas: i know ambulance staff are trained and licensed to pronounce people dead as ambulance do no bring dead people to the hospital..

    • Singaporean Overseas said

      Thank you for your clarification on the responsibilities of a paramedic Random Singaporean. I know and accept paramedics can pronounce the death of persons. However, I submit that there was no paramedic on board (as above per my reply to Singaporean in Singapore) and hence the declaration of death could not have occurred by such a person.

  9. the army camps are haunted

  10. Utter rubbish “possible” reason number 2: He could be a closet gay and was disappointed he could not marry his bf in Singapore.

  11. Utter rubbish 2 said

    Utter rubbish “possible” reason 2: He could be a closet gay and his inability to marry his bf and raise a family in Singapore drove him to depression and suicide. It is “possible” as well.

    • Ann said

      You sound as if you know him and his family very well…. For God’s sake, please stop all this nasty comments abt him…

  12. evil said

    it is sad that a singaporean died in vain, serving the hated regime

    all comes to nothing

    this regime is not worth die for

  13. Roger Sim said

    The sergeant i respected the most before i ORD 😦

  14. fxxksg said

    when pinoy maids starts dropping off the floors. mp came running out and barked for reprieve. this year 4 related mindef deaths and yet NO mp came out? protect fts and fxxk locals? prefer alien party just hopeless. fxxk them.

    R.I.P bro. while you are up there, curse the 60% and help us 40% bring down prefer alien party.

    • fairplay said

      Very very very well said. I hope more sinkapooreans will think like u!

    • SV G said

      Good point bro…our guys deserve better then what they are getting…”Stop Killing Off Our National Servicemen” sounds like a gd campaign initiative…

      • Yoga said

        Am sure after all this, everyone will feel “SAFE” to send their boys to the camp and serve the nation!!!! For goodness sake its a SAF camp, they cant even ensure the safety of their own man but this are the people who are going to look after our country.

    • God Save Sinkapore said


  15. K Haresh said

    @utterrubbish and @sohomtech, hes definitely nt in gamblung debts knew him for 14yrs and he aint gay either so dun speculate. Hes remarkable and he speaks mandarin more fluent damn sum chinese themselves. No one really knows why when he loves his job, no grudges and the only reason could be his gf as shes his priority even tho they mentioned in the papers that he spoke to some stranger. Its prolly just sumthng media is making up to surround it with.mysteries.

    me stranger and shortly after he hanged himself.

  16. Enoch said

    This is total cap. He was never emo or anything. He had an abundance in confidence. Lots of cap has happened there even before he came in. I smell something fishy. There’s definitely lots of covering up. Cctv footage and witnesses are needed. No one takes their own life for no reason. How was he able to do it on his own?

  17. Enoch said

    He was not gay. get a life. He was one of the better guys in camp. He came to FDS somewhere last year just before it was renamed 608.

  18. Yoga said

    “An SAF medic attended to him immediately at 9.35am and he was sent via ambulance to Changi General Hospital (CGH) at 10.25 am.

    The ambulance arrived at CGH at 10.40am and 2SG Suresh was pronounced dead at 10.30am.”

    Quoted from the above,

    An SAF medic attended to him at 9.35am but he was pronounced dead at 10.35am?? So between 9.35am to 10.35am he was alive and it took 1 hour for the ambulance to arrive? Basically there was no sense of urgency? Did the SAF even contact the police when they first saw him? The whole thing seems strange isnt it? Shouldn’t the police be there at the scene first before taking further actions by the SAF? Don’t they need to take photos and gather evidence to ensure if its suicide? Anything is possible, just because someone was found hanging does not need to mean that he commited suicide, unless if ppl are finding easy way out on this case.

    • Stirrer said

      Gasps, not commited suicide?
      Are you saying he could have been murdered by camp mates or an outsider who strolled into the camp?

      • Yoga said

        Oh well, I did not say anything to confirm what would have happened. I said, anything is possible…. So you figure. 🙂

  19. Ann said

    Its a disgrace to the Military Air Force, (esp to Changi Air Base). Such things can take place inside the camp !! This is so disgraceful !! An explanation should be given to the family by Mindef. As for the Culprits who did that to Suresh, I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE STILL HANGING OUTSIDE. MOTHER F%CK#RS!!! YOUR DAYS ARE BEING NUMBERED!!!


    • Ann said

      Suresh, a MP Officer, ranked 2nd Sergeant, attached @ Changi Air Base, as usual, I was waiting for my son to return home on that weekend, Sat on 5th May. Instead, his Officer and a HR Officer came to my door step and broke the news easily that my son has passed away. No other reasons were given at that point of time. My son loves his job and stays in camp off duty hrs for his convenience. He shares the same bunk with his 3 BUNKMATES, who came in for NS, this year. They are the DEMONS who took his life away. These DEMONS took my son life’s away will never get any mercy and CHANGI AIR BASE is fully responsible and blamed for this mishap. Its fair to expect for CHANGI AIR BASE to give an explanation to Suresh’s Family members, caused by CHANGI AIR BASE’s negligence, within their premises.

      The DEMONS from CHANGI AIR BASE, who took my son’s life away, Don’t think I dont know who you are and where you from. I’m watching you. You have caused so much of pain to my family
      SONS of BASTARDS!!

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