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Singtel’s MioTV Indian package: Only 2 Tamil channels compared to 6 Hindi ones

Posted by temasektimes on May 5, 2012

Though most Singaporean Indians speak Tamil, the new Singtel’s MioTV Indian package has only 2 Tamil channels as compared to 6 Hindi ones.

One irate netizen ‘sghippo’ posted his thoughts on Hardwarezone forum:

“Was brought up to this issue about my indian friend who was complaining about Mio. Our fellow Singapore brothers are predominantly Tamil speaking while the so called FTs, speak Hindi. Look at miotv’s indian package.”

The original ethnic Indians in Singapore hailed mostly from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu while the newcomers are largely from the northern Indian states where Hindi is predominantly used.

The spoken language and written script of both Tamil and Hindi are vastly different from each other.

A large number of Indian expatriates have come to Singapore to find work in recent years with some settling in Singapore eventually such as prominent Young PAP leaders and grassroots activists Sinha Shekhar and Frederic Fanthome.



5 Responses to “Singtel’s MioTV Indian package: Only 2 Tamil channels compared to 6 Hindi ones”

  1. Halim said

    No wonder Airport Tamil Signages were removed.

  2. SG said

    There are also a lot of Tamil speaking people who have migrated from Tamil Nadu & they also would welcome if more
    programs are offered in Tamil.

  3. the rock said

    too bad, all is about dollar and cents

  4. charan said

    you backdated lah. nowadays even chinese and malays also watch hindi movies.
    why never complain to mediacorp abt the programmes on vasantham. all catered for tamil speaking population. where else can we watch hindi programmes. that also got to pay. you watch it for free in vasantham.

    • M.Jack said

      So what. The India government had systematically projected Hindi movie as the de-facto Indian movie to the rest of the world. Singapore Channelnewasia and the local media gives a lot of free advertisement to promote Bollywood culture in this country. Therefore, a lot of Malays and Chinese are watching. Kollywood movies are not promoted and politiccally sidelined to diminish the predominance of Tamils in this country.

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