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Tay Ping Hui criticizes PAP’s immigration policy: Unabated, imported population growth is like taking steroids

Posted by temasektimes on May 5, 2012

With the state media going into a propaganda overdrive to hardsell the PAP’s immigration policy to Singaporeans in the last two weeks, few dare to ‘sing a different tune’ to contradict the party’s directive except one brave soul.

MediaCorp artiste Tay Ping Hui may be wearing the white uniform of the PAP, but he often broke ranks with the party and does not mince his words when criticizing its policies.

In his latest tweet, Ping Hui wrote:

“Unabated,imported population growth is akin to using steroids.Great muscle gains, but d internal system overloads & damage is irreversible.”

[Source: #taypinghui]

He also appeared to take a swipe at a particular unnamed influential PAP leader:

“When nobody’s interested anymore, stop talking. Better 2 exit gracefully with dignity than to regress into mere noise by trying even harder.”

Ping Hui has just been awarded the ‘Best Actor’ for his performance in the drama ‘Bountiful Blessings’ at the recent Star Awards.


39 Responses to “Tay Ping Hui criticizes PAP’s immigration policy: Unabated, imported population growth is like taking steroids”

  1. Tay Ping Hui for Prime Minister!

  2. silly said

    is he just acting here? some pap members are probably designated as rebels such as lily neo. the classic case is tan cheng bock who managed to help his pal tony tan win the PE by diluting the anti-pap votes

    • milo said

      I think it was Tan Jee Say who diluted the votes. Do not forget, he was formerly Secretary to Goh Chok Tong. The PAPies keep sending spies to the opposition for espionage. The classic case of sabotage was performed by Chee Soon Juan who single-handedly destroyed SDP and kicked Chiam See Tong out after he secured 4 seats in parliament in the 80s. Open your eyes and see.

  3. SM said

    wow, Tay Ping Hui proves to be more than just an actor. Wonderful! Well done!

  4. Middle Class Turning Low Class said

    If more PAP cadres are like Tay Ping Hui, the tide can turn; there’s light at the end of the tunnel for PAP-betrayed Singaporeans !!

  5. Stirrer said

    He must be talking about that old corpse!

    • Oracle said

      Don you speak so disrespectfully about our Senior Minister. He and the original group of Ministers like Goh Keng Wee, Toh Chin Chye and Rajaratnam put in a lot of hard work to make Singapore what it is today! Without the PAP that implemented CPF and HDB, most Singaporeans would not be able to afford to own their own homes!
      As you speak, SM Lee is seriously ill and hospitalized for at least the past two weeks. So do not use that term again in reference to him! Please!

      • marksman said

        Want to angat LKY’s bolabola, at least get it right lah! Why down grade the old fart from MM to SM ? MM is the supreme appointment, get it? Only one on this planet.
        It implies he can mentor anyone he chooses to, which includes the SM, PM and President… also the chief kangaroo when the need arises….LOL

      • Po Lam Pa said

        @Oracle do u know how many senior sinkapoean suffer too?
        Like I always said, The great wall of China might be GREATER if not for the Qing Emperor!

    • Old Singaporean said

      I think so, too. Why is that bluddy bucket keep eluding him?!

    • Invictus said

      Just because we don’t support some of the policies by PAP, no need to have a scorched earth policy. Must give credit where it is due la. Otherwise people will just think you are a bitter fool. Has the old man done things that is not 100% right, of course he has but he too worked hard to build Singapore. At least give him that.

      • spartacus said

        Pause and think again….real hard, ok?
        The old man is the most bitter fool of all. He and his good-for-nothing son had nothing nice to say to JBJ’s sons when they were mourning the latter’s demise.

        It is also worthwhile for you to take note that only an extremely bitter fool will put Dr Chia Thye Poh in detention for 32 years as well as cook-up stories to accuse fellow sporeans as marxists, etc etc.

      • Light said

        Agree. I don’t support what his party is doing now but he and his key people back in those days were a formidable team.

  6. Singaporean First said

    May be he is preparing to join WP in the next election. He will get lots of votes.

  7. Good Cop, Bad Cop said

    Ping Hui has just been awarded the ‘Best Actor’ for his performance . . . . . . . hmmnnn …… must think again . . . . .

    • mr bean said

      This could turn out to be Singapore’s version of ‘Infernal Affairs’
      Tay P H is a professional actor, that is the problem. Never can tell if he was acting when he made those statements.

  8. Sashaqueenie said

    Addiction to cheap foreign labour is akin to addiction to opium. It weakens us, divides us and is economic suicide. What happens when the foreign labour is unwilling to accept the lower pay? Or what if the locals are all priced out of the labour market? Our social fabric will be torn apart. This kind of short sightedness must not be allowed to continue.

  9. joo said

  10. milo said

    what he meant by steroids is that inflating our population will no doubt drive up our GDP in the short-term. However, much like steroids, the side effects which accompany thereafter are not so easy to deal with: integration of new citizens, discontentment of local population over job competition, congestion of public transport, sky-rocketing housing prices, higher crime rates, overloading of current infrastructure, depressing wages, inflation, etc.

  11. Snoopy Says said

    Finally, 有人在讲人话。

  12. patlowcm said

    A celebrity speaks up. There could well be hope yet. Thank you, Peng Hui.

    • TPH is my new super hero said

      Yah lah.. Singaporean Sld thank Mr Tay Ping Hui for his courage!
      He may be a mole.. BUT what if he is NOT?
      Isn’t he sacrifying too much for no reason with his current state??? Think again..

  13. All new male citizens should do BMT and reservist training. At the moment, if there is a war, the new citizens don’t have to fight as they are not trained. Its better to be a PR or a new citizen in Sngapore than to be born here. Even new citizens can still go back to their homeland.

  14. DD said

    Why do I fucking give a frack about what an actor, TPH have to say?
    Why don’t you go ask what the cleaner has to say? Why is TT so obsessed with TPH?

  15. pokemon said

    tay ping hui for president!! where our Tony tan again when we needed him to speak for singaporeans?

  16. Magdalene Ruben said

    We should know fairly well why he voiced his opinions with ours before ‘entering’ the comfortable n well-paid ‘seat’ very soon (as gossips around now), so be more sensitive n ALERT.

  17. Thank Goodness for TJS said

    Isn’t it ironical that for once since the nineties the only sense PAP has made happens to come from a mediacorpse “actor” member. Good thing he is full of himself otherwise he would have been unable to speak his mind like other PAPAYA yesmen .

  18. madsinkie said

    the PAP is filled with SAF regulars who only know how to takan the sg population all their adult life. They never do a single day of real work and rely on cheap forced labour of singapore citizens. This fake career path has spoiled their sense of reality.

  19. madsinkie said

    SAF is filled with uncreative people and will not do well in life. ACCORDING TO STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA SPH !!

    THis means that NS is killing Sg by making real talents leave and replace them with fake talents who are willing to do NS.


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  20. Chen Tsing Hao said

    Don’t complain. If you’re unhappy just come over to the UK.

  21. Tan Chow Hong said

    Quoted from a passage from The Temasek Times from 1 of its articles
    During a televised debate with his Socialist opponent Francois Hollande on May 1, French President Nicolas Sarkozy urged for a rethink of France’s immigration policies:

    “I will never argue for zero immigration, but the reality is that when you invite more people than you can handle, you no longer integrate them.”


    Well this is really true and very very true. These immigrants nowadays do not have enough time to assimilate and the proportion and rate that they are coming in is too much

  22. Lydia Lee said

    we want a cut in FT & not FW. middle-class wants 2 climb corporate ladders so tat our next generation can hv a better life. we’re being snuffed out! n garmen try 2 bluff us tat they’ve cut foreigners. wrong group cut leh! 😦

    • patlowcm said

      Reduction in FW in addition to FT would be more appropriate.

      The middle class is only now beginning to feel the effect of unfair competition for jobs leading to depressed wages. The blue collar workers have suffered longer and have little avenue to voice the same concerns.

      The problems of huge influx starts from the bottom rung many more years ago. I have been there, seen it.

      Please speak out for all Singaporean affected. If you will not, at least don’t assume and thereby unwittingly play down the effect of huge influx of FW on the livelihood of the really low-wage Singaporean.

      Not meaning to offend, but I feel this issue should be tackled as a whole and not separately.

  23. sibei pissed off said

    what are his views on the wage increment, with so many heavyweight cursing and swearing at the NWC ex-chairman. he should run for opposition, at least he got balls to say what he feel, not parrotting

  24. TPH is my new super hero said

    Yah lah.. Singaporean Sld thank Mr Tay Ping Hui for his courage!
    He may be a mole.. BUT what if he is NOT?
    Isn’t he sacrifying too much for no reason with his current state??? Think again..

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