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Time to face the hard truth: Why integration is no longer possible with the present wave of immigrants

Posted by temasektimes on May 6, 2012

During a televised debate with his Socialist opponent Francois Hollande on May 1, French President Nicolas Sarkozy urged for a rethink of France’s immigration policies:

“I will never argue for zero immigration, but the reality is that when you invite more people than you can handle, you no longer integrate them.”

His statement encapsulated what we have been promulgating all along: We strongly believe Singapore must remain OPEN to immigrants, but we have to be extremely selective of who we take in and we may have now reached the stage where integration is no longer possible.

Though most of our forefathers were immigrants themselves, the present generation of Singaporeans are fully integrated as one people after three generations or more – we no longer see ourselves as being from China, India or Malaysia. Singapore is our home where we all belong.

Similarly, the American Chinese did not become Americans overnight. They are only fully assimilated after three generations.  And neither did the French immigrants in Canada’s province of Quebec became Canadians overnight.

Integration is a natural process and cannot be fast-tracked by simply throwing money to hold a few carnivals and festivals to promote it and pray that it will happen automatically somehow.

Human beings are not mere economic digits or emotionless robots. There is more to integration than simply reciting the National Pledge and changing the color of one’s identity card.

Before integration is possible, three conditions must exist:

1. The desire of the immigrants to settle in Singapore permanently.

2. The proportion of immigrants in the population.

3. The rate of intake of immigrants.

It is time for both Singaporeans and the government to face the hard truth that integration is no longer possible simply because we have got it all wrong right from the very beginning.

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11 Responses to “Time to face the hard truth: Why integration is no longer possible with the present wave of immigrants”

  1. unhealthy growth is not a growth said

    Unhealthy growth is not a growth

    Yes, initially we welcome Malaysians are a right choice, as they are close to us and of same races, also they are part of our brother or sister when Singapore was joining “Malaysia” one time, and they have more common understanding with us.

    But the recent 10-20 years immigrants were not from close locations, as such more problem will come. I think this simple logic should be able to understand by our high caliber MP/Minister.

    So what is the purpose behind? What is the main objective for getting so many immigrants? For growth and causing many social problems in Singapore? For growth and causing many conflicts between Singaporeans and foreigners? For growth and that many of Singaporean children cannot afford to buy a 3 to 4 rooms HDB flat?

    Growth is important, what is more important is a healthy growth. I felt our growth is unhealthy growth. Please make “healthy growth” for Singapore.

  2. wMulew said

    Temasek times talking cock. You guys are the biggest media to troll on the FT and inceding hatred against them. Instead of encouraging harmony, you actively crucify them online to create a respond. The Sun Xu saga was a good example. yes that idiot deserved it to a certain extend, but at the end of the day, it was a stupid comment made without thinking. If just because of 1 stupid comment he deserve to suffer like so, at least 90% of the idiots commenting in this site deserve the same treatment. The country is not at it’s best right now, but it’s certainly no where near as bad as most of the EU countries, not even close. U can certainly do your part to improve the situation by not provoking your readers to hate FTs.

  3. OrdinaryMan said

    I saw the Hong Konger wave before 1997 and felt uncomfortable. But now, they are hardly seen anymore. There is hope, my dear government. If you realize and act fast to reverse the policy and not make up the numbers year after year, naturally those free loader and leeches will leave and we can be less congested, less differences, more integration, less stress on everything. Be selective in the entry requirement. There are just too many too many immigrant that cannot be integrated, not qualified in our society, too much cultural differences, too odd, too weird, can’t be understood and we simply can’t stand. But there is still time and hope to reverse it.

  4. madsinkie said

    NS is killing Sg by making local with passion who do not want to waste 2 years of their time leave Sg and replacing them with FT who have no passion and are simply alright with wasting 2 years of their youth in NS.

    After 40 years of NS , PAP still blur about why Sg cannot produce a more innovative and enterpeural culture !!!

    NS is the root of the ills in Sg and FT is the symtoms with PAP and its SAF cronis a chief culprit.

  5. marksman said

    Well articulated ! Could not have said it better.
    The PAP buggers think they are running a cattle market.
    But the real tragedy is the 60% native singaporeans. They allowed this.
    They could have put a stop to the PAP’s folly in the last election.

    May I suggest Temasek Times compile all the note-worthy silly quotes over the years by PAP politicians for easy reference to readers. I hope it will become compulsory reading for all students in the near future.
    What the MIW say, how they say it, their subsequent actions, will help readers determine if they are really daft and have no integrity as well.

    • Aiyoh...Aiyohd said

      U believe 605 are native Singaporeans??? I’m doubtful, probably over 50% and the rest new citizens who are “Ah Tiong” and the minorities….ok

  6. spotlessleopard said

    I have given up hope on the PAP to do the right thing…..

  7. spotlessleopard said

    I have given up hope on the do the right thing.

  8. Aiyoh...Aiyoh said


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