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Tin Pei Ling: I rather focus on my residents than what others said about me

Posted by temasektimes on May 6, 2012

One year after the divisive General Election, newly minted MacPherson MP Tin Pei Ling remains unfazed by the brickbats she has received from netizens.

In an interview with the Straits Times, Ms Tin said smugly she would rather focus on her residents than be bothered by what others said about her.

Indeed, Ms Tin’s Facebook has been updated only infrequently since the last election and she seldom replied to netizens with most critical comments about her being deleted without any reason given.

“You meet residents, hear about their problems and try to help them. These are bread-and-butter issues. It sets things in perspective. It helps you to focus on what are really important, their lives,” she said.

Just two days ago, an irate MacPherson resident Mr Tan wrote a complaint letter to PAP Chairman Khaw Boon Wan about Ms Tin not conducting her Meet-the-People session this Monday on the eve of May Day.

“I thought these sessions would only be unavailable on public holidays and not its eve. I earnestly hope this nonsense will stop somewhere as it is extremely unacceptable for MPs to be behaving in such a manner especially drawing on taxpayers monies with huge bonuses,” he wrote. (read more here)


9 Responses to “Tin Pei Ling: I rather focus on my residents than what others said about me”

  1. fpc said

    if singaporeans are doing so well, how come so many bread and butter issues?

  2. Singapore Researcher said

    Tin Pei Ling sucks – that is the bottomline.

  3. 精忠报国 said


    • Zhenzidan said





      • 精忠报国 said


      • Zhenzidan said





      • Zhenzidan said



  4. Blood suckers said

    If you are genuine in concerning about your residents

    Step up and clarify and appease that resident who lodge the complain about your unannounced MPS cancellation

    Otherwise, talk I also can. Stupid girl.

  5. Juliet Swee said

    The resident too free ah? Have time to email Minister but don’t have time to email Ms Tin or the relevant organisations that can help him… Duh!

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