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Vikram Nair: I have developed a pretty THICK skin

Posted by temasektimes on May 6, 2012

After embarrassing himself with an empty threat to sue socio-political blog The Online Citizen (TOC) which left his reputation in tatters, newbie PAP MP Vikram Nair now says he has ‘come to terms’ with being flamed online by his detractors.

Mr Nair was roundly attacked by netizens for comparing WP MP Chen Show Mao’s proposals to help needy Singaporeans as a ‘Nigerian scam’.

Though his criticisms were relatively mild, Mr Nair still found fit to appease WP supporters in an interview with Lianhe Zaobao:

“The tone I used during the Budget debate was too sarcastic which caused me to be misunderstood. If there is a repeat, I will be more direct.”

‘Reflecting’ on the unpleasant episode two months later, Mr Nair told the Straits Times that he has developed a pretty thick skin for the flaming:

“I have certainly had my fair share of online flaming for all sorts of things. If there are any serious allegations, I usually put up a response on what my position is.”

His position is dramatically different from veiled threats he issued to TOC via inSing news:

“I hope not to take legal action but if there’s lingering damage I might have to consider it. It also depends on what they (The Online Citizen) do and how they respond to the matter. I just want to clear my name.”

With the state media on his side, Mr Nair can rest assured that he still plenty of time to repair his battered image before the next General Election.


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12 Responses to “Vikram Nair: I have developed a pretty THICK skin”

  1. singaporeans said

    Wonder he would drink corpse juice again?

    • shitstirrer said

      he just recovered from 尸毒. so the negative energy cause by necromantic behavior is gone.

  2. jaded said

    whatever? this guy has no more credibility whatsoever.

    what’s more, instead of talking about how to help the poor, which is what CSM was pushing for, he is talking about a thick skin?

    really sad. this shows how self centred the pappies really are.

  3. useful said

    eh ah neh , you want to learn lky’s law suit gong fu arh ? wait long long la ~ so many old bird ~ you new bird better keep quiet and know your place ~ since you are just warming up the seats for our prc ministers upcoming ~ hohoho ~ merry christmas ~

  4. Tan Yan Ren said

    Let me ADVISE the PAP.I have come across with many characters like this Chap…typical….”KAY KIANG”…trying to score points without any regard for anybody EXCEPT his boss.In other words….BE CAREFUL!!!!He will kill to satisfy his thirst for power …..REGARDLESS!!!!!!!!!!I AM DEEPLY disappointed at the panel selecting such NERDS and MERCENARIES to the Government which can be totally detrimental to the country!!!!

  5. KempeitaiTransLEEtors said

    Chen Show Mao is liken to intellectuals like Confucious and Zhuge Liang, with morals and virtues, placing the people over self. Where else this keling is like a typcial snake charmer (con-artist) from Delhi, out to cheat the peasants. would you ever believe a snake charmer?

  6. JJB67 said

    Sorry… whatever you say…. i just DUN like you and your attitude… (arrogance is not the way) A good and humble person will be well respected… An arrogant fellow??? well you already knew the answer by now…. Remember ALWAYS.. that you were choosen (i didn’t chose you though) to serve the people and not to show us how arrogant you are!!!

  7. Lim said

    If you have to say it out loud, it means he actually have very thin skin and was embaressed by the online tirades. Clearly this man thinks more about his pride than actually finding solutions to resolve issues at hand. Struggling to support one’s family is more important than worrying about thickness of one’s skin.

  8. Moses Oh said

    I always tot he had a thick skin for even calling people’s idea a Nigerian scam when this is what your party has been selling us all along.

  9. durian said

    Vikram should take note that the GRC scheme can be compared to a Nigerian scam.
    In essence both are con jobs, taking from the ‘victims’ but giving nothing in return.

    In the Nigerian scam victims give money for nothing.
    In the GRC scheme, victims give their votes,
    but in return get duds like Vikram who opens mouth before engaging brains.
    And it gets worse because it seems he has very little brains to begin with.

  10. Zach tells you The Other Hard Truth said

    “Nigerian” is his middle name,…..,

  11. spartacus said

    Vikram should take note that the GRC scheme can be compared to a Nigerian scam.
    Essentially both are con jobs.

    The victims in the Nigerian scam give money for nothing, whilst,
    the victims in the GRC scheme give votes but in return get dummies/duds representing them in parliament.

    Overall, you can say the victims in the GRC scheme are worse off, besides giving votes, their tax money is wasted for the next 5 yrs.

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