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Desmond Choo may be replaced as PAP candidate for Hougang due to his uncle Choo Wei Kiang’s corruption case?

Posted by temasektimes on May 7, 2012

Will the PAP replace its grassroots adviser in Hougang Desmond Choo with another candidate for the coming by-election in Hougang?

According to a Chinese tabloid, Desmond Choo, who lost Hougang to Workers Party’s Yaw Shin Leong in the General Election last year may not be fielded in Hougang in spite of his hard work there due to his uncle Choo Wei Kiang’s implication in a corruption case.

A former MP of Jalan Besar GRC, Choo Wei Kiang has been charged with corruption during his stint as President of the Singapore Table Tennis Association.

Speaking to queries from the media, Mr Choo believed that everybody must be responsible for their own actions and as his uncle has not been convicted yet, he believed rational voters will not link the two of them together.

The seat of Hougang was left vacant less than a year after the election following the expulsion of its ex-MP Yaw Shin Leong from the Workers Party over his failure to address swirling rumors around his alleged extra-marital affairs with multiple women, including two fellow party leaders.

While Mr Choo has been working hard to serve Hougang residents in the last few months in the absence of Yaw including setting up a job employment hub for unemployed residents, the Workers Party is nowhere to be seen, heard or found.

Workers Party members and supporters have been boasting unashamedly in cyberspace that WP will win Hougang with its ‘eyes closed’ and ask Mr Choo not to waste his time as Hougang is a ‘property’ of WP.

To learn more about Mr Choo, please visit his Facebook page here.


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24 Responses to “Desmond Choo may be replaced as PAP candidate for Hougang due to his uncle Choo Wei Kiang’s corruption case?”

  1. maddog2020 said

    Most Singaporeans are prudes. The expression “Death by Association” is very evident in out everyday life.

  2. Prataman said

    Another pro Desmond Choo article by TT disguised as a report on the possibility of him not being selected for the Hougang bye election.

    Your anti WP stance and bias towards Desmond Choo knows no boundary.

    Hello TT, we are not as daft as the Old Fart tried to paint us to be in his infamous interview with an international magazine.

  3. SGman said

    Again another cheap shot attempt to discredit Workers Party by Temasek Times. All ur articles involving Workers Party will have such cheap shots. Why is Temasek Times acting this way towards WP? What is ur intention? Stop being so bloody obvious call Singaporeans are not stupid. We can see what u are trying to do here.

    • Bai Hu said

      I agree with u. Somehow, TR hate WP for dunno what reasons.

    • venuscolt said

      It is obvious. Readers need to read the articles here with pinch of salt and do some analysis on our own or this might become another ST and we all know what is happening to ST nw.

  4. sibei pissed off said

    crappy article at the end. why not put some quotes by PAP supporters on their stance of hougang? POS

  5. Some how I seem to wonder some of the current MPs are related to some older retired MPs. This Choo case is just one of them.

  6. yashira said

    i no longer see the difference between the straits times and the temasek times.

  7. Wilson said

    Again and again…. Anti WP… Can you just stop your personal negative view on WP???

  8. spotlessleopard said

    Isn’t Choo Wee Kiang also charged for another criminal officence in regards to a loan and also isn’t He the same operson who commented on the Serangoon Area being all black because of the many Indians thronging the place on weekends?

    • mr bean said

      Probably some Indians gave CPIB the tip on Choo WK, and hopefully he is now sharing a cell with some Indians.

  9. Damien Toh said

    And saying WP boasted saying they would win HG with its eyes closed. I have heard of no such thing after surfing so many online forums and website. Again, what is the hidden agenda of TR?

  10. said

    If the rumors are correct – maybe yes n maybe not, but 1 brilliant idea is that Desmond Choo can join WP as candidate for Hougang.

    Like that, I confirm he certainly will be in Parliament before Jan 2013.

  11. WatSia said

    Choo Wei Kiang is Choo Wei Kiang and Desmond Choo is Desmond Choo these are 2 different people, there is no need to associate them together. It is just like fruits, apple will only be known as apple and orange will always be orange. Although they are classified as fruits but they are different in many ways.

  12. James said

    Temasek times, if you have any shame, pls stop insulting one opposition party who has worked so hard and fought against the might MIWs.

  13. Tiffany said

    Which association is worse- an uncle investigated for corruption, or scandals and cheating on the wife?

    • durian said

      Cheating on wife ? Wife will think it is worst.
      GF will also think it is worst if the married man has been masquerading as a single.
      For such a man, the 2 women ought to gang-bang him like there is no tomorrow 🙂

  14. kowboochua said

    Wow looks like a classic case of cronyism ….. kudos to the cheng hoo….

  15. singaporean said

    This is the choice of Hougang’s resident.

    If you want your voice to be heard no matter how small matters, better vote for WP and voice most of time your “voice” can be taken care of.

    Unlike PAP, Desmond Choo just a puppet of PAP, if you have problem to voice and asking for help, PAP has few layers to screen thru. some voice before go to the next layer, being screen off….so, no one bother to serve you….

  16. Truth Seeker said

    Temasek times attack PAP, NSP and WP but when there is always one party they diam diam. Hmmm…is it related to that party?

  17. christine said

    “… the Workers Party is nowhere to be seen, heard or found”. How often are you in Hougang, Temasek Times?

  18. Maria said

    Well, I would think that Desmond Choo and Choo Wei Kiang are two separate individuals. Why should we fault someone for another person’s mistake? And moreover, someone who has the residents interest at heart. I think it’s a waste if he isn’t fielded in Hougang. He has been working in the ground for quite awhile, he knows best. And pardon me for this, but if so many people think that Yaw should not have been asked to step down so long as he can draw the line between work and personal, why can’t Desmond too? And besides, it’s not like he was the one who committed the mistake. May the best man win Hougang if there is a by-election.


    TT ??? What is happening to you ??????? Out of the sudden, you have crossed over to the ruling camp ????? Is this a conspiracy ?????????

  20. Logic said

    I think attacking policies is one thing with the aim of improving them is good but this is just plain character assassination. So what if they are related? A lot of us descended from Genghis Khan so does that make us barbarians? That’s just stupid. YSL himself got into trouble, so it is a different case.

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