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Does Baey Yam Keng allow his Facebook page to be used by online lynch mobs to attack others?

Posted by temasektimes on May 7, 2012

The online community must come together to speak up against ‘witch hunts’ and ‘lynch mobs’, declared PAP MP Baey Yam Keng.

A netizen Shawn Danker asked Mr Baey on his views on the online code of code proposed by the Ministry of Information, Communication and Arts (MICA) to be implemented in cyberspace to which he replied that it is unlikely to work:

“My experience in social media tells me that hard and fast rules will not work. It is just too difficult to track and enforce everything online. What is more important is to educate the public on what is the respectful and appropriate thing to do online.”

Mr Baey also urged netizens to stand up for ‘injustice’ and speak out against witch hunts and lynch mobs:

“The online community must be prepared to stand up for injustice, and speak up against witch hunts and lynch mobs, and not join in the bandwagon.”

Mr Baey has been roundly criticized by netizens for appearing to defend NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu after he was lampooned for making an insensitive remark on there ‘being more dogs than humans in Singapore.’

Ironically, Mr Baey’s words were twisted and used by an extremist online lynch group to justify its current smear campaign against an innocent Singaporean Kenneth Seah whom it accused of ‘plagiarizing’ a few unworthy sentences from its pathetic Facebook page two weeks ago.

The group is well known for trolling, harassing and stalking those who disagree with them and appears to be associated with a lesser blog whose editor was criticized lately for making disparaging remarks about Christians.

According to information we have collated, one of its purported members is a former lecturer at the National University of Singapore.

Below are three classic examples of dysfunctional behavior displayed by online witch hunters and lynch mobsters who appear to be suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

1. Soliciting justification and support for its actions from prominent figures like Mr Baey himself:

2. Spamming the Facebook pages of its imagined ‘enemies’ repeatedly like a jilted lover despite being ignored:

3. Sprouting delusional stuff which are completely divorced from reality:

Does Mr Baey condone the actions of these cyber-stalkers?

Mr Baey should walk his talk by speaking out against this form of witch hunt and lynch mob instead of allowing his Facebook page to be used as a platform for these psychotics to launch their malicious attacks against others.



3 Responses to “Does Baey Yam Keng allow his Facebook page to be used by online lynch mobs to attack others?”

  1. smorgasbord said

    You guys have way too much free time.

  2. Zorrow said

    pots calling te kettle black. dogs from TT are not much better. forever slamming WP when you’re just another “alternative voice” wannabe

  3. WatSia said

    Who is Alex Tan? hmm…..

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