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PRC student scolds Singapore girl: You are a traitor ‘DOG’!!!

Posted by temasektimes on May 7, 2012

Despite repeated exhortations by the government to Singaporeans to ‘integrate’ with the foreigners no matter what it takes, the process is not going too well even at the junior level.

Large number of PRC students have flocked to study in Singapore’s primary and secondary schools in recent years in the hope that it may be easier for them to integrate with Singaporean students at a younger age which turns out to be misplaced judging from a conversation on Facebook between PRC and Singaporean students.

One PRC student in Singapore Viola posted on her Facebook that she is happy to be returning to China as Singapore is such a stupid and boring place:

Her comment prompted a Singaporean student Ashraff Cheong to reply:

“Return to your backward China!”

Though Ashraff Cheong wasn’t exactly polite, her comment triggered a torrent of criticisms from PRC students with one Yuan Yubin calling her a ‘traitor dog’.

According to information posted on his Facebook, Yuan Yubin hailed from the city of Chongqing in China and is currently studying at Bedok North Secondary School:

It is not known if Yuan Yubin is a Singapore PR or new citizen so desperately desired by the PAP government.

Speaking at a community forum lately, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said Singapore needs to pay extra attention to facilitating the new immigrants who are ready to sink roots here, so that they integrate into society more quickly.

“Singaporeans need to do their part to make newcomers feel welcome, and to help them imbibe the values that have made Singapore strong as a society,” he said.

Singaporeans should reflect on what we can do to help make Yuan Yubin feel welcome in Singapore and to help him imbibe the values that have made Singapore strong as a society.



54 Responses to “PRC student scolds Singapore girl: You are a traitor ‘DOG’!!!”

  1. VH2006 said

    Has anyone made a formal complaint to MOR and Bedok North Secondary?

    The last time I checked is a country, not a part of China.

  2. Burn said

    Ashraff’s comments are rather rude to be honest but then again the other person’s reply is simply too offensive and abusive .. rather uncalled for

  3. said

    welcome? sure. when she is > 18 yrs old, she will be working at all the ktvs and we are supposed to take her out and fxxk her brains out. money = welcome. good deal? prc whore.

  4. El said

    On one hand, we use English to kpkb, they said if we don’t use Chinese we aren’t even a thing (cf PKU prof)
    On the other hand, we use Chinese to kpkb, they said we are traitor.

    Double standard much?

    Well actually, my ancestor came from Africa, according to theory of evolution.

  5. Stupid PRCs said

    This is his Facebook Account.

  6. JJB67 said

    Respect must be mutual…. Not we give … they take and in return they give and we get “shxt”!!!!

  7. Stirrer said

    Why these China sluts need to study?
    They just need to learn Maths to calculate how much they earn per month in Geylang will do.

  8. Stirrer said

    Must check on this slut if she’s moonlight as a hardcore prostitute in Geylang. I will pay her to swallow a broomstick.

  9. Blood suckers said

    If you don’t like singapore. Go back. No one is forcing you.

  10. screw pap said

  11. musing said

    The fault started with Ashraff.

    I read through the whole thread. The original poster “Viola” actually did tell another of her friend (who was critising that Sg’s nitelife is a far cry from other cities) that one cannot compare Singapore with other countries as every country has her own unique points. She even reminded her friend that just because they didnt know it meant that it doesnt exist. It could be that they werent hanging out in the right circle.

    It was all pretty mild discussion until this idiotic Ashraff started to insult other people. She had it coming and as a true blue singaporean, I think she deserve it. When 2 people get into an argument, and when Ashraff started a verbal fight, you cannot expect niceties to be exchanged.

    • sfng said

      I agree.

    • Lol said

      Agree! Ppl have their complaints. I don’t see any of them scolding till our fellow singaporean come in and scold first. “你奶奶”?!. Why in the first place she go kaypo ! And please , fellow singaporeans, show them we can think.

    • venuscolt said

      I agree with Musing as well and I think Temasek Times seems to be getting a bit overboard with the foreigners issues. I am not a fan of the mass influx of foreigners policies; in fact i really don’t like it; but I cannot help feeling Temasek Times is trying to instigate readers to go against foreigners. My stand is: It is a bad policy.. it is a shitty policy but it is not the people who are at fault. Please take note that: 一种米养百种人。 Not everyone in the country will be a saint or angel and not everyone in the country is a devil. We should set focus back on policy maker and focus on policies.

    • f....t...sux said

      yubin is just another extra from the third world country !!!

  12. Henry said

    It is unfortunate that such conversations take place. I fear the gracious society that we have been told to build is rapidly being punctune by foreign elements, or have been been led to give in so the foreign elements can penetrate … recalling the fall of the Ming Dynastry …

  13. Ken Lee said


  14. HWZ.EDMW said

    ah tiong bu de CB jin ho jiak

  15. No Can Do said

    Is TT degenerating into a secondary school forum to report such childish trash as a squabble among sec school students? Has TT run out of news to hv to resort to sec shool news as if they’re adult developments? Didn’t we adult sinkies fought and call each other all sorts of names in sec school? So what’s the beef here??
    TT’s losing perspective to be worse than trash social media, first, anti-WP, now blowing sec shool squabble to national dimensions. What gives??

  16. JOHN CENA said

    LOL….those china dogs damn funny, they can insult others but when the others insult them back, they cry father cry mother liao, no wonder they get beaten, burn by ciggarettes on the face and bullied by angmos in australia

  17. seX pisToLs said

    Is the PRC students a SIngapore PR or new citizens?

    Singapore is flooded with more and more “parasites”.

  18. sibei pissed off said

    aiya if china is so good and perfect wth are they doing here? say people if good don’t use chinese products, scram home lor. if u good u come here for what? dumping ground for 10th class prc citizens. bedok north sec leh wah lao psle 200 to express stream is it

  19. blurrbl0ck said

    Reblogged this on blurrbl0ck.

  20. hello, yuan yubin is a male la.

  21. denzuko1 said

    I am curious to know as to why Chinese nationales are so limited in their vocabs? Dog is the only thing they can think of to describe those they want to scold, nothing but dogs? I am betting that their vulgarity diversification would also lose out to Singapore.

    Certainly they still have a long way to go in improving their education system.

  22. moizbeauty said

    Funny… Temasek times now monitors other people’s private FB to find news -_-
    FB is becoming more and more “less private” because people keep adding friends they dont know.

  23. Anonymous said

    China backward??? Singaporean youths should travel to cities in China before they spew ill-informed comments. They are now years ahead of us already!! Those that come to SG to work just wanna slow down take it easier abit. Pffft…

    • PH said

      Why are we paying so much attention to kids’ squabbles here. Would we be giving so much attention if no prc was involved but the content made the same? Let us not allow anger to get the better of us. Let’s be objective adults. They r just kids. In fact, the one who wrote her post sounds like a sensible kid. I do know some prc kids who were forced to study here. Some r even sincere n respectful kids, more sensible than our own local kids. Let’s not stereotype them but teach them right from wrong. Pple like sun xu is already condemned. These kids can still be guided. Do not let them lose hope n become the next ingrate. Instead, let’s educate them.

  24. singaporeson said

    prc are the same level as pigs. Proof ? U can see them pooping everywhere in Singapore. Motherfucking prc pigs !

    • Mikey said

      Pls dun insult pigs leh.. they very intelligent one leh..

      I would liken PRCs to cockroaches.. kill one.. 5 more pop up.. cannot kill finish one..

      • Mikey said

        come to think of it.. I now know why PRCs only got one word to scold us Singies..

        Dogs = Loyal, devoted, selfless, & do not bite the hands that feed them..

        Everything that are not..

        They robably never heard of those terms too..
        They would gladly sell their mothers for a chinese sausage.

  25. kowboochua said

    I wonder what happen to the statement “When in Rome do what the Romans do”. We should unite and get rid of the locust who deprive Singaporeans of our jobs…. take up space at public transport and most importantly make our neighborhood peaceful again. The locust are creating too much social disorder…..

    • Mikey said

      Pls dun insult locusts also..
      they just eat everything and fuck off..

      Cockroaches hang around to fuck you up!

  26. voice of the people said

    this kind of trash must be beaten up

  27. crab said


  28. ACK said

    Yes – Singapore gals are traitor dogs ! Every China or Singapore gals are dogs – whether they are black or white : )

  29. hokkien peng said

    actually the chinese are correct, i just been to shanghai and they are much more advance than singapore. our only advantage is that our english is better, everything else we lose or will lose to them. so eventually they will return back to china, i will if i am chinese.

  30. logicsense said

    whoever has never criticise another country or its people, may cast the first stone.

  31. wMulew said

    Either most of U idiots don’t read chinese or U guys are brainless. It is pretty obvious the entire incident was started by the moron Ashraff Cheong, the “local”!!!!

  32. ashley said

    Erm, didnt those prc left their country to study in Singapore? Aren’t they the traitors? Thief calling others thief isn’t it? They should just take a piss and look at their reflection from it.

  33. If Singaporeans staying in Singapore are called traitors, then what do u call those who leave their country to come to Singapore? Why is the traitor calling a native Singaporean a traitor? Confused.

    If Singapore Chinese are traitors because they speak Chinese in Singapore, then are we traitors of England as well? Since we all use English in Singapore more than we use Chinese. So we are traitors x2?

    If Singapore govt doesn’t try to prevent all these shit from happening, then Singaporeans will really soon become traitors, when they all leave Singapore and be a citizen elsewhere, since the sense of nationality seems to be slowly fading away.

    It really disappoints me everytime i see such news. it seems as if we Singaporeans are not protected by our govt. If such things doesnt stop happening, then we just prolly gotta wait till the day, a Singaporean and a foreign-talent-that-the-govt-claims-to-be starts fighting and eventually erupts to a riot. Why wld i not be surprised if there’s such a day…

  34. ffdf said

    一个大国来到一个小岛要饭, 真没出息 !!!

  35. Concerned Singaporean said

    What is disturbing isn’t the derogatory content, but it is the call for treachery by the Yuan that deserves scrutinization. What I understand from Yuan is his reference for Singapore to be part of China and that since our roots originate from China according to him, he is insinuating that we should regard China the foundation of our allegiance. That is sedition as it is asking Singaporeans to pick up the call of treason.

    Why is this person not arrested?

    I will have to appeal to fellow Singaporeans to maintain composure. Do not develope extremist views and look at such matters with maturity. Write in to the school for legitimate action to be taken rather than taking things into our own hands.

  36. Jack said

    The government has to understand that quite a number of people have low tolerance from all these nationals that hail from china. It does not help when they comment about singapore in such a negative manner. If that china person is not happy with singapore she can jolly well go back to china, and bring back some along with her. Thank you very much

  37. mike said

    I am absolutely DISGUSTED and APPALLED at the standard of recent posts in this website. Singapore is one day gonna turn into some xenophobic and nationalist wasteland because of such websites.

    If this trend really continues, I’m renouncing my citizenship as soon as I finish NS and I’m never coming back here again.

  38. moneyman said

    OMG can those PRC speak hokkien. I think Puppies are trying to make us speak northerner language. KNN.

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