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Singapore singer Stefanie Sun expecting her first child

Posted by temasektimes on May 7, 2012

Singapore singer Stefanie Sun has confirmed she is pregnant with her first child.

The singer announced the news in a press statement today after she posted on her Weibo account:

‘Yes, all of you have guessed it! Yayhay!’

Stefanie married Dutch-Indonesian businessman Nadim van der Ros last year on 8 May.

Sun’s manager Cao Jinwei said:

“Apart from some changes in her diet, Stefanie is feeling fine, and she is exercising and working as per normal.”


6 Responses to “Singapore singer Stefanie Sun expecting her first child”

  1. Freemakan said

    what so great !

  2. venuscolt said

    TT About Us: The Temasek Times is an online news portal which aims to provide quick updates on Singapore’s socio-political affairs from an unique and interesting perspective. and from Wikipedia This is the definition. Is the above article considered socio-political? Are we driving at “Singapore woman not delivering baby for Singapore”?

    • Ken Lee said

      Singapore’s sociopolitical affair? yes! she have just add one more local Singaporean!
      one more suffering being!

      • Ken Lee said

        o sorry law a Dutch-Indonesian new baby add to Dutch-Indonesian.
        her baby will be a Dutch-Indonesian-Singaporean. thought Singapore not allow double country citizenship!

  3. This successful women is having her first child at 33 and married a foreign man. This is the issue PAP needs to address.

  4. Freemakan said

    why must bother about her…she is pap

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