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SingPost Vice-President replies to Li Weiming’s queries on company’s employment benefits

Posted by temasektimes on May 7, 2012

Yesterday, we published a comment posted by Mr Li Weiming on the Facebook page of Minister of State Tan Chuan Jin inquiring about the employment benefits enjoyed by employees of Singapore Post. (read more here)

We received a reply from SingPost’s Vice-President Miss Tay Poh Choo on the same day addressing the issue.

Attached below is her reply to Mr Li Weiming:


9 Responses to “SingPost Vice-President replies to Li Weiming’s queries on company’s employment benefits”

  1. Double standard said

    CPF contributions are also payable for the following employees:

    Company Directors

    Part-time/Casual Employees

    Family Workers

    National Service In-Camp Training

    Concurrent Employment

  2. CB said

    What a LJ reply. His parents have been working for 5 and 10 years respectively and didn’t even go on leave- isn’t this commitment already? Is this how Singpost take advantage of the lower-income people and save from providing CPF and leaves? Working from 1pm to 8pm is really a full-time job- stop denying this is not a full time job. As expected, in SG you die your business.

  3. Lim Pei Ka Li Gong ... said

    This “Neighbourhood Postman” (NP) Scheme is a farce. My postman comes every alternate day. Letters and documents due to be sent are consolidated and delivered every two days. When she comes, she takes her own sweet time and first deposits the Pizza Hut flyers, CapitalLand new property prospectus, etc before doing the real job that she’s supposed to do.

    Shouldn’t SingPost charge us half the price of postage for half the efficiency and half the reliability of timely service?

  4. Andy said

    We need legal advice. Did the Singapore Post breached the CPF ACT and Employment ACT by not paying cpf contribution and not giving annual leave entitlement to contract workers?

  5. nick said

    Part-time employees (except managers, executives, domestic workers and seamen) are also covered under the Employment Act.

    CPF contributions are payable by the employer for part-time/casual employees. 

  6. Double standard said

    Since our workfare is based on CPF contributions, how can these low wage earners benefit.. as long as they are under Sing Post payroll whether they are monthly paid, daily paid or hourly paid or piece rate Sing Post is responsible for their CPF.

  7. Double standard said

    Not sure whether there is a clause in the CPF ACT which allows employer not to contribute CPF for employees who do not wish to undertake commitment for regular employment.

  8. kowboochua said

    And till now the garmen does not want to introduce minimum wage policy…… and we pay so much for a CEO who writes rubbish……..

  9. CPF contributions are compulsory, now where have all our rules and regulations gone to, hah. So is Singapore RULES AND REGULATIONS there for FUN, May I Asked? Where in the CPF ACT, which chapter, states that temporary workers need no contribution to the CPF, or are there inbuilt RULES for SingPost ONLY not to contribute to CPF if they are temporary workers. Are there more to it since this case have surface, what about other organizations flouting the rules and what action are intended to being taken to arrest the loopholes of flouting the protected LAWS

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