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Aussie expat scolds Singapore NSmen: You are MORONS!!!

Posted by temasektimes on May 8, 2012

A seemingly innocuous discussion on rising ‘anti-foreigner’ sentiments among some Singaporeans on Facebook turned nasty with a heated exchange of words between an Australian expatriate working in Singapore and a group of Singapore NSmen, a sign of how sensitive the issue has become.

Parry has earlier chided Singaporeans to stop behaving like ‘babies’ prompting a sharp rebuke from a Singapore NSman Dennis Chua who asked him to ‘shut up’ if he did not serve National Service:

Dennis’ words touched a raw nerve on Parry who replied callously:

“‎Have you served National Service in Singapore?” <— that’s the only thing that SINGAPOREANS can ever retaliate with. What if I have? My opinion is still the same. What if a female made the same comment? MORONS…”

According to Troy Parry, he was born in Sydney and relocated to Singapore more than ten years ago:

Parry is a Singapore permanent resident, but has declined to take up Singapore citizenship, like many other foreigners who want to enjoy the ‘best of both worlds’ at the expense of Singaporeans, especially the men serving National Service to ensure they can make a decent living in a safe and stable environment.

Without ‘morons’ like us spending the most precious years of our youth defending and protecting Singapore, will they even come to Singapore in the first place?

Instead of showing some basic respect and appreciation for the sacrifices made by Singaporean men, Parry found fit to lecture them and even hurled insults at them which made a mockery of repeated exhortations by PAP leaders to Singaporeans to welcome foreigners.

Speaking at a community forum lately, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said Singapore needs to pay extra attention to facilitating the new immigrants who are ready to sink roots here, so that they integrate into society more quickly.

“Singaporeans need to do their part to make newcomers feel welcome, and to help them imbibe the values that have made Singapore strong as a society,” he said.

Going by DPM Teo’s line of reasoning, Singaporeans should reflect on what they can do to make foreigners like Troy Parry feel welcomed in Singapore and maybe for a beginning, they should accept his ‘compliment’ that they are ‘MORONS’ as well.


74 Responses to “Aussie expat scolds Singapore NSmen: You are MORONS!!!”

  1. Sam Gunner said

    “Imbibe the values…..”?
    Sure, come to Orchard Towers and get beaten up by some Mats.
    That’s how we became a strong society.

  2. Having Fun said

    Have fun with this not that difficult to track down.

    Works at deutsche bank

  3. What do you expect from a descendant of convict? Once a convict, always a convict, and them Aussies are some of the biggest bunch of hypocrites. They will tell you that they do not have a racist bone in them. But the next minute, you will hear stories of them beating up anyone who doesn’t share the same skin colour.

    Btw, it is due to international pressure that they had no choice but to stop practicing WHITE Australia Policy.

    • Mei said

      it’s all for the sake of foreign exchange; without which, they would be in the gutters. They give a lot of face to China; their biggest customer. They are peppered with free money by a highly unpopular government.

  4. Abubakar said

    I hate to say this. From what I heard, Aussies were formerly convicts who were sentenced to doom. However, on a humanitarian grounds they were dumped in Australia which were inhibited, to find their own survival. So you can track back Troy Parry’s decendants and why he is speaking the way he is now. The rest you could blame it in LKY and his ponchos.

  5. Farmer said

    Why is the poster becoming xenophobe?. You are starting a flame bait topic. This is out if hand. You ran out of topic and target character assassination via facebook mining? this is simply you guys ran out of topic isn’t?

    i think you should focus more on the driver, not the passenger.

  6. sweetbean said

    Troy Parry
    ‎Lee Hsien Loong you should see the poor image of Singaporeans that these locals are portraying on “The Temasek Review” facebook page. There is always a lot of foreigner hate speech provoked on that page:


    I really can’t understand this. Here is another person complaining to Prime Minister about Singaporeans. You surely must realize by doing this it is making Singaporeans more anti-foreigner. Is that what you want? I understand, it does not seem fair – all the ranting about foreigners but this does nothing to help the situation.

    Most Singaporeans are saying if foreigners are that unhappy they can always leave here – if Singaporeans are unhappy it is difficult to leave so they complain. Just let them – after all it does not affect your job, your life – does it? It would be better to empathize than antagonize. Please.

  7. Disappointed oldman said

    Why are the FT try to stir up more problems which I think we had too much to handle with our daily life. I remember many years ago and it was during LKY’s time. SIA has this big problem which one of their Captain (an FT) trying to stir up an industrial strike and mess up SIA, our EX President Mr NIAR was ask to get in and settle the dispute and later this so call Captain was strip from his PR OR CITZENSHIP and ask to leave singapore, Now, that case is only a company’s matter, but now, THIS is a nation that is involved and WHY, WHY no one from our govt. come out and say some thing and ensure that this type of even does not happen again??? Please by keeping quite would not solve the problems. Firm action has to be taken to those FT who try to stir our national issue be strip off their PR or Citizenship.
    Bring immigrant is good but must be of good quality.
    Having more baby is easy, but to bring them up to 18 years old and than go in the NS is not easy. Frankly, has the govt do any things to make them believe. I remember when my first child was in K1, I only pay S$120.00 per month with subseduce from the Govt. but now can the person incharge of the so call immigrant programe think and come up with better ideal and give it to our PM and not those stupid ideal of quick and fast. One important issue is if your house can take in only 10 person and all the sudden it increases to 50 can you think what will be the end result.
    So I hope that only good ideal contribution and not those quick and fast.
    Forgive my spelling and grammer.

  8. tommy said

    Maybe the minister will allow these “newcomers” to spend some nights with their family members. This will definately make them welcome and imbile the Sing value unto them. They might even call the minister FIL.

  9. blanket party said

    This is too much. Even the Australian PM tells immigrants and foreigners in Australia to respect and adjust to australian way of life and here we have an aussie coming here and not respecting the Singapore way of life. Who’s the moron here?

  10. toFxxKwithit said

    I say let’s make war against the foreigners instead. I hope to see Singapore turning back to the 70s where there are riots… apart from the fact that it’s not racial riots but nationality riots.

    • toFxxKwithit said

      By war i meant verbal war btw. but i do hope to see nationality riots in Singapore nevertheless

  11. Skiesx said

    My issue with the Singapore government taking in foreigners who didn’t integrate was primarily aimed at PRCs, Indian nationals, mainly those who couldn’t speak English and refused to mingle with the locals. I never had an issue with Caucasians who I felt made an effort to assimilate and become part of our society, until now. Troy Parry’s really starting a whole other issue that didn’t even involve him in the first place. Oh and, will someone please tell him that in Singapore we DON’T have freedom of speech? Better start reading up on our laws and legislations, citizen.

  12. Karl said

  13. Stop getting your panties in a bunch! said

    Could u please be decent to link up to the ORIGINAL thread of discussion so that we can form our own opinion if his statement was justified or uncalled for. Sorry, taking a screen shot out of nowhere is doing your argument injustice, and does not make your site seem credible.

    From the way I interpret his Tory’s comment from the screen shot, is that he felt that the SG men who retorted his previous comments are making moronic comments since their only contention is that Tory does not serve NS and Tory is asking if he was a female who made the remark, does that mean it’s ok?

    Stop getting your panties into a bunch Temasek Times and give us something more credible worthy of our time. You are TURNING INTO THE VERY thing you are fighting against, you are being very unreasonable. In Chinese it is widely known as “鸡蛋里挑骨头“

  14. white trash said

    there are lotsa such foreign trash in Singapore nowadays.

  15. Blood suckers said

    I seriously believe that all the ministers like to be called dogs, morons, etc.

    Aren’t they Singaporeans? If someone actually degrade their own citizen. They just sit down and balantly ask us to accept and gracious do more to help these motherfuckers who open their fucking smelly trap

    I really see no light at the end of the tunnel with this PAP regime.

  16. tianna said

    This Australian dude is my ido

  17. tianna said

    This Australian dude is my idol *

  18. Clover said

    I am a Singaporean female. I fully support our NS men who have contributed to the safety of our country. Seriously, our government really need to think and care for us Singaporeans who are the one defending our country. If those permanent residents do not want to convert to Singapore citizen, then revoke their PR status after 5 years. How could they enjoy the fruits of the hard work of our ancestor yet not contribute anything?

    To the current leader, if you really want to know why we Singaporeans are so frustrated with the current batch of pap, then listen to us. We are voicing our concerns as we true blue Singaporeans still love our country.

    To that perry, if u are not happy, please leave Singapore. We do not welcome you.

    We female Singaporeans, do contribute to Singapore’s defense. Produce male babies who grow up to serve NS. 🙂

  19. Clover said

    Seriously, I hope that perry is reading. Stop humiliating yourself. To PAP, please reflect on your policy. Your policy is causing much conflict between Singaporeans and foreigners. Why? The threat to Singaporeans is very real, especially we are competing for jobs.

    We do not dislike most foreigners who are respectful. For those who think they own the land or bcos they are white, please go back to your country. You don’t boss us around.

  20. singaporean said

    There are many of these type of youngster become singapore PR yet forget many of their privileges are “sponspored” by singaporean taxpayers….. and instead of appreciated, they used singaporean money but condemn singaporean…. Thanks to PAP take in all kind of “Tom, Dick n Harry” to be singapore PR!!

    • Lilililili said

      PRs pay equal amounts of taxes, and more in other indirect ways, such as education.

      • Abubakar said

        My justification and logic is simple.

        Ask those PR, why they choose Singapore and not their peers who stayed on in their homeland despite rain or shine? Ask other PRs fm their own country why they chose other countries to settledown and not Singapore?

        If Singapore is not to their standard, why come here? Only those ppl which are low class will come here rite?

        Now why these low-class start to compare with us locals?

  21. Bengy said

    Hey, white ass if are so damn great why don’t you stay put at your own country..but instead coming here to kiss our yellow asses…White MORON…

    • AUSSIE GET LOST!! said

      yeah! if we r a country of morons why do u still come here?

  22. Troy Parry said

    …and the actual thread with the UNEDITED post. Nothing was said about NSmen…

  23. Singapore Chinese said

    Troy – Just shut up and save the negative comments to yourself. You are only a PR taking full advantage of our flawed immigration policy.

  24. jj said

    PRC will not protect singapore if there’s war . lol

  25. Casey Boyle said this is his fb

    Such fucking moron… should leave SG or better, be lynched by locals! And TCH??? He is a fucking moron like this angmoh!!! S’pore is the only country that blindly idolise the west and degrades their own. This is how PAP treats the local. But again… thos who voted for PAP… deserve this totally

  26. axe said

    How would you know that he “declined to take up Singapore citizenship, like many other foreigners who want to enjoy the ‘best of both worlds’ at the expense of Singaporeans, especially the men serving National Service to ensure they can make a decent living in a safe and stable environment.”

  27. Talk is cheap said

    He should just take up S’pore citizenship, will he?
    I bet he does not have the balls to take up S’pore citizenship.
    He is in S’pore whether as a FT or a S’pore PR, he should do it in the S’pore way.
    From an Aust PR and a S’porean who completed 2.5 yrs NS and 10 yrs ICT

  28. Souless said

    This post is misleading and troll-sourcing.

    • subb said

      “News and views from a unique perspective”? Yeah, a biased, out-of-context, troll-sourcing, myopic one at best.

  29. inspir3d said

    I agree that singaporeans are morons. They keep sucking the dick that screws them. Why is it that clowns like Troy Perry can insult singaporean men and get away with it? It is because moronic Singaporeans chose the Govt that let him in here in the first place.

  30. KempeitaiTransLEEtors said

    White boy’s National Service is having an ‘Asian Fetish’ (after watching too much Asian American pornstars like Asa Akira, Evelyn Lin), and only ‘exclusively date’ Asian sluts like SPGs, and releasing their beastly limp dick ‘load’ on them.

  31. Arshad said

    Expats ‘beaten up’ on Malaysian island

    Victims claim attackers were bodyguards of VIP; resorts deny incident

    Published on May 9, 2012

    Do you know why Ang Mohs behave so well in Malaysia and not Singapore?

    Well, now you know.

  32. Moron Troy said

    I know this guy. He is the moron that works at Getronics. Not sure if he still working there.

    • KempeitaiTransLEEtors said

      This is not a troll, Troy Parry is a real Aussie prick from “Down Under”. This douchebag was at Starhub for 6mths, then Deutche Bank for 3 years in ICT/IT systems management.

      Now he’s an aspiring amatuer photographer doing softcore shoots with SPGs, and freelance ‘models’.

  33. oute said

    Right, tell it to our Defense Minister or Member of Parliament, that our NS men are “morons”.

    Tell him to stop the enlisting of men.

  34. denzuko1 said

    This Aussie should mind his own business.

  35. spotlessleopard said

    Decendents of Convicts will always be decendents of convicts…..they will never change it is in their genes.

    • LOL THEORY said

      Saying shit like this is the same as saying if you are the decendent of people from china, you will always be from china. According to your theory, you are now a foreigner who has never served NS before and how deserve to get out of this fucking place, you china prick.

      • Abubakar said

        Singapore is not mainly Chinese from China lol. Fyi, I am a Malay Singaporean of Singapore origin. When you talk about them chinese, you also talk about other fragmen of the population. We make a concrete society without your divided loyalty.

  36. Ken Lee said

    another guy from Deutsche Bank!!?? pls call Deutsche Bank up to check his status! may be another scram!!!

  37. theonion said

    This article headline does not make sense since the original FB thread was on the comments and opinions.
    Agreed withe comments on “Stop getting your panties in a bunch! said”

  38. alan said

    dont think the aussie is wrong. Seriously i am ashame of all the whining and complaining..just waiting to leave this place and i definitely wont want the next country to treat me like how my people treat ft.

  39. clement said

    Why would he want to take up Singapore citizenship? I’m hoping to migrate to Australia! Those who ask him to take up Singapore citizenship should really *reflect* on yourselves. Our leader called us daft, he called Singaporeans morons: Similar wat?!

    • Who should reflect? said

      I am prepared to take up Aust citizenship as an Aust PR and a S’porean, will he? At least I had faithfully served 2.5 yrs NS and 10 yrs ICT, what about him?

  40. Andrew said

    Singaporeans really ought to stop expecting other nations to empathize with them. Iirc, the bulk of expats come from countries where there is no mandatory military service. It is natural that they feel no obligation to serve, much less in a foreign country.

    Forcing others to suffer the same burdens you do does not relieve you of them. Neither does it make the world more ‘fair’. Either don’t hate the foreigners, or find proper logic chains to back up your beliefs.

  41. LkySi said

    Parry works in Deutsche Bank as a Gigolo

  42. thisisastupidconversation said

    I give Singapore 20 years and there will be no more mandatory NS service.

    And guess what? Everybody will be happy.

  43. Lilililili said

    Singapore’s becoming like UK – xenophobic and largely anti globalisation. would you stop Singaporeans from settling abroad too?

  44. Abubakar said

    Look what they did to Vietnam, Iraq, afghanistan etc? The killed innocent citizens, impregnate the women and leave them bonkers. Angmohs are known for that!

  45. hothot said

    I think this where he is working now.

  46. tag said

    Dont be harsh on peoples’ comments. they may be right. Singapore is a well defended country and may be also filled with chickens and self centered people. U dont just say people are wrong when u dont even study the true politics of the country, be it good or bad. Singaporeans are too defensive, afraid what people might think of them. We need to be open, accept peoples’ opinions and analyse them in different perspectives. Till then we will know our mistakes, whether we are right or wrong.

    • Singaporean said

      It is wrong to call ALL Singaporeans moron. He is biting the hands that feed him. Who is tat? Singapore ministers who allow ppl like tat perry to come here. Well since we all know his face, just don’t patronize his photography business.

  47. Abubakar said

    A simple apology from this Aussie may just be sufficient. End of story.

  48. steve said

    It is his choice to remain a PR and also his choice to be callous and critical bastard.
    End of the day, we should be making PR pay more taxes than what they are paying now.

  49. Real said

    I think whites should be exterminated, but that’s jsut me.

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