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CGH PERVERT doctor Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen gets probation only for flashing his genitals at NUS girl

Posted by temasektimes on May 8, 2012

Changi General Hospital (CGH) PERVERT doctor Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen (pic left) was given a mere ‘touch’ on his wrist when he was put on probation for one year only for insulting the modesty of a 19-year-old undergraduate instead of a jail term which is the usual case.

For the offence, he could be jailed up to one year and fined.

In an earlier case, a man was jailed six months for exposing himself to his 11 year old daughter.

The 37 year old doctor from Malaysia had admitted in March to dressing up as a Victoria Junior College student and lifting his skirt to expose his genitals to the girl in August 2010.

He also repeated the same ‘feat’ to another girl who agreed to compound his offence for $5,000.

In mitigation, Ngeow’s lawyer claimed he has been secretly ‘cross-dressing’ since he was nine years old.

Despite the gravity of his offence and the fact he is currently seeing a psychiatrist, CGH still allows him to work in the hospital, stressing that Dr Ivan Ngeow remains ‘very much part of its team.

Though Dr Ivan Ngeow is a Senior Resident Physician in Geriatric Medicine, he will need to interact with young female nurses and medical students in the course of his work as well.

In a statement released to the media, a CGH spokesperson said efforts to help Dr Ivan Ngeow ‘get back to his feet’ have led to him being allowed to see patients again and “he remained under the close supervision of his head of department”, Asst Professor Chuo Mee Leh Adeline:


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10 Responses to “CGH PERVERT doctor Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen gets probation only for flashing his genitals at NUS girl”

  1. Ken Lee said

    ????!!!!! what will happen if this “incident” happen to local peasant?

  2. Henry said


  3. Sure or Not? said

    what Changi hospital continues to have this PERVERT working at the hospital.

    are there some special relationship with the Supervisor Chuo Mee Leh Adeline?

  4. I don’t understand the need to post his supervisor’s contact info all over here. Clearly she did nothing wrong. The fault lies with the system, not with anyone else. I don’t blame CGH for holding onto this guy, the court didn’t jail him so why should they need to terminate his contract? Everyone in the world has double standards, just face it. If it was a PRC, or FT, we would want him to be jailed and thrown out of the country, when it’s one of our own, we say it’s too light. What if this guy was your brother, son, or father? Would you be relieved or say “Daddy should go to jail.” Who are we to criticize? Posting this doctor’s contact info when she did nothing wrong just shows how low we can go, and it’s no wonder 60.1% of the population believes that the PAP is the best option. Although i’m one of the 40%, this is ridiculously stupid and childish.

    • KNN said

      I agree with you, Roarasuras.
      This is tantamount to cyber bullying.
      Stop this malarkey, Temasek Times!

  5. KNN said

    Inappropriate for Temasek Times to post a picture of the doctor (and his colleagues) and his HOD. Shame on you!

    • lsvop said

      Noted in another post about sex addiction, TT posted contacts of where to get help. And now, after one is successfully treated, they do this! Hypocrite!

  6. sweetbean said

    And it’s not appropriate to call him a pervert. There may be things in his background that may have contributed to his behaviour and subsequent actions. These may include psychological, biological or neurological factors. I am against the use of this word in this context.

  7. Shame on you TR. said

    Agree with above post. This is cyber bullying. TR, that is much of what you do these days, gutter blogging (no, it is not journalism at all). This is utterly inappropriate behaviour. There is no need to post his photo or to identify his friends and colleagues here.
    Let the court of law and the psychiatric professionals deal with him. He needs help, not your cyber lynching. TR seems to mostly promote prejudice, racism, sexism and all that is wrong and hateful. I believe in free speech and free press, but it should be tempered by civility.

  8. kangaroo logic said

    Wonder what Gan K Y of MOH got to say, including members of SMA ?

    There is no doubt this doc needs professional help himself and it is not unreasonable to say CGH management is found wanting in handling his case.
    The minimum is to suspend him while he undergoes treatment and professional evaluation.
    This would have been the outcome for whatever profession one can think of.

    ps: geriatric medicine is about taking care of the elderly.

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