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Former Reform Party candidate Alex Tan Zhixiang has decided to quit Singapore for good

Posted by temasektimes on May 8, 2012

I am one of those many young people out there like the commentator on Temasek Times above who have grown disillusioned of Singapore and wanting to emigrate out of here. Like him, I always go to explain at great lengths of how Singapore is really like to curious foreigners over a chat.

My girlfriend is a S-pass holder and she totally agrees with what I’ve said about Singapore’s system and the sorry state of affairs here and how we will suffer like the rest with a government who takes their citizens for granted.

We intend to get married this year but family planning or baby making is a no-no until we settled down in either Sans Franscisco(her cousin’s family is there already) or Auckland(my preference).

I am currently getting my engineering degree and working full time to save up a modest fund by 2014 when I graduated.

My current job as an engineer in a specialized trade is in the long term skill shortage list for immigration, and what attracted me is they are paying 2 to 3 times higher than what I’m getting here in Singapore.

In Singapore, my trade is in high demand, but apparently the Singapore employers wants to have their cake and eat it too. They resorted to hiring cheap foreign engineers and expected the existing engineers to train them, which is impossible without the necessary qualifications in knowledge.

These foreign engineers have a engineering degree but they are at best technician-quality and not engineers who innovate solutions and manage a team. The main reason why productivity is falling especially in my trade is because they hardly think about plausible solutions or simply just talk…perhaps talking is strenuous as their communication skills are poor, probably thinking too as their mindset are unfortunately very much framed up.

There are enough frustrations working with low quality foreigners in our midst and I don’t see why I should put up working with them learning nothing new and always teaching, and if I want to teach, I might as well go back to be a A-Maths tutor like during my National Slavery days where I could easily earn more doing it full time today than what I could get now.

In countries like New Zealand, they have a sound social safety net and their society’s order and economic indicators would never become as polarized and extreme like Singapore’s. Why? Simply because their governance is built on the choice of the people, and this is democracy I’m talking about.

The citizens will moderate the country’s system with opposing forces always resonating among themselves to attract the majority’s support. But in Singapore, all of us have to listen to the PAP because the Opposition is kept very weak.

There are no adaptations of any logical proposals that doesn’t run align with PAP’s political inclinations and the PAP will simply dismiss them as populist or radical(this choice of word by the PAP is a scare tactic…radical…oh my…could be a terrorist’s idea…like the wage shock therapy from Dr Lim Chong Yah).

With PAP grassroot leaders and the mainstream media always currying favors by presenting skewed ground sentiments to their MPs and Ministers, Singaporeans ended up voiceless and policies become disconnected with reality. Look no further than at Lee Hsien Loong’s facebook. That is the breeding ground of radical PAP extremists.

There are thousands of cult-like responses supporting the PAP and they would attack any anti-PAP sentiments or have the moderator deleting them like this[Link]. I sometimes wonder if I served National Slavery to protect these disgusting people, and there is 60% like them in Singapore.

My decision to leave Singapore is more motivated by the push factors that are largely disappointments of Singapore’s system than the pull factors of retirement and family-friendly environments in New Zealand and US. Singapore is my home, I love Singapore especially when I grew up during the golden years that is the 1990s. I would like my children to grow up in the 1990s Singapore the way I did but that is no longer possible here.

On my conscience level, at least I have decided to leave Singapore with a fight(that is to partake in the Opposition). I fought, I lost and now I’m gone because my family come first. People around me are telling me to stick for 2016 Elections and I told them I am not going to waste my youth here and I am telling my friends to leave as well, for my very last struggle with the PAP is to deny them the very young people they need to sustain their political dominance.


*The above was initially posted as a comment here.



69 Responses to “Former Reform Party candidate Alex Tan Zhixiang has decided to quit Singapore for good”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    Alex, congratualtions on your decision. Leave whilst you can…if you can please sponsor your siblings and parents too…leave this God forsaken place to the PAP “New” citizens and thier cronies……Good luck,.

  2. Jaded said

    i fully support you Alex! I am also planning to leave here for good.

  3. So Sad said

    So Sad…. So Sad…. So Sad…. So Sad….
    So Sad…. So Sad…. So Sad…. So Sad….
    So Sad…. So Sad…. So Sad…. So Sad….
    So Sad…. So Sad…. So Sad…. So Sad….
    So Sad…. So Sad…. So Sad…. So Sad….
    So Sad…. So Sad…. So Sad…. So Sad….
    So So So So Sad…. So Sad….

  4. My wife shared last night her latest misadventure in finding a job last night – The agency send her resume to a firm looking for IT manager with experience in Logistics and SCM, something my wife’s been doing for more than half of her 15 years career , and they call back the agency saying they interviewed over the phone and said she is unsuitable when no such interview ever occured ; my wife clarified with the agency and told the agency that she was never contacted in the first place; when contacted the firm backtracked and say they are looking for foreigner actually ; DO I EVEN NEED TO SAY WHAT I THINK OF THAT?

    • spotlessleopard said

      To change this situation…the PAP must be voted out in the next 2016

    • 阿兵 said

      PAP is betraying their own people and hopeless. PAP is destroying our country. This country only has hope when the old Lee kicks the bucket like the post era of Mao Ze Dong.

    • christine said

      Report to Tan Chuan Jin. He said the MOM will definitely take action against employers which discriminate against Singaporeans. Let him show how sincere he is.

  5. wanker10 said

    Hi Alex, How can you be working as an Engineer without a engineering degree? U are at most an Assistant Engineer. Now, this goes a long way whereby most of the company in Singapore call their engineering staff “Engineer”. You can see so many FT from thrid world country coming to Singapore to work as Engineer & that qualify them to ‘S” pass. So in order to stop all these incorrect practices, we should start the ball rolling by standardising the job title we are having now. Name them Technician, Supervisor & etc. Engineer should be for those who have a degree in Bachelor of Engineering & above.

    • Engineer with engineering degree said

      Yes, you absolutely right.
      People without an engineering degree cannot work as an engineer, they can only be an assistant engineer. If not they are just insulting those engineers with engineering degree.
      Many diploma holders in S’pore happen to be “engineers” becos their companies employed them as “engineers”, FTs included. This is unprofessional and who claimed that S’pore is a first world country?

      • good engineer said

        Good engineer must have creative and critical kind mind

        Engineering degree is only one of the requirement. It depends on country standard. Different country have diffferent standard. If you are good, you can be considered engineer even if you do not have an engineer degreee. If I am not wrong, Bill gate was given degeree even though he did not graduate from University initially.

        I feel the most important thing for a good engineer is: professionalism with good critical and creative kind mind.

  6. sibei pissed off said

    thanks and bye. at least u got a choice

  7. Zam said

    Its very sad.

    We must stay united and vote against PAP in the GE 2016

  8. peking Dog xu sunn said

    You alway have my vote

  9. governing need social concept said

    Governing need social concept:

    Government should get in foreign “top trainer” to train people, and not getting foreigners to come here and learn in above cases, or compete with us on “lower wage”.

    For growth is for who? For country or for citizens?

    Politic is different from governing, politic uses many law concept, but governing need social concept.

    Note to editor: (for professional reason)
    1. If you are editing my text, please email me your “edited” text to me for my reference.
    2. If you are not publishing, just email and let me know. I just want to know the result but not your reason, as you have the right for doing it without reason.
    3. Please acknowledge this note by email back to me at

    Thank you

  10. Wtf said

    Alex you are rubbish. You moving to another country makes you no different from the FT you critisise. What makes you think your bad grammar would be welcomed in ‘sans’ francisco. Are you at the same time also depriving another native new zealander a job opportunity. On the same note, you have not completed your training as an engineer. Who are you to rate a fellow professional. If you consider yourself as an opposing voice or choice, I do not see why PAP should not continue to govern given the fact that at least their written english is not riddled with errors like yours. The points you have given are that of a brat who shows no appreciation for what he has. Do not blame the 60%, but please blame your personal inadequacy.
    The opposition need to have credible and commited people in order for singapore to progress from the problems we are facing. Simply voting for people like Alex will do more harm then improving things. Please examine the candidates and decide if they have the calibre.
    I do not believe I am radical or extremist. Just a regular person who does not sit in my ivory tower and critisise without significantly contributing.

    • really? said

      your grammar isn’t that good either… before criticising others, take a good look at yourself.

      • Wtf said

        I have taken a good look…. Still better then you

      • 阿兵 said

        Exactly. And it is nothing wrong if a Chinese cannot speak ir write good English. It’s only shameful if a Chinese doesn’t know Chinese. Also. I can foresee that Chinese will replace English as our future official language after the old Lee kicks his bucket. It’s very soon from now. Don’t pray gim as GOD. Because it you spell from behind. it is DOG.

      • salute said

        LOL, true. Plus punctuation, spelling and capitalization mistakes.
        Such is the failure of Singaporeans…. love to critiCIZE others when their own failings are right in their face.
        I am a Singaporean, but such Singaporeans disgust me.

        Alex definitely did the right thing to move further away from the rubbish folks such as the commentator above.

    • Merlyn Sng said

      Who thinks that all members of the PAP have impeccable English, ‘KEE CHIU’!

    • 阿兵 said

      WTF. u r brainwashed by PAPigs. Care about yourself. Don’t influence people’s decision. Only running dogs can survive in this cuntry. You shd be happy that more Singaporeans are migrated overseas so that they will make space for you to welcome more foreigners. Isn’t it goid for you ang PAPigs?

    • Jaded said

      you are not radical or extremist, just plain dumb! LOL

    • Ken Lee said

      why worry you will be the next one! and don’t come crying if you lose you job to them!
      and don’t criticize others grammars or spelling, no all people have are high educate like you!

    • Zee said

      Thank you for highlighting the irony. To be honest I was hoping for a strong opposition team to emerge. It doesn’t matter that it takes time to grow one but I get upset when clowns like this spoil it for everyone.

      1) Let’s be clear here. Alex ‘s qualification does not make him an engineer, especially in the Aerospace industry. Perhaps his company gives generous titles and make him believe he is one. I do not see how he can make a valid comparison on his skill sets and his wages to those of an engineer. HELLO????? I can only say if he somehow makes it to NZ, he’s in for a surprise.

      2) His foreigner bashing sentiment and his decision to become a long term foreigner of another country with a S pass gf doesn’t go well. I just wonder if he ever goes home to his gf and throw the same rage at her? Or will he go to NZ and bash the fellow foreigners there? Better still, bash himself?

      3) From a potential politician who speaks of democracy, it sure is good to know you label 60% of your countrymen as disgusting.

      4) Now, the thing that I’m pissed about is this. Other candidates won and lost. Most of them maintained their dignity. This guy and some other clowns are actually trying to make all others look stupid. If you want to scram, scram. Why do you have to make it hard for others who will continue the good fight?

    • Soon to be kiwi hopefully. said

      Depriving a kiwi a job opportunity? You kidding me right? He is going into a job they have a shortage of. And having a fantastic command of a language is not the equivalent of good governance. The kiwis have a very open migration policy, and yet they are doing better in terms of attracting talent. The migrants here conform to their culture and respect them for it as compared to the ones that singapore gets. We are obviously doing something very wrong in the way we go about attracting talent.

    • vc said

      I had to read it six times to understand what he said… at least I think i did.

      I too am thinking about leaving Singapore, call me a coward or a selfish ass but I am not willing to stay in a country who does not give two hoots about our welfare.

  11. Deen said

    This is only of the many such cases. A very sorry state.

  12. salute said

    >>>>>for my very last struggle with the PAP is to deny them the very young people they need to sustain their political dominance


  13. slayer45 said

    While I congratulate your decision, do us one last favour. Don’t give up ur citizenship yet. Try to see if you can do overseas voting come 2016. Liberate for your fellow countrymen. We need every vote we can garner. Thank you.

  14. WINWINLOSE said

    It is a WIN-WIN-LOSE situation. With Mr Alex Tan leaving, Singapore WINS, Alex WINS, the country he is heading for LOSES. 2 out of 3 isn’t that bad.

  15. cuppam said

    if PAP still wins majority of the seats in 2016, i will also consider to move to other country

  16. oinkerooos said

    Singaporeans! What is there to complain about???

    True, life is expensive, but still many of you can still afford to change a new car every couple of years.

    True, there are many foreigners in Singapore, but there are many foreigners in every other country! Don’t u find it an irony to be complaining about foreigners in Singapore when you are planning to move out to be a foreigner in another country? I have always taken pride in the fact that Singapore is so multiracial, that we are such a accepting nation, that one doesn’t face the prejudice of being a foreigner like I do often in europe.. But apparently, we are not so tolerating anymore.

    True, the PAP has been dominating politics for years, but what is wrong with that when the people are still living a relatively good life? Yes, there are definitely areas which can be approved.. But before you launch into a big complain about our govt, look at the state of governments in Europe! Where people lose their pensions because the govt has overspent and has to save.. At least we still have our CPFs right? How about in Iran? Where people are arrested and thrown into jails for supporting the opposition? At least in Singapore, there has been a change in politics and the opposition has been elected in more areas. (my question is: is the situation really so much better under the opposition party?) A revolution is good,but only when it is really needed

    So, are countries like NZ or the US really so much better for having children? For one, in Singapore, you don’t have to worry whether there is some random shooting in ur kid’s school like they do in the US.. And frankly speaking, as an Asian in a foreign country… There are stereotypes set upon you…

    Well, I was one of the many complainers against the Singaporean system… But frankly speaking, since I moved away 5 years ago.. It has become clearer to me that Singaporeans are way better off than they think they are.. Perhaps it is a good move that u are “quitting” Singapore, cos only that way, will you realize that the grass only SEEMS greener on the other side..

    • Sean said

      Life in SIngapore is definately cheaper than life in Malaysia. Grass is always greener holds true I guess. I’m a New Zealand PR, Malaysian citizen and my girlfriend is bonded in Singapore at the moment. From my experience, Singapore is safe and strict for the greater good. You are able to afford housing, luxuries, have a great transportation system and also a strong currency. When a new government comes in and things go wrong then only you will start appreciating the past. Singapore is only where it is at because of the old man. You cannot deny this fact.

    • haha said

      Maybe the Singaporean grass on the other side is now greener for you.

  17. Good riddance said

    if you respect democracy, 60% have made their choice loud and clear. don’t belittle us the 60% who had to choose the best man (out of the worst) to do the job. it’s so ironic that you are going to another country to be a FT – i hope they won’t treat you like how you treat the FTs here. 2-3 times the salary? Good luck with your taxes: 4-5times more than SG.

    there are many people like Alex in Sg with “the enemy is out there” mentality. everyone is wrong except themselves. time to reflect on their own personal inadequacies as someone rightly pointed out above than to blame everyone else.

    it’s always sexier to blame the government, blame the foreigners and give lame reasons to justify one’s incapability to compete with their counterparts (be it locals or FTs).

  18. Ni Hong said

    I will stay in Singapore and fight till I died.

  19. Alien said

    Bye bye Childish boy. You will become an alien in another country.

  20. wMulew said

    This is the kind of commitment we get from the opposition parties good thing he didn’t get elected.

  21. Lim Oo said

    Mr. Alex Tan Zhixiang so you had decided to quit Singapore for own good just because you fought and lost and you let your voters to face the problem here. People like your character lucky you lost the Election or you will fight for you own advantage and betray those who supported you. You have the right to Emigrate out of Singapore and we don’t need Singaporean like you Alex Tan.

  22. 龙的传人 said

    Not known who are you ? so sad !

  23. daniel said

    you pay 38% individual income taxes there, you pay 15% GST for everything, just so you know, we are not missing out much, good bye alex

  24. TH tan said

    Wherever he may be, its probably going to end up as loser, failure, self-fooled and delusionary, and perhaps sad conman…..or a mixt

  25. Thank you to all those with well-wishes.

    For naysayers, sometimes I wonder if joining the Opposition is a curse. I find it perplexing why would some Opposition supporters expect us Opposition candidates to serve to our deaths…unlike the PAP, we are not paid a single cents and we are doing National Service to this country. I am just a Singaporean who stood in the elections because there is going to be a walkover by the useless Prime Minister. That doesn’t make me a politician. I’ve never seen myself as one and neither do I behave as one. Give me a break. If people are so sour over me calling it quits, go stand in the election yourself. You don’t deserve JBJ, Dr Chee and many other patriots who fought in the frontlines against the PAP.

    • charazn said

      And the loser is actually thick skin enough to come in and try to defend himself. If you never see yourself as a politician, why in the hell did you join the election in the first place. For that 18K per month. You should really look in the mirror before speaking bad about the PAP, they had to go through the election too and like any proper democracy, the voters chose who they think is the better leaders. Don’t even talk about democracy when you do not even understand the basic concept of it. Just because you do not agree with the 60% who voted for the other party do not give you the right to call them names. U condemn FTs yet you plan to marry one and become one. Pple are not “sour” about you calling it quits, lots of others have call it quits before you. We are pissed off because of the way you behave, because you are a racist xenophobic bigot, because you insult others who have different political ideology and most importantly because you give the opposition cause a bad name

    • Zee said

      Don’t be mistaken. We are not sour over your departure. In fact, it’s a reason to celebrate. The complaint is really on your extremist (and immature) viewpoint and the fact that this might bring the other heroes into the bad light.

      At least the other stupid people know how to shut up.

    • Han Ming Guang said

      To be honest, it’s your life and you can go anywhere you want to develop it. What pisses me off is the “I’m a political martyr and I have had enough helping SIngapore” bullshit you are pulling here. All your bullcrap about democracy and now you call the people who you didn’t manage to convince names, great job as a politician. Oh ya, like it or not, the moment you stood for election, you are one and it’s amazing that had you by some miracle gone into parliament, you would have treated your job as an mp as a joke because you do not see yourself as a politician. Kudos to you.

    • 234 said

      You know if the PAP MPs don’t get elected, they are not paid a Single cent. PAP MPs are doing national service too you know. Can you be many of them who sign on? Think you would have died.

      Dr Chee is a Joke, JBJ is not bad but hooliganish, but you are the worst of the lot.. a total total loser.


    • Wtf said

      Dear alex
      May i also point out that you risked 32k of the publics money just so you can go on your little excursion in the elections. If you failed to garner the required vote to get the deposit back, what would hapen to all the IOUs you signed.
      So to all who support Alex, this is what you get. You back him, give him money to run elections. He turns around and say he never sees himself as a politician. Well done! Frankly, i would prefer a walkover then having to spend time voting against a clown.
      Please to not compare yourself to JBJ, Chiam or even Dr Chee. They had a cause, lived it and made valid points. I believe, even if you ran for class monitor in a primary school you will not win.
      I think you are doing more of a national diservice.

  26. YOU ARE NOT ALONE said

    its really true for Singaporeans with Alex’s experience and education level to go aboard and lead a more challenging career and rewarding home life. I don’t have a degree or diploma cert, I managed to work myself up and is now supervising construction work offshore in the oil and gas industry. I really love to see young Singaporeans compatriots who are overseas working or tries to leave this heart forsaken country and lead a better working and family life elsewhere.
    Good Luck Alex, hope to bump into you next time!
    Cheers Bro!!

  27. bobsled282 said

    I’m just a passer by on this forum, everyone here has their own opinions and rightly so. Being a Singaporean living overseas , I have experienced and seen a ton of discrimination as well as protection by the local government towards new immigrants. I guess if Singapore wants to increase their population by welcoming other nationals, the government need to ensure the protection of their own people in order to justify such an act and to ease the pressure of job insecurities amongst the locals , and then, maybe the resentment will not be as great. I can’t speak for other countries but in Canada, the employer requires a new immigrant to have at least a couple of years of related work experience in the new country before even trying to apply for a position. For e.g., the governing board of directors/doctors for the country will not recognize the medical degree of a doctor from another country. Not even a Singapore doctor gets to practice their medicine here. Therefore, the locals are protected in some way until the new immigrants get duly qualified which could take years / $$. As a new immigrant to other “and mo” countries one must not assume that as long as they hold a professional degree , jobs will fall into their laps easily. Those countries do hold a certain standard of quality. To this day, I cannot understand how Singapore can accept the degree of such foreign “professionals” when obviously they come from third world countries that have a totally different standard. It is totally unsafe. In Canada, I hv seen foreign doctors/ dentists, end up being dental hygienist or a totally different job.

    For family reasons I still long to be back in Singapore , at the same time, for other political and governing matters I can’t say I agree with the way we are mere puppets controlled by the puppeteers. There are pros and cons in having new immigrants in a country, it is not always a bad thing. It is only bad when our locals’ livelihood is threatened and that is not fair. At the same time, you won’t be able to find a local person willing to work the laborious jobs of cleaning and child minding at an affordable fee. At the end of the day, we spoilt our own market too. If we as as Singaporeans have less “wants ” or can manage not to have to “live up to the Joneses” than, maybe we won’t have to resort to such measures of importing foreign ” talents” and thus snowballing to this effect of an influx.

    I may sound a tad contradicting here, i’m merely trying to see it from both perspectives. Again as I’ve indicated earlier, the grass is not always greener . In Singapore you are the majority , in a foreign land you are a minority . Do the math. Racism obviously exists in Singapore or abroad but wait till you become the minority. The move will truly benefit your future kids for sure just by the sheer number of universities available compared to Singapore as well as a more varied lifestyle and carefree childhood. While you are able to provide this to your kids, your own generation must be prepared for many difficulties in a foreign land. Even though I am not in Singapore physically, I still consider Singapore my home . I had to be here for personal work reasons, I did not choose to stay this long… had to go where opportunities knock.

    People, have some compassion. It’s a hard life! ANYWHERE! Make the most of your own lives , live and let live.

    Good luck on the move. 🙂

    • Zee said

      Very insightful comment.

      I very much agree we should look at things from both sides. I support that some protection should be implemented for the vulnerable group. I also support that the general pace of working should be moderated because I think Singaporeans are one of the most hardworking people in the world.

      Having said that, I must also be fair to point out an observation. I worked as an engineer for more than 8 years and in the course of doing so, I have encountered many other engineers before. The engineers who are responsible and hardworking are definitely valued. These are people who are constantly seeking ways to upgrade their skills, move out of their comfort zone and deliver excellent work. I have seen a young lad (local) doubled his income in 3 years based on his own merits. I have also seen companies paying 9k for a Filipino safety engineer because that particular engineer is brilliant. So not everything is about “Cheap” as long as it’s good.

      However, there is also a worrying trend. Not everyone knows how to add value to himself and some are delusional to think that they are ended up in a worse position because of the simple fact that there is competition. Their solution? Ban competition! I have seen young people hopping from jobs to jobs and complain about being lowly paid. However, almost all of the people I’ve met in this category deserve just that amount of pay. When you sit them in the management office, they cannot justify why they deserve better. All they can do is complain about competition here or that Australia pays better.

      So the point of this observation? For those of you who are fortunate enough to read and discuss issues online, you are definitely in control of your own pay.

  28. Shawn the Train said

    I totally agree with commentor Wtf. Cheyyy I thought you are there already. Alex Tan Zhixiang, dont count your chickens before they hatch. Come 2014 when you are already there then we talk. Obviously you havent made your rounds at the migration agent’s. When you do, do take care not to get duped, otherwise lose your life savings. Dont forget, money talks. Unless you are someone with top dollar or hold a job in an important position, you will always be treated as second class citizen overseas. Even if you are rich, the locals would try all ways to damage /steal your car, burgle your house, vandalise your porch… what else? ..Call you chink, boat people, tell you to go back to where you come from?? Good luck to you 🙂 Sigh….Kids nowsaday…

  29. C Fong said

    Please please. People. Please don’t take this joker as a role model. Not every person who contested in the GE takes things so lightly. He was only there to contest the walkover and does not see himself as a politician? Was the whole election a joke to him?

    So, should we take what u say seriously or not?

  30. peterysbsg said

    Mr Tan forgot tp tell us the procedures how to go about selecting a place to relocate and how to get the paper documents done. Did he find and agency to help him do the documentation?

  31. david said

    Those who are on this site – most likely their stand have been decided: to vote out PAP. Those who are supporting PAP, it is unlikely they are here.

  32. PAP Super BEST said

    Its good that Alex the pig decided to migrate. He is obviously embarrassing the opposition. He looked like a kid, talked like a kid and act like a kid. Period.

  33. Minimize said

    I can imagine the Newpaper’s headline of this story:

    Former Reform Party candidate says 60% Singaporeans disgusting.

    I wonder how much explanation his former party has to do. A true sabo king

  34. […] Former Reform Party candidate Alex Tan Zhixiang has decided to quit Singapore for good […]

  35. Tan Chow Hong said

    You have my sentiments and what you say are totally correct as i also like to live in the 1990s where Singapore looks more Singapore-Like then the past recent years where they took extreme measures that shoo out great talents to give up Citizenship here in Singapore.

    If i had a choice, i and my girl friend would have given up Citizenship here and maybe go to New Zealand to meet up with my mentor who had given up his Citizenship 20 years ago.

  36. rainremember said

    ” I am just a Singaporean who stood in the elections because there is going to be a walkover by the useless Prime Minister. That doesn’t make me a politician.”

    So, what does that make you? And what will it make you if you had actually won?

  37. Casy Tan said

    Good bye

  38. C Fong said

    Mr Alex, would you consider taking back your words for:

    1) Saying 60% Singaporeans disgusting?

    2) Owning up the fact that you never see yourself as politician even though u ran and rally for it ?

    Before someone calls the paper and make this into a national debate?

    I think this is good material for headlines. I personally like to give your article more exposure if you insist on your claims.

  39. Chris said

    Sigh.. So much bull shit… Go look for yaw la… Make more baby where ever they r..

  40. Commentator said

    Alex Tan Zhixiang, good riddance to bad rubbish. Singapore does not want you either.

    You are a quitter and you are completely useless to Singapore. In fact, you are actually hinder Singapore, because the only thing you can do is write inflammatory and seditious articles to stir dissent.

    Look at how you “fought” the election. Does that even count as “fighting”? How many of the votes you got were from people voting for you and not voting against the PAP?

    In fact, you are fool who can’t make up his mind. That’s because smart quitters do so before they do National Service.

    “I fought, I lost and now I’m gone because my family come first.” – Really? You mean, you fought, you lost, you can’t stomach defeat and now you’re running away.

    Oh, a friendly warning: If you try your method of publishing flaming articles overseas… people may get angry and take personal action. Their environments aren’t as safe as Singapore’s.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish! Please do not come back.

  41. Commentator said

    Alex Tan Zhixiang, you seem to hate foreigners very much from your articles and comments.

    But your girlfriend is an S-pass holder, and is very much a foreigner.

    Please break up with her, then maybe, who knows, we might be able to start trusting you just a bit.

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