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PRC bus driver Chen Hongyan jailed one week only for causing death of Singaporean student

Posted by temasektimes on May 8, 2012

Life is cheap nowadays, it seems. While motorists can be jailed for a few weeks for drink-driving, a PRC bus driver who caused the death of a 19 year old Singaporean student in a fatal traffic accident was jailed only a week, a shocking verdict which left many netizens fuming.

Chen Hongyan pleaded guilty to driving negligently by failing to keep a proper lookout and causing a fatal accident as a result.

36 year old Chen Hongyang was in her first month as an SBS Transit bus driver when she got into a traffic accident at the traffic junction of Tampines Avenue 8 and Tampines Street 84 where she turned right without noticing Temasek Polytechnic student Toh Jia Wei riding his motorcycle in the opposite direction.

The young man who would have a bright future ahead of him, was killed on the spot. Yet, the state media appeared to sympathize more with Chen Hongyan, saying that she has dependents in China who are now in a bind after she lost her job.

Speaking in Parliament lately, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew reassured Singaporeans that all foreign drivers are ‘adequately’ trained before they are allowed to drive on Singapore roads:

“The more important thing actually is to make sure (that), regardless of nationality, every driver is adequately trained, appropriately qualified, and especially if they come from abroad, then they are given the kind of orientation that will help them familiarise themselves with the peculiarities of the system in Singapore.”

Foreign bus drivers like Chen Hongyan reportedly undergo a more ‘rigorous’ and longer training by SBS Transit. About 13 percent of bus drivers in Singapore and foreigners and the percentage excludes those who have been ‘converted’ to Singapore PRs, probably the ONLY country in the world which gives PRs to bus drivers.

Some responses from Hardwarezone forumers:

“Seriously sia, kill a life, 1 week jail? No suspension of license meh. Fug the gahmen man.” – swashlylahs

“english can be learned within 21 days for a china FT? seriously cut cost until like that. sigh” – noobie

“154 even tried to show concern by publishing she got dependents in china.. Wat abt the victim ?So next time u bang anyone, pls be a FT..” – 4Dluckystrike



35 Responses to “PRC bus driver Chen Hongyan jailed one week only for causing death of Singaporean student”

  1. 21 days? Most of the Singaporeans go through 21 years of education and still left out in terms of job opportunity.

  2. Sam Tan said

    Did the court prosecutor feel that the sentence is inadequate and any intention to appeal against the sentence?

  3. LCW said

    What’s the point of an additional 21 days’ worth of training when PRCs are used to left-hand drive?!
    Can most people become a professional right-hand driver in an entirely different road system within just 3 weeks of extra theory

  4. carl said

    this is bull shit… seriously… there is no justice…

  5. jay said

    What the fucking hell is this double standard for?? … Is the govt so blinded by greed ?

  6. nan said

    something is seriously wrong with the policy from SBS here. DAFUQ!

  7. Stirrer said

    One fucking week?
    Maybe she should be on the bus next and kill someone more important like those pieces of overpaid cunts.

  8. Ken Lee said


  9. Aaron Teo said

    What is going on? this doesn’t make any sense in a logical way.

    In another post, PRC couple gets 2 weeks jail each for throwing killer litter that could have killed somebody
    while PRC bus driver Chen Hongyan gets a week in jail for actually killing somebody.

    the reasoning, the bus driver has descendants to take care of.
    everyone has someone to look after and even IF they don’t, find me someone who would say so.
    so how is that a valid point in deciding the sentencing?

    maybe the PRC couple should appeal to the government and since nobody was injured or killed, probably get a warning instead.

    • LkySi said

      What would have been the outcome if the victim of the accident was Lee Hsien Loong? The charge would have been murder and the driver would have been hanged by now.

  10. bb said

    Using PRC driverthis is this is the outcome. Recently I visited Shanghai the drivers are horrible. Many sg working there dare not to drive . Maybe PRC driver follow Chinese Style of driving.

  11. patlowcm said

    A car is a killer machine. A bus a super killer machine. All the more the driver has to responsible to use it. Educating bus drivers should start with emphasis on safety of commuter and other road users. No among of compensation or penalty will bring a life back from death.

  12. corruptpapies said

    Victim familiy member can appeal against the sentences of the driver.

  13. voice of the people said

    singapore legal system is screwed up big time. favor foreigners .. especially people from PRC.. i duno why this shitty govt likes prc so much.

  14. BD said

    Jailed 1 week for KILLING a student.
    Jailed 2 weeks for THROWING STUFF OUT OF THE WINDOW.
    Welcome to Singapore!

  15. Yana said

    This is retarded… I would like to know on what grounds does the judge pass this judgment. The life of a promising young man is only worth so much as a week of “vacation” in prison. When had Singapore degraded itself to such levels?

  16. notAproudSingaporean said

    Maybe i can drink & drive,get caught & only get a ticket now? Oh fuck no, i forgot. I’m a singaporean. What darn luck… Im in a sad sad situation by being singaporean. I hate this country & the people drowning it more each & every day of my freaking life. Shoot me. Im singapore.

  17. ‘drink-driving?’ Fix your grammar for f.cks sake. Didn’t this go through an editor or a proofreader? This is on temasektimes too. How embarrassing.

  18. mikey said

    The 1 week only in jail for killing a local on the road will set the precedent for Ft drivers here, especially the imported PRC drivers.

  19. chin2lan said

    By making a statement that PRCs are trained 21 days more does not make any sense to the case. We are more interested in how do you convert a left hand drive PRC to drive right hand in such a short span of training ? Cost cutting or are these drivers super agile at handling buses ? One week’s jail for killing someone with a bright future ahead and most probably an NSman too ? What justice is this ? Is it time to remove the judge from his post ? He should be with the Hidding Place with such benevolent nature.

  20. Singapore Chinese said

    Please deport this deadly PRC hell driver to keep our road safe. These irresponsible PRC drivers will never learn from their mistakes.

  21. inspir3d said

    Singaporeans are morons. They keep voting for the Govt that let clowns like this into the country. So what do u expect? Moronic Singaporeans gets moronic results.

  22. no name said

    All you know is complained .
    Why not all of you go study law and become judge .
    You think its easy ?

  23. Frustrated said

    Today is a sad day for all Singaporean that our life is so cheap,are our leaders doing the right things in the first place? A Singapore son is being kill yet the law is so lenient to the FT. It reflects that this is a pathetic place for Singaporean, no longer belongs to them but to the FT.

  24. human singaporean said

    i think when medias trying to report on any news abt Ft and singaporeans, they ought to be careful with their words. After reading this, i feel the anger is on the double standard when the punishment are now based on the FT condition or family then how abt us, the singaporean? Does the govt even notice of all these frustration that have been going on all this while? Are we really regretting for this 5yrs?

  25. blurrbl0ck said

    Reblogged this on blurrbl0ck and commented:
    ._. My faith in our Gah-men has gone down…AGAIN!

  26. Jesper said

    The point of consideration is different. When the crime is comitted by a singaporean, the consideration taken is Singaporean have been living here for years and ought to know and should be used to the driving. Thus harsh sentence is used as a deterence. When the crime is committed by a FT, the consideration taken is FT are new to singapore and a harsh sentence will be a deterence to attract more FT. Thus a lenient sentence is used.

  27. Magdalene Ruben said

    Very sad about the Court Sentence:- A young Citizen of this country ‘s LIFE is worth much less than ‘mashed potatoes’. Why? The culprit got away with ONE WEEK Jail term ; whereas, the ex-principal sentenced to 9 weeks jail for “folking out his money to HARDCORE POSTITUTE”, not HARMING anybody but giving WEALTH.

    We seriously NEED A CHANGE, A CHANGE WE NEED URGENTLY, all should stop harping n be FIRM, this is very important cos Citizens of this country are known to whine n whine, eventually, back to SQ 1.

    So the saying goes:’A barking DOG does no harm while a quiet DOG, when it bites will be FATAL”.

  28. aleez said

    Spore Gahmen prefer Ft, esp PRC..spore slowly turn to mini China..

  29. Singaporean said

    How about everybody who is complaining start driving buses instead?

  30. LkySi said

    What Shadarke said in his book was correct : different treatment for different individuals.

  31. seX pisToLs said

    I guess I want to switch job becoming a Singapore bus driver.

    If, I dont like someone crossing on the road, I can just “pleaded guilty to driving negligently by failing to keep a proper lookout and causing a fatal accident as a result.”

    Sound interesting doh.

  32. This is “purely an accident”. Just like any other traffic accidents. I dont hear anyone going to prison for getting into an traffic accident. When this “accident” caused someone’s life, bluntly putting it, it is really just too bad. Its not like she drove with the intend to kill someone’s child that day.

  33. sue wong said

    He didn’t die on the spot. He died 6 hours later in the hospital. My sister was there soon after it happened and the poor boy was still conscious. She touched him lightly on the back, trying to comfort him. All he could mutter was, ‘ I am going to die’ again and again. I just found this out today. Just so painful to hear this. He was ashen faced but alive and was half sitting up. God bless his soul, may he rest in peace. I hope his parents do not read this comment. I have 2 sons of around the same age and this is just too hard to bear.

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