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Tan Jee Say calls for opposition ‘unity’ in support of Workers Party in Hougang by-election

Posted by temasektimes on May 9, 2012

Former Singapore Democratic Party leader and presidential candidate Tan Jee Say has called for opposition ‘unity’ in the coming Hougang by-election.

The government has announced a by-election to be called in Hougang on 26 May 2012. The seat fell vacant after its ex-WP MP Yaw Shin Leong was sacked by his party for his refusal to answer rumors swirling around his alleged extra-marital affairs with multiple female leaders in the Workers Party.

Mr Tan has earlier indicated his interest in contesting in the by-election. However, in his latest posting on his Facebook, he called for everybody to support WP:

“Our first priority is to ensure that Hougang remains with the opposition and not fall into the hands of the PAP. At this juncture of our political development post-GE2011, the best way forward is for all of us to support WP in its defence of the seat against the PAP.”

He also urged opposition supporters to stay united and work together to advance democracy in Singapore:

“Opposition unity is the concern of every one and is not a one-way street. All must play their part. Supporters of opposition unity rightly expect all opposition parties to work together, cooperating and complementing each other to maximize their chances ofsuccess at the polls to advance democracy in Singapore.”

Mr Tan added he is ‘sure’ that WP will reciprocate the goodwill:

“I am sure WP will appreciate this gesture of political cooperation from individuals and other opposition parties alike and will reciprocate accordingly in the run up to the 2016 general election.”

Unfortunately, Mr Tan’s faith in WP has been grossly misplaced. The Workers Party is never interested in opposition ‘unity’. In fact, three days ago, WP Chairman Sylvia Lim just declared that WP will contest in Tampines and Marine Parade GRCs in the next General Election in an interview with Lianhe Zaobao.

With five MPs in Parliament, the Workers Party is now the biggest opposition party in Singapore and it does not need the support or help of other smaller parties as shown by the increasing arrogance displayed by its leaders.

When asked by the media on 23 February 2012 about the Workers Party’s views on the Budget which have been expressed earlier by other parties, Sylvia Lim retorted callously:

“But we are in Parliament, they are not. We will make use of the platform we have.”


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21 Responses to “Tan Jee Say calls for opposition ‘unity’ in support of Workers Party in Hougang by-election”

  1. Suspicious said

    The tenor of this article is anti-WP. Is this the editorial slant of the Temasek Times?

  2. Singaporean said

    Temasek Times, let us now focus on how to get more opposition in and how we can bring down PAP’s power. Who knows? All oppositions should merge into one so that there is strength to remove PAP’s power.

  3. Shameful said

    What a biased article with the quote from sylvia lim totally taken out of context. Disgraceful.

  4. thenight said

    This site sounds suspiciously anti WP to me. Please do not impose your personal sentiments or bias onto others.

    • pay said

      looks very suspicious to me also, why play the lesser mortal and keep low balling with SL’s comments? its pretty cheap no?

  5. Singaporean First said

    TT seems to be quite anti-WP nowadays…
    And if PAP and WP are the only contestants, doesn’t this make TT ‘pro-PAP’?

  6. fpc said

    what sylvia lim said is a part of a decoy to con pap into believing that there will be a multi-party fight in hougang. they probably talked to nsp before releasing that news.

  7. blanket party said

    I am for anybody that is against PAP. However in this case, the best chance is WP. I think any other party trying to create a 3 corner fight will not be viewed positively and likely to do badly in GE2016.

    I call on all to unite and make sure we give PAP a real bad rubbing and renew the message we sent them in GE2011 and give them feedback on their dismal performance so far,.

    • spotlessleopard said

      Learn from the results of the Presidential Elections….the Post went to a relative of the Lee Family…

  8. hello said

    TT is anti pap and anti wp..

  9. Singaporean said

    Kudos to TJS, NS, SDP, SDA, SPP and NSP!
    Thanks for supporting opposition unity.
    Now we are left with RP who have not make their stand.
    KJ, please follow the rest and not to meddle into Hougang.

    Thumbs down to Temasek Times! You prefer PAP to win instead of an opposition party WP huh? Are you the “mole”?

    Of cos, I do hope WP respect opposition unity too!
    Do not enter into people’s territory without permission please!

  10. Carl said

    QUOTE: “Former Singapore Democratic Party leader and presidential candidate Tan Jee Say has called for opposition ‘unity’ in the coming Hougang by-election.”

    When was he a SDP leader??… he only stood as a SDP candidate thats all… dont give him high hats please…

  11. Old Singaporean said

    Let all oppo unite and win like Aung Sang Suu Kyi. Power In Unity.

  12. lol said

    断章取义, TT best at this!

  13. Ken Lee said


  14. No Can Do said

    This article is clearly anti-WP and anti-Opp unity. It’s highly suspicious and the writer is undoubtedly a PAPie mole to cause confusion and disunity among opp ppl.
    Tan JS is right to call for Opp unity unlike Tan KL who was a spoiler in the last Pres election. With Opp united, Hougang will remain in Opp hands to the dismay of the PAP. And it wld be a big step in promoting and advancing the interests of us commoners.
    Kudos to Tan JS for his call for Opp unity in this nascent stage of the development of a credible Opp in sinkieland. United, the ppl wil win once again!

  15. octopi said

    “But we are in Parliament, they are not. We will make use of the platform we have.”

    This comment doesn’t mean that WP can make use of parliament to bring their budget to the attention of voters. Any party can do that by issuing statements over the internet. Parliament is a meeting where issues are discussed and decisions are made. The fact is that they will only take note of WP’s budgets and not the rest because only WP has the democratic mandate of the people.

    Isn’t that what getting elected is all about?

  16. Henry said

    Recommend that TT make an editorial amendment!

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