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Angry WP supporter asks PM Lee if he look ‘stateman’ like and why his father is still a MP

Posted by temasektimes on May 10, 2012

An angry Workers Party supporter Roy Chan has slammed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on his Facebook page asking him to ‘reflect’ on himself first before criticizing the Workers Party for its handling of the Yaw Shin Leong sex scandal.

PM Lee had earlier taken a swipe at the Workers Party for not coming clean with Singaporeans on the sordid extra-marital affairs which its members are accused of being embroiled in.

“In January this year, news surfaced of personal indiscretions by Mr Yaw Shin Leong, the Workers’ Party (WP) Member of Parliament for Hougang constituency. The WP first kept totally silent, then supported Mr Yaw, and then three weeks later suddenly expelled him from the party. Until now the WP has not given Singa­poreans a full and proper account of what happened, or why it acted in this way.”

Mr Yaw allegedly slept with two prominent female leaders of the Workers Party who contested in the last General Election. It is not known if there is any more ‘hanky-panky’ going on within the party.

In a stern rebuke to PM Lee, Roy Chan expressed his personal disappointment with his statement:

“In your statement, you attributed 40% of it to petty politics, you accused WP of not giving Singaporeans “a full and proper account of what happened”, and you put the blame squarely on WP for the need for a by-election. You have conveniently and selectively forgotten or ignored the fact that WP had delivered a press conference as closure.”

[Source: PM Lee’s Facebook]

He also asked PM Lee if he looks ‘statesman-like’

“Take off your party hat for a moment and tell me if our PM looks statesman-like? Have you given Singaporeans “a full and proper account of what happened” and why you decided not to call for by-election in past cases involving PAP MPs? Has anyone explained to Tanjong Pagar residents, whom I am one, why our respectable statesman LKY should still be our MP even in his twilight years knowing full well he cannot serve us in anyway.”

Roy Chan ended by wishing the Workers Party success in winning the by-election with a stronger majority than last year.

Many political observers and media outlets have predicted an easy victory for the Workers Party including Yahoo News which has been publishing a series of articles promoting WP.


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36 Responses to “Angry WP supporter asks PM Lee if he look ‘stateman’ like and why his father is still a MP”

  1. singaporeson said

    pap bastards, today and forever. It is time these bastards are voted out.

  2. Bloodsuckers said

    EXACTLY!!! taking cheap low blows……

    there are more failed policies that you and your party fail to account for compared to this small episode by WP, even so they bother to stand up and sack YSL for not accountable to the people of Hougang SMC.. where by you still keep moron dog ministers like Mah Bow Tan, Raymond, Vivian, etc….. so shut up…. you moron dog… (which by the way, is not i call you one… calling Singaporean dogs is your so called china foreign trash Sun Xu and call Singaporean moron is your so called ang mo foreign trash Troy Parry)

    so if you want to sue people for calling you a moron dog…. sue them first…. which unless you do not consider yourself as Singaporean….

  3. singaporean said

    All opposition should go all out to support WP to ensure WP will win……I think PAP will go all out to “bribe” tactics, “pitiful/sorry” tactics, all kind of tactics will come even like PAP Tan Chuan Jing trying to shown “pity” to Mr Choo so let many soft-hearted Hougang residents will pity PAP Mr Choo and vote for PAP….

  4. dass said

    That’s a pretty good question. Why is a man doddering on the edge of death still a serving MP?

  5. Aminurasyid said

    Excellence weak up call to the PAP members bro, I salute your stand.

  6. Freemakan said

    what a brave man !

  7. Lim Peh said

    Roy has stated black and white he’s “non-partisan”.

    Why do you label him as a WP supporter then as your title?

  8. Old Singaporean said

    Steady Roy Chan. You’ve spoken up for many many of us fellow Singaporeans. Kum-siah.

  9. Henry said

    It is not easy to stand up above all leaders … and we need to find the one.

  10. Hougang is a foregone case 4 the PAPies. Why not simply concede defeat for a WP walkover 2 save money and everybody’s time?
    The opp parties did this in quite a few constituencies where they knew they wld lose. Since both DPM Tharman and Tan CJ hv also expressed diffidence in a PAP victory, why then waste Hougang voters time and effort to hold the electioneering?

  11. Walkover said

    PAP knowing its chance of winning in HG by-election is similar to “mission impossible”, why not let WP to have a walkover just like opp parties giving PAP many walkovers prior to GE2011. TP GRC should have given a chance to be contested in GE2011.

  12. concerned sporean said

    Since PAP is so adamant to take back Houggang, why don’t send LKY there, maybe he stands a chance of winning or even our PM himself.

  13. LkySi said

    If not for Singapore’s Crooked Times, Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Hsien Loong would never have become even a Member of Parliament, let alone Prime Minister. If there was an independent press Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong would have been caned and hanged multiple times over multiple re-births.

  14. dotherightthing said

    I think it is very unkind and ungrateful to say that about LKY. Singapore and Singaporeans have a lot to thank LKY for what we have today.

    • kangaroo logic said

      Yeah, thank LKY and son for increasing the population by 2 million to sustain GDP growth, locking our CPF for our own good, providing “affordable” HDB flats, “affordable” healthcare, engineering “infrequent” MRT breakdowns, helping themselves to Tax-payers Money otherwise there will be corruption, ensuring we have a MSM that gives us the “hard truths”, perpetuating “meritocracy” instead of “nepotism and cronyism”….sorry I have to pause and laugh my balls off…..

      pls give me a hint if you want me to continue praising LKY and son to heaven, ok?

    • Fake Supreme Leader said

      Please lah……he is not the only old guard and he alone cannot accomplish what Singapore is today. He was being very ungrateful and unkind to many who has supported and help him along the way but he takes all the credit and taken all those who help him for granted. Thus he created his own Lee Dynasty and put his son to succeed him like North Korea’s Supreme Leader. I’m not surprise that LHL is planning what LKY did, by putting TPL to test the market so that he can put his son up later…..whahaha…..the leegalised 1st world singapore.
      Don’t worry, when the supreme leader goes so will the PAP, thanks to his incompetent son.

  15. NeturalParty said

    True as a singaporean we should be grateful to LKY for he had did for singapore in times personally i think hes a very smart & good politician that our garden city will ever produce but as a natural person i am very please about how quick & decisive decision make by WP & its leaders. Iam a normal ave singaporean like readers here TRYING OUR VERY BEST to SURVIVAL in this small competitive enviroment which maybe favours the rich. Dont forget the poor population is 70-90% compared to the 10-30% rich.

  16. sibei iDL said

    hougang people need to understand the moment they vote in pap, they will be a GRC in future (probably walkover) and be part of AMK. pap always had the habit of keeping dirty linen off public eyes. to be frank, if they dared to sack MP or minister for mistakes they committed, it will earn the respect of many singaporeans as it portrays willingness to admit mistakes. but no, any dismissal is detrimental to their political power, it must be held on at all costs. nobody is bigger than the party, nobody can ask the party to sacrifice. endure for a few years and go backstage, disappear from election or from ministerial posiiton, get him a high paying job in stat boared of GLC.

    if u got no balls to do what others did, the bare minimum is don’t criticise, it just make u look worse.

  17. Singapore born said

    To be fair Singapore have a good government all these years but having said that, the government should not always sue the oppositions until they can’t contest. If you are really good you don’t have to resort to those tactics to win an election. We can see the opposition really is passionate to serve the country not like the PAP who insist on the highest pay in the whole world. If you go into public office thinking of earning big money then your motivation is wrong, you should be thinking of serving the ppl not the money.

  18. daniel said

    If I am the PM I would have kept my mouth shut …there is so much to be accountable recently and nothing was forth coming as yet…wayang, wayang and then nothing concrete solved. Influx of foreigners, run away cost, depressed low wages, floods, MRT/LRT breakdown. Who are those working in the TLC or GIC? What kind of measurement on performance …many many more …after sorry, then what?

  19. Magdalene Ruben said

    I take my hats off to you, ROY CHAN, you’re a courageous CITIZEN of this country who relates in an upright structure n you gain our citizens’ applause as well Mdm Vellama and her helpful legal adviser, Mr RAVI.

    Also, the Papas n Mamas, Grandpas n Grandmas of HOUGANG CONSTITUENCY should help their NS sons/ grandsons to fight injustice to enable these National Servicemen to regain great RESPECT from the NATION after being insulted by that foreigner as “MORONS”. How? The silent n effective way to the ‘STATION’. You all know what to do n pls do not by swayed by….

  20. ThirtyCents said

    let’s face it, and the PM knows it in his heart. Anything that the WP did, even if it goes to the extend of revealing every single detail of the case to the public, he..will only sit on the shelf and jeer at them for being guilty. In other words, in his own world, the WP can never do anything that is satisfactory to him, even if they offer to clean his toilet.

    As Roy has already mentioned, the WP has already stood out to address the public on this case, and has given a closure. But after all, the PM still rants on and on about how the WP lacks accountability and all that, like a child crying for his toy. This is also a perfect syndrome of closing all doors while in the office and has not taken a feel of the ground.

    “A private scurries to his commander, panicky and breathless. “Our very own soldiers are defecting to the enemy, General”

  21. liangximei said

    i hope he don’t kena lim kopi and jia marie pia

  22. 落井下石,非君子也。Roy Chan写得好, 赞!

  23. Zam said

    Salute you brave man Mr.Roy

  24. Joe P.K.M. said

    Mr. Roy is very unhappy with LKY standing for election because he is too old according to him.
    Roy also knows very well that every Singapore citizen has the right to take part in the election.
    Roy should ask the people of Tanjong Pargar why they voted for LKY and not put the question to PM, LSL.
    Roy, when you want to put questions to PM, think first. If you keep on putting questions like this you
    are showing your low level of thinking to non political Singapore citizens like me. and also have some
    respects for your PM who is running the country. Talk less will be better for you.

    • neutral said

      Tanjong Pagar was a walk over.. The people did not have a chance to vote. Please get your facts right.

      • Joe P.K.M. said

        Thanks for your info. Please ask yourself and your friends why let LKY takes a walk over in
        Tanjong Pagar since you and many others knew that LKY is old and may not be able to
        serve the people there as well as you think. Let’s be honest about it, you and me know very well that majority of the people there will still vote for him even you, me and your friends were given chance to vote there. There must be something good about him and you too. Please respect the winner and many other people living in Tanjong Pagar.
        Excuses is always your betrayers.

    • balls said

      instead of getting into a long heated argument with you, i think ill just save my energy.

      Mr. Joe PKM, LKY was right with the fact that SINGAPOREANS are DAFT. You are a living breathing testament to that statement

      • Joe P.K.M. said

        Now you have finally ADMITTED that LKY was RIGHT with the FACT that SINGAPOREAN are DAFT. Slow down please. I can see that you are NOW preaching the LKY’s THINKING. YOU learn faster than I am, Roy, Cheers to that.


  25. K B K said

    Roy, if not for L K Y u will b a colonial dog ! U r an ingrate , don’t speak on our behalf M Y O B u bloody super BITCH !

  26. Singaporean Native. said

    Brave man. LKY did build Singapore to what she has become. However, now is the time for change. Our small Nation needs younger people, Singaporean Natives to step up to the mark.

    Now, its the calm before the storm.

  27. qwerty said

    @ kbk – ya so instead of being a colonial dog, we became slaves of the lee dynasty. so you better stfu you knnbpcb pappy dog supporter.

  28. K B K said

    Qwerty, r u a slave now ? Let me tell u I m not a PAP supporter, I don’t have to vote but when u digress to personal attack on an elderly well respected statesman from all over the world , I don’t agree. BTW , u don’t have to use vulgarity , it just show what a low class self professed slave u r.

  29. Junta kinte said

    I didn’t know Spore has a slave who calls himself QWERTY !

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