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Aussie expat Troy Parry: I will not apologise because what I said still stands

Posted by temasektimes on May 10, 2012

Instead of apologizing to Singaporeans for hurting their feelings for his unwarranted outburst that Singaporeans who asked him if he has served National Service are all ‘MORONS’, Australian expatriate Troy Parry said he will stand by his words.

Parry has earlier chided Singaporeans to stop behaving like ‘babies’ prompting a sharp rebuke from a Singapore NSman Dennis Chua who asked him to ‘shut up’ if he did not serve National Service:

Dennis’ words touched a raw nerve on Parry who replied callously:

“‎Have you served National Service in Singapore?” <— that’s the only thing that SINGAPOREANS can ever retaliate with. What if I have? My opinion is still the same. What if a female made the same comment? MORONS…”

In a clarification posted on Facebook, Troy Parry insists that his words were taken out of context:

He also refused to apologize:

According to information posted on his linkedin account, Troy is currently working as an independent Information Technology and Services professional:

Mr Troy Parry who claimed he is now working in the Singapore Police Force, has since lodged several complaints to Facebook and Media Development Authority of Singapore to close down those Facebooks which dared to criticize him.


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31 Responses to “Aussie expat Troy Parry: I will not apologise because what I said still stands”

  1. Ken Lee said


  2. He’s Aussie. What else would you expect?
    You do know where the White population of Oz came from right?

  3. sweetbean said

    I don’t think the point is if he should serve NS or not. The comment he made was “What if I have? My opinion will still be the same”. That’s like saying I don’t like cheesecake but even if I tried it I still wouldn’t like it. No one can really know how they feel until they have been through something. Even when I listen to my husband relate his army experience I cannot ever say I fully understand. It changes you in some way, definitely the feeling of understanding the role one plays in defending one’s homeland, the sacrifice, the national pride. Troy will not know how that feels unless he has served. So it’s just a bit frivolous to say his opinion would be the same regardless.

  4. Blood suckers said

    Never mind. Our prime minister likes to be called dog and moron one.

  5. mika said

    why doesn’t this explain as to what ignited the conversation?
    what was the intention of carlo miao miao asking Troy about the national service? was he getting a miao miao back?
    How do you really know he’s lodged a complaint? did you get a copy of the complaint?
    if you don’t really know why is the relevant?
    To respect Troy’s privacy, why would you place his Linked In profile there?

  6. Big V said

    I agree with you Troy. Tr has absolute sub standard articles.Seems to me that they are always out to stir the pot and cause a shit storm,
    but you`ve never been in the army against your will whereas I have,…I would suggest your comments about NS/NS men are not appropriate.
    TR is a real good place to bitch though!!!This coming from a Singaporean.
    Common TR a higher standard of reporting is required. You guys are absolute SHITE!!!.

    • Sinkie bapok said

      Whats the big deal abt serving ns? Ns is all about wayang…wat have those sgearns boys learn in ns? They only learn hw to ,how to take mc,hw to Siam and how to be on the ball when their superior is around…and read the news,everyday can read sgearns getting beaten or kill by foreigners in their own turf, u think this useless buggers can defend spore? They can’t even protect themselves

  7. alan said

    I do agree with Troy . Stop whining and shaming Singapore.No one owe you a living , want a better life fight for it.

    • Singapore said

      I hope there is no riot. Once people are extremely unhappy and the leaders still insist they are right, there might be riot. The fact is people are willing to take the chance to get the job, but foreign hr might be unfair. Singapore is threading on a danger zone. It really worries me when the government can’t empathize and Singaporeans get frustrated. If u read history, riots happen when people feel there is nothing to lose yet the leaders still don’t care and disagree with wat u say.

  8. sweetbean said

    Anyway Troy, just to let you know, your posts are LEGIBLE but I’m not sure if you ELIGIBLE for NS:)

  9. Lee said

    Yeah man, TR is absolutely shit. Shit articles, shit behavior, shit agenda. Before, I actually enjoyed visiting TR’s site because they offered something refreshing, a different side to the same old ST news… Now, it’s just shit foreigners this shit foreigners that. As a Singaporean, I feel disgusted by how cheap TR has become. And the people who hide behind their screens and point fingers at FTs and rise up in a rage storm when NS comes up. Bitch please, NS is a duty that you serve for your country. Whether war time or peace time, Singapore is ours to defend. This is our country. It might be small but this piece of land is rightfully ours and nobody can say it’s not. John F Kennedy said “Think not of what the country can do for you but what YOU can do for your country” and I totally agree with him. If the PAP can do a lot more to protect us from economic competition from foreigners, I can damn sure tell you that our men and women can do a hell lot more to contribute back to our own country. Finally, the truth of the matter is that we need the foreigners here for business. What we have to do is to work around that and make sure they don’t use us. We use them. We suck out whatever good they have and trump them. Or else we’ll fail and sit around blaming them all the time. Where’s our national pride? Can’t we see it more often instead of only on 9 August???

  10. such is the immature nature of our so-called foreign “talent”

  11. Pl pull up your socks, TR! said

    TR, u have lost your mandate and u r turning ur popular position to the wind…what is going on?!!! I was following u guys for the longest time and was very pleased with ur lead and news until recently when u guys are embroiling with individuals and focusing over trivals and slanted spin on seemingly gutter topics that are neither newsworthy or intellligent. It seems u guys at TR has taken a change in identify. If u r, pleasestop n head back to the TR we all have all the respect for.
    All the best and hope u guys @ TR will regain the tip-top position last last May.
    Oh btw, kindly leave Troy Parry alone, dun think he is wrong afterall. And lets not get personal…Cheers!

  12. mel said

    his good friend..billy ong supports him too…
    fcuk you billy ong!!!
    you dog!!!!! this coming from a sporean!!

  13. Shawn the Train said

    No such staff at SPF!!

  14. Never Mind What They Think said

    Attention to all foreigners – please keep your big mouths tightly shut until you acquire Singaporean citizenship.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  15. Family Man said

    Haiz….. more foreign lowlife crap…..

    This time it’s an unemployed Aussie talking big. Just gives more fuel to those opposing the BS on foreign talent… or more appropriately…. TRASH

    After all, Australia was where the Great Britain dumped their TRASH…. LOL

  16. Native S'porean also Aust PR said

    Your Aust Govt wants Aust PRs who live and work in Aust to follow the Aust way.
    Though S’pore Govt does not specifically state it due to whatever reasons but as a native S’porean who is also a Aust PR, I demand you to follow the S’pore way and clearly, it is NOT the S’pore way by calling S’poreans morons.
    You should learn from our PM Lee who apologised to his people (whether sincere or not) prior to polling day for GE2011.

  17. Jamie said

    Little white trash afraid of criticism? This White trashes can’t argue like a 38 year old grown man and has to resort to whining and begging MDA and facebook to shut down the accounts of those who criticize him. What’s wrong? Gonna cry like a baby?

  18. your comment is not justified as you are not citizen said

    If you have not “sign up” as Singaporean, and not fulfill your national liability, your comment is not justify as you are foreigner, and there is always conflict of interest.

  19. YOUMAD? said

    criticism…. hmm… seems like singaporeans cant take criticisms… no freedom of speech , high taxes , high COE , high everything. So what if he call singaporeans moron? Are you seriously patriotic? LOL singaporeans whines so much the country ( expensive houses , cars , lliterally everything ) and singaporeans get mad at foreigners calling us morons… -.- .. its the 21st century and i guess the government should wake up -.- .. putting every 18 year olds to national service for 2 years isnt gonna help you with anything. A nuclear weapon would be good enough to turn this country into a desert. HERES A BREAKDOWN FOR SINGAPOREANS

    – Singaporeans –

    1) Your mad because he’s probably right. ( He’s an expat , and singaporeans asked if he has served National Service -.-! )

    2) Your mad because you cant handle criticism. ( Patriotic much? -.- )

    3) Troy is probably living a better life than the average singaporeans.


  20. sibei iDL said

    oh cannot criticise, if not MDA will close your account. u IT expert mah, do it yourself la. hack into facebook and close all account that has your name on it. oh ya look for yacobb, he want code of conduct mah. put ur name as “do not comment” list, be part of the protocol lor.

  21. WP for hougang! said

    These are descendents of white trash convicts! Avoid these ‘untouchables’. They are at the lowest strata of our society!

    • YOUMAD? said

      [descendents of white trash convicts!]. And how do you know? Your asian descendents knew them?

      [ They are at the lowest strata of our society!].. LOL -.- … what society? i dont think singapore has even got a society. Look at a bigger picture.

  22. Clover said

    Oh so seriously mad is not enough for u. Only an idiot will call youmad? Pity u and your family.

    • YOUMAD? said

      [Only an idiot will call youmad?] <<>> my family? lol.. im actually living the life. I guess thats the reason why more singaporeans are moving abroad than living in this shithole. True story bruh. when your 50 , you’ll prolly be sweeping the floor.. look around you. unless your rich. which is why singaporeans move abroad when they have the chance or opportunity cause by the time they’re 50 , they will probably be rich and they live a stressless life. Dont be in denial. DEAL WITH IT.

  23. Clover said

    Hi fellow Singaporeans, just don’t patronize his photography business since we know what is his part time job and the bank tat he work. Since we know this trash has such low opinion of Singaporeans, just boycott his business. Sooner or later, he will leave Singapore.

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