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Low Thia Kiang praised WP’s ‘good’ performance in Parliament and Hougang

Posted by temasektimes on May 10, 2012

Despite rising dissatisfaction about its performance in parliament so far, Workers Party Chief Low Thia Kiang insists that the party’s MPs had ‘done well.’

After making several empty promises to Singaporeans during the election rallies last year to ‘slap’ the ‘co-driver’ (PAP) in parliament if it ‘falls asleep’, it appears that it’s WP MPs who are sleeping in parliament instead.

Not only did they not dare to hold the PAP accountable, they don’t even bother to take the effort to prepare their parliamentary speeches with Aljunied GRC MP Pritam Singh being caught with his pants down plagiarizing an online article wholesale to be used in his speech.

Speaking to queries from the media, Low Thia Kiang heaped generous self-praise unashamedly on WP’s performance:

“I wouldn’t say very well…Of course there will be some people who think that we have not been up to par but we promised to do our best and we have done so.”

He added that the Workers Party served Hougang residents ‘well’ even without a full-time MP after its ex-MP Yaw Shin Leong was sacked from the party for his refusal to address swirling rumors about his alleged extra-marital affairs with multiple female leaders in WP.

“(I) am satisfied to say that we done our best to serve the residents of Hougang in this period of time, that’s why I am confidently saying that we have not shortchanged Hougang residents. We have served them well even without an MP,” said Mr Low, who also boasted about WP’s ‘track record’ in Hougang for “over 20 years”.

On the impact of the Yaw Shin Leong scandal on the party’s chances in Hougang, Low Thia Kiang said Hougang residents have always ‘trusted’ WP to produce ‘quality candidates’.

Yaw Shin Leong was a protege of Low whom he groomed carefully to take over him in Hougang for ten years. During an election rally in Hougang in 2011, Low promised Hougang residents that WP will never abandon them. Less than a year later, Hougang residents were left without a MP and had to be taken care by PAP grassroots leader Desmond Choo instead.


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13 Responses to “Low Thia Kiang praised WP’s ‘good’ performance in Parliament and Hougang”

  1. James Tan said

    Please produce the full report and not just extract certain part and put an incorrect heading to confuse the people.

  2. beenthereseenit said

    1. WP did not abandon Hougang. They sacked an MP they felt was not up to good moral standards. They rather jeopardize their hold on Hougang than give the residents a half-baked MP. Just by this action shows they will operate with integrity over self-interest.

    2. Desmond Choo wasn’t the only one working in Hougang. WP continues to serves Hougang with their other MPs and members.

  3. pay said

    What dissatisfaction are you talking about? I think wp did the best thing by not blabbering about mushrooms and pizzas and looking stupid on social media. They simply let the incumbant implode by themselves!

  4. Prataman said

    TT. It seems very strange, but you are beginning to sound very much like that political whore GMS.

    For all we know, you are him.

    Are you ??

  5. Ken Lee said

  6. Jaded said

    why is Temasek Times so biased against WP?

  7. Jmm Limm said

    Interesting how words can be twisted to serve a twisted agenda…

  8. What's Up? said

    Seems like this site has an axe to grind against WP with yet another ST style of report!
    Am gonna cross over to the other Temasek.

  9. Lol said

    TT, I know the person writing this has his/her own political views and likes. But at least try to be neutral!! Else you will end up like some PRO-you-know-who blogs.

  10. Singaporean said

    To put PAP above an opposition party WP really says how much about you.

  11. box said

    I live in serangoon and i can confidently tell you that WP is a much better party to run your estate than PAP. First you don’t need all that red tape to see your MP and made to feel small. The estate is much cleaner than when PAP was running it.

    To Hougang resident, my hope is that you will have WP win it again. Once PAP wins it, it will do a lot ofr the estate for a short while but after that, you will be taken for granted again. But if you vote WP, you will always be looked after by a PAP yes man in addition to the WP MP who will voice the concerns of Singaporeans.

  12. Henry said

    Again, this editorial has lowered your credibility by another notch. Be careful!

  13. Bai Hu said

    So biased reporting. I sometimes wonder if TR is just a mole planted by PAP to discredit WP & other opposition parties. From now on, i won’t even bother to read TR news.

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