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Low Thia Kiang ‘satisfied’ that other opposition parties are not contesting in Hougang

Posted by temasektimes on May 10, 2012

The leader of the Singapore opposition Low Thia Kiang from the Workers Party has expressed his ‘satisfaction’ that the other opposition parties have decided not to contest in the Hougang by-election, leaving it as a straight fight between the PAP and WP.

The government has called for a by-election in Hougang on 26 May after its former WP MP Yaw Shin Leong was sacked unceremoniously from WP for his refusal to clarify swirling rumors surrounding his alleged extramarital affairs with multiple female leaders in the party including two who contested in last year’s General Election.

Though some Hougang residents have expressed their wish to see another opposition party contest in Hougang after being betrayed by the Workers Party, other parties have declared that they would not contest in Hougang out of fear of antagonizing WP which is now the strongest opposition party in Singapore.

In an interview with Yahoo News on the decision made by NSP, SPP and SDP not to contest in Hougang, Low Thia Kiang replied in an arrogant tone:

 “I appreciate that they understand that it’s not good to have three-cornered fight”.

Three days earlier, WP Chairman Sylvia Lim has publicly declared in an interview in Lianhe Zaobao that WP will contest in Tampines and Marine Parade GRCs in the next General Election which were contested by NSP in the previous election.

“It’s only natural that the Workers Party concentrate on constituencies in the eastern part of Singapore so as to leverage on its limited resources,” she was reported as saying.

However, some opposition supporters are disappointed by the other parties’ decision not to contest in Hougang one of whom ‘Ah Boyle’ wrote on Facebook:

“I won’t support a party that broke its promise, didn’t give any proper account, and bullies fellow Opposition Parties by invading others’ turfs. We supported it bcos there’re only 2 opp seats. Now that there’ll be at least 5 even if Hougang is lost, ic no need to help it win Hougang. The Parliament needs other opposition party.”


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18 Responses to “Low Thia Kiang ‘satisfied’ that other opposition parties are not contesting in Hougang”

  1. sibei iDL said

    biased reporting again. seriously, did YSL snatch gf of the editor of TR here

    • Bai Hu said

      Yes, i agree with u. TR might be another branch of media working under SPH. We might not know the real motive behind that.

  2. tccs said

    Stop bedeviling LTK will you TRE? I am not fanatic about LTK but its easy to see a 3 corner fight who win but the PAP isn’t it so why is TRE promoting so hard for more parties to get into the contest?

  3. No Can Do said

    Shit article slanted against WP and pro-Opp divisiveness to PAPies’ advantage.
    Why is TT allowing this writer to post his trash ever so often? He shd reveal himself (or herself) for real flamming by netizens for his copycat shitty mainstream ST’s style of snide remarks about Sylvia Lim and Low TK.

  4. fpc said

    syvia lim tmpinese talk is a decoy

  5. Henry said

    It is important to have the best team to drive up SIngapore’s economy and enable our livelihood – the best talents who can understand and deliver us from our current woes. I disagree that more opposition parties is good for Singapore. We are too small to be “too” divided; on the other hand, singular and unilateral leadership behaviour would have to be a thing of the past. As our society matures, and becomes more educated, “Father” needs a council, not make decisions from the glass tower. I find it intriguing that the By-elections is called suddenly after constant denials and a court case pending. Why waste all the time and money when the decision is clear. We need a leadership who is transparent … I sigh in reflection …

  6. Ah Long said

    I am not WP supporter, but it’s clear that the article above is anti-WP.
    To Temasektimes, could you please state which party do you support, so then the readers understand your stances?

    Mod’s reply:

    We do not support any party. Articles are written by freelance writers whom we have no control over.

  7. Observer said

    I rather have worker’s party than PAP win Hougang. However temasek times would rather have PAP win Hougang than WP. Even Temasek Times detest WP, PAP already has more than 90% of the seats in parliament. Stop promoting Desmond Choo, temasek times!

  8. Family Man said

    In paragraph 4, just wondering how the writer (temasektimes) determined the tone to be “arrogant”. Writers should keep news reporting to facts as unbiased as possible. Opinions can be posted as seperate articles by independent individuals, otherwise your (temasetimes) credibility for new reporting will be lost.

  9. beenthereseenit said

    I disagree that Singapore is too small to have opposition parties in parliament. Opposing voices keep political parties in check and accountable. Look and New Zealand and Denmark, are they not as small as Sngapore? Their coalition government ensures citizens’ voices are heard and individual political parties don’t just run with their ideology without considering the the wider issues for the citizens.

  10. Kenny said

    What do you mean you have no control over articles written by freelance writers, Temasek Times? You allow them to post ANYTHING on your website?! You have a choice, fire that writer! For god sake, we are alway firing at ST and TNP on their biased reports and here we have at TT, the same kind of journalism and report. Extremely disappointed in this kind of report by TT, Pls make sure your own courtyard is clean before you point fingers at others, Temasek Times!

  11. @ No Can Do above: agree with u the writer of this article shd be exposed for flamming or praise as due.
    Despite Moderator’s denial that TT has no control over contributors, surely there wld be some control over main articles posted, as even our comments are moderated. So, Moderator, why not be transparent to let netizens know who is the article writer as he/she is invaribaly anti-WP and pro-Opp dissunity.

  12. PAP Stool Pigeon said

    Desmond Choo for Hougang! WP leadership is neither competent nor transparent. It’s full of Casanovas and quitters!
    Desmond Choo for Hougang!
    Long life Temasek Times!

    To learn more about Desmond Choo, please visit his Facebook

  13. HG said

    Listen and listen good TR. The aim is to get anybody, anything dead of alive to defeat PAP.

    Do not try to create trouble between WP and other opposition parties.When PAP is no longer the government, fine we can analyze which opposition party should take us forward.

    For now, its to ensure PAP stays the main enemy. Any deviation from this only means there is some strange agenda that will surely require the question about this site.

  14. Mr K said

    Your absolute move of WP to go over to the East may take on……..Aljunied,Hougang may be the main power base to expand it right over………A sacrifice to ensure that it may also take on Tampines and Marine Parade GRCs too if it’s no surprise……….Besides NSP had done not too badly enough……
    So besides them,I suggest Pasir Ris-Punggol may be better as it is much closer to Aljunied and it also has a lot of younger fellas there…..Yishun would remain,AND Jalan Besar should be ceded to NSP then……………..DONT take on Tanjong Pagar ok,as this would be SDP’s first conquest….And so do Bishan as it is SPP’s territory and closer proximited to Potong Pasir….Should you also take on AMK BRAVELY,or Kenneth J of Reform or initially SDP may take on PM Lee???

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