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Workers Party unveils Png Eng Huat as its candidate for Hougang by-election

Posted by temasektimes on May 10, 2012

As expected, the Workers Party has unveiled its Central Executive Council member Png Eng Huat as its candidate for the Hougang by-election this afternoon during a press conference at the party headquarters.

Mr Png has been widely tipped to be fielded in Hougang after he was transferred from Aljunied-Hougang Town Council to head the Hougang Constituency Committee – the grassroots arm of the Workers Party in Hougang.

The Singapore government has called for a by-election in Hougang to be held on 26 May. The seat was left vacant after its ex-WP MP Yaw Shin Leong was sacked from the party for refusing to address rumors about his alleged extramarital affairs with multiple married women, including two female leaders in WP.

Though Mr Png contested in last year’s General Election as part of the WP’s team in East Coast GRC, very little is known about him except that he graduated from a private college in the United States and is currently a businessman.

The PAP has earlier unveiled its grassroots leader in Hougang Desmond Choo Pey Ching as its candidate for the by-election.

Despite the hard work and efforts put in by Mr Choo to serve Hougang residents in the absence of Yaw, many political observers and media outlets have written off his chances, including supposedly ‘neutral’ Yahoo News which predicts an ‘easy victory’ for WP.

To learn more about Mr Choo, please visit his Facebook page here.


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12 Responses to “Workers Party unveils Png Eng Huat as its candidate for Hougang by-election”

  1. wmulew said

    Mr Png gives East Coast GRC the middle finger and hops to Hougang. This is another fine example of opposition “commitment” to the cause. They will commit to any place which they deem as easy meat. Vs PAP candidates like Sitoh and Desmond who keeps working at the same place despite losing.

    • pay said

      You mean after all the pap support desmond still loose?… i mean….wait a minute, i saw what i did there.

    • Ken Lee said

      hee PAP candidates like Sitoh and Desmond got no more place to go! can’t enter the million dollar club, so have to cling to the place! hoping people would vote for him!
      my side GRC every Monday got meet the grassroots leader section! what about you?

  2. Ken Lee said

    did he give out free teochew porridge ??!! or just give some yew tuo to go with it?

  3. tccs said

    Desmond Choo hard work? Give me a break. I stay near Hougang and Desmond has been missing since the last GE surfacing recently only after Yaw scandal broke.

  4. TLP said

    TT is so blatantly biased against WP. You write an article on Png but close the paragraph with “to learn more about Choo, visit website…” LMAO
    Are you going to write one on Desmond and close it with ‘to learn more about Png, visit website..”

    TT – you are stooping too low now. People can boycott them as Troy Perry said. I don’t support more FTs here, but you certainly has turned one more reader like me away.

  5. Stirrer said


  6. Aberdyn said

    Png Eng Huat has been working the ground for quite sometime already and blended himself well with the people of Hougang and for that it is a good signs that he can make it without any problem to gain a good support from the constituent of Hougang. He should be able to do his job to improve the life of Houngangers if he is elected.Of course he has a got allot of work to do in order to gain the support and confidence of the electorate, and this can be achieved and done when he is chosen by the people to represent them in parliament. In my opinion, Mr Png is a suitable candidate to contest in this by-election in the constituency of Hougang SMC.

    I don’t see any hindrance t o a WP winning the by-election if we to put into consideration of the Workers’ Party track record in Hougang. After all the Hougang ward had been held for so long in about twenty long years its MP Mr Low Thia Khiang holding that fortress until he move to Aljunied GRC in the recent GE 2011. So, for the people of Hougang it is a legacy and tradition to stay with the opposition in full of awareness of what is democracy is all about for their rights to choose a representative in parliament.

    They are fully aware of their duty as a citizens who they think could voice up for them and see to the avenues to an alternatives that can lead to a better formulation and discussion that the opposition can brought forward where else the ruling party are not. So, the people of Houngang is an intelligent lot and want a more robust parliament with good and reliable opposition members that can speak up for them on matters of importance especially policies that is directly affecting their life as a citizens.

    This is critical because without an opposition in parliament absolutely they will be no check and balance mechanism to put a close scrutiny on the ruling government on the rationality of policies implemented. So, ultimately, with the present of more opposition in parliament it makes the the legislative assembly more productive and vibrant with mix of ideas blended together and the end result would be a fist rate parliament mandated, given its citizens a better life.

  7. Marie said

    TT – downright despicable!!!! Change my mind by putting PEH link on DC page immediately.

  8. HG said

    Go Mr Png. I am behind you all the way. I will make it my responsibility to tell at least 10 of my neighbors every day about voting for you.

    We will boo this Desmond everytime he comes around. Down with PAP!!

  9. dass said

    I live in Hougang and Mr Png has dropped by my doorstep twice already while Choo has been missing in action since the last GE . Make of that what you will.

  10. jaded said

    wp has been around in hougang always unlike Desmond choo who come in at the last minute. temasek times, why you so biased against wp?

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