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Ex-SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa blames ‘external factors’ for frequent breakdowns

Posted by temasektimes on May 11, 2012

Uncontrollable ‘external’ factors are responsible for the frequent breakdowns of SMRT trains in recent years, said SMRT’s CEO Saw Phaik Hwa in her first appearance at the Commission of Inquiry convened to look into the two major train disruptions last year.

Ms Saw attributed the train faults to many reasons such as the half-height platform doors which were installed lately to work in sync with the signalling system as well as a bug with new trains that are introduced into the system.

“Higher train frequencies and rainy weather can also cause track faults, due to the design of the current signalling system. If not for these factors, I think our performance would not be affected,” she added.

Ms Saw also revealed that SMRT had initially wanted to halt train service for further checks after the first major train breakdown on 15 December lat year but was directed by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to ‘resume services as soon as possible.’

Once the pride of modern Singapore, SMRT is now being a laughing stock in the world with train disruptions and breakdowns on a nearly daily basis.



12 Responses to “Ex-SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa blames ‘external factors’ for frequent breakdowns”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    Declare big fat profits, collect big fat salaries and bonuses…but balme all and any failures on others….that is the best way to go..

    • stevenado said

      Well said!! Show good annual well and shit well.Start to blame others for not clearing the shit!!!Another foreign talent…

  2. Jaded said

    bloody cheek of her, due to her incompetence still want to push to others…

  3. Stirrer said

    She’s blaming PAP for importing all the filthy foreigners from 3rd world countries to crowd up the fucking island, resulting in higher train frequencies! Bitch, rain is not something new, it’s been around even before you were a salesgirl in DFS.

  4. convenient excuses said

    “higher train frequencies and rainy weather can also cause track faults”

    1) higher train frequencies

    that’s common sense. the more something is utilised, the more incidences of faults IF all other factors remain constant. given how crowded sg is now, higher train frequencies are essential. yet as reported in the news today, the budget allocated for maintenance did not rise in line with train frequency. in fact, it was reported it hardly changed since 2002. had the maintenance budget rose in line with train frequencies, the number of breakdowns should remain somewhat constant. so “higher train frequencies” isn’t to blame. what’s to blame is the failure to allocate a bigger budget to maintenance and upgrading.

    2) rainy weather

    does it rain in the tunnels? but I’m not an expert in railway systems, so maybe it somehow affects.

    but that aside, it has been raining since the day the first mrt was built almost 3 decades ago. unless the quality and quantity of the rain the past year was somehow different from the past 3 decades.

    the likely reason is the rain contributed to general wear and tear (duh). but that applies to everything that’s exposed to the elements. again, the rain isn’t at fault. what’s at fault is SMRT’s failure to change old equipment before they completely fail.

  5. 'Mk Chin said

    Blame it on the stars, Blame it on the moon…. Whatever we do, don’t put the blame on SMRT 😉

  6. A G Young said

    There are abundant of ENERGETIC RETIREES and PMET require a job in Singapore! Why recruit FT who can hardly utter a word in English to be a train driver? Who is to be blame?

  7. mr bean said

    I am rather disappointed SawPH did not arrive in the same grand manner, Cleopatra-style, to attend the COI……
    and perhaps depart in the same manner as well.

    Loyal SMRT staff should plan this for Saw at her next visit to the COI but must bear in mind to compensate for any increase in load….

    • spotlessleopard said

      On my part i feel sorry for those 8 semi naked young men who were so roundly humiliated into carrying her into the Grand ballroom on a Cleopatra’s Sedan Throne…..Shameless self aggrandizing, self centred delusional woman… half baked excuses for her failures… I fear I may unwittingly be buying half baked bread.

  8. sibei iDL said

    10-20yrs ago singapore never rain, like desert like that. that’s why mrt never spoil.

    u run for higher frequency, did u not earn bigger dollars there? it is most economical to run1 train an hour and everyone squeeze like sardines or worse, sardine mash. u knew u got higher freq, but the maintenance did not keep up with it.

    it is just like saying u change from toyota to bmw 7 series. if the oil capacity did not increase i think 100 petrol dollar a month should be enough.

    please la does common sense prevails nowadays?

  9. Just cannot imagine Singapore getting a half baked CEO sitting in on SMRT. What kind of woman IS SHE blaming on anything she can get hold of, even all the Gods in the World EXCEPT HERSELF, BLUDDY BITCH.

  10. Gim C Soh said

    Some insiders said that SMRT used to subcontract out the maintenance jobs but lately, they decided to DIY themselves without the nec experience in order to cut cost.. Just imagine a main contractor decided to do everything himself, what would be the end result? BREAKDOWN!

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