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Political observers predict ‘easy victory’ for Workers Party in Hougang

Posted by temasektimes on May 11, 2012

Even before the by-election is held in Hougang, political observers interviewed by Yahoo News are all predicting an ‘easy victory’ for the Workers Party as Hougang is considered a ‘safe seat’ for it.

The PAP will be fielding its losing candidate for the last General Election in Hougang Desmond Choo against the Workers Party’s veteran leader Png Eng Huat.

Political observer Derek da Cunha said WP is likely to win the seat ‘quite handily even if there is a multi-cornered fight.’

“We have to keep in mind that this has been a WP stronghold for two decades. The WP’s hammer symbol is highly recognisable in Hougang and voter sentiment there remains very favourable towards the WP, notwithstanding the Yaw Shin Leong episode.” he added.

Singapore Management University political science lecturer Bridget Welsh predicts a ‘tough’ contest for the PAP in what is known as a WP ‘safe’ seat.

Her views were shared by fellow lecturer and Nominated MP Eugene Tan who predicts a victory for WP in Hougang:

“I think they’re confident that their branding that they’ve nurtured for more than 20 years in Hougang would be able to provide sufficient lift for Mr Png,” he noted.

PAP leaders are also not optimistic of Mr Choo’s chances in Hougang with Minister of State for National Development Tan Chuan Jin describing him as an ‘underdog’.

WP supporters have already popped the champagne to celebrate WP’s likely victory with many predicting that it will win by a greater margin this time.


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8 Responses to “Political observers predict ‘easy victory’ for Workers Party in Hougang”

  1. WPforever said

    I worked with Png Eng Huat during my time volunteering at Kaki Bukit Meet-the-People (MPS) Sessions, where he assists every Wed for WP MP Faisal Bin Manap. Png strikes me as a very affable and down-to-earth person . He will be the first one to turn up every MPS session to bring the office stationery and logistical items which he packs in the boot of his small Japanese car and will help to unload them, set up the tables, chairs, posters and signages to be used for each MPS session. Sometimes, when us volunteers are late, Mr Png will do this singlehandedly just to ensure that the MPS will start duly and on-time.
    Mr.Png will then guide and mentor each and every volunteers on how to write the appeals, screen them and interview the residents before they meet their MP (all done at the sparse void deck of Blk 550 Bedok North St 1 whilst the shiny new air-conditioned offices of the CCC or Citizens’ Consultative Committee office glistens pristinely opposite us but beyond the reach and usage of the WP MP’s usage!).
    Despite the lack of facilities accorded to the WP MP and his team, new volunteers kept popping out every week and trusty Png and MP Faisal will always welcome and guide everyone on every single detail of the MPS session’s work and on-goings. Wow, it truly is hard work sometimes but there is always the “celebratory” McDonalds treat (situated opposite the void deck) by Png & MP Faisal to look forward to at the end of each MPS, even if the MPS sometimes end way past midnight!
    Also, as it is every month on food rationing day for needy residents, Png will be there at Block 545 together with those wonderful helpers from the Lions Club to help co-ordinate and give out the monthly free rations to those gleeful needy residents of Kaki Bukit Constituency. Amongst other things, I can safely say that Mr Png comes across as a truly caring person who is unassuming yet works hard incessantly and he certainly interacts extremely well with residents and the heartlanders of the constituency. I guess the Workers’ Party do carefully pick their core team members to possess great dedication and have a true sense of service to the ordinary folks of Singapore! Given his qualities just from what I observed in a short space of time, I am sure Mr Png will connect very well with the people of Hougang and I feel proud that he was selected by Mr Low Thia Khiang to nominate him for the vacant Hougang seat. Well done Mr Png and looking forward to seeing you in Parliament as Hougang’s representative!
    I will be there on Nomination Day to cheer on Png Eng Huat and WP. I sincerely hope the people of Hougang stay steadfast in their faith in the WP and never give in to the empty promises of the indulgent PAP who truly has let the whole of Singapore down with their rampant mony mongering policies (I am a 50 yr old Sinkie who is an overseas grad but now driving taxi as a result of being jobless for many yrs).

  2. Overseas grad said

    Dear 50 yrs old overseas grad, you should have applied for PR from the country which had given you the degree.
    I am 40 yrs old now also an overseas grad, I have applied for my PR in Nov 2011 after PAP won GE2011 and PAP endorsed candidate won PE2011 despite of winning only by 35% votes (even a primary school going kid also understand that anything below 50% is considered FAIL). I am lucky to get my PR visa granted in Feb 2012 if not I will miss the boat due to my age to apply as a skilled migrant.

    • I Love WP! said

      Lucky you… Many other Sinkaporean were not so lucky as u r..

      • Overseas Grad said

        I must thank PAP and its endorsed candidate for winning GE2011 and PE2011, if not I may not go ahead to apply for my PR.
        It is sad that native degree holders especially those with overseas degree ended up driving taxi in S’pore after serving their NS and reservist while their jobs go to FTs.
        I look forward to start a new life in a REAL first world country even though I may be a second class citizen there. What is so good to be a first class citizen and a majority in S’pore receiving a third class treatment and enjoying a third class standard of living?
        God bless S’pore and 39.9% S’poreans.

  3. newbie said

    Mr Png may not be big on showy stuff but he is sincere. That’s the difference between WP and PAP. Everything PAP does (even its with your money), they will advertise it as how great they are. Look at Desmond Choo.

    Remember when you vote. Think of the substance not the glamour.

  4. Old Singaporean said

    PAP will use the same old tactics to “bribe” Hougang residents by promising goodies and rebates…..and If Demond Choo wins, all the Hougang people will suffer even you vote for PAP.

    Hougang people will lose all the special attention……

    Remember PM Lee “look down and impateient” at first when asked for by-election….” We have many other important things (than by-election)….”. He did not care about the wellbeing as a whole…..but when Hougang’s resident “making noise” even go for “court-case”, things change….. See how important you are if you remain as opposition party…


    if Hougang belongs to PAP, by-election will not happen at all even “”PAP hougang MP”” request as the PAP mastermind will stop and ask “PAP hougang MP” to “shut his mouth”…..and the PAP puppets MP cannot do any thing…

    So, Hougang residents, it is for your own good to have opposition party to serve you and you will have the direct access to Parliament to voice your concern but if under PAP, your voice will never ever go to parliament as there are many layers to screen thru and those affect “reputation of PAP like jobless due to pro-foreigner policy” will not voice in the parliament….

    So, Hougang residents, please help yourselve and your next generation as well as for us the 40% singaporean who need your help to by-pass our PAP MP “here sitting here do not know what to do” …….

  5. Magdalene Ruben said

    First of all, we (citizens of this country) have to thank Mdm Vellama, a very courageous citizen with the assistance of her lawyer, MR RAVI helped in making this B-E come TRUE.

    I agree with TRE reader ‘Newbie’ comments, though I’ve not met Mr Png in person, I learned from acquaintances that he’s a cheerful, approachable and patient in helping out during each n every MP Meeting People sessions.

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