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Subhas Anandan to offer free legal aid to Hougang residents if Desmond Choo is elected

Posted by temasektimes on May 11, 2012

Prominent criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan has joined in the fray in Hougang by promising to set up a legal bureau at Hougang Community Club to offer free legal aid to Hougang residents if PAP candidate Desmond Choo wins the by-election on 26 May!

Mr Subhas Anandan added that he will rope in a few lawyer friends of his to volunteer at the proposed legal bureau as well. Mr Desmond Choo mooted the idea of providing free legal services to Hougang residents after he learned that some of them require legal advice, but were unable to afford the legal fees.

The seat of Hougang was left vacant after its former MP Yaw Shin Leong was sacked from the party for his refusal to address swirling rumors around his alleged extramarital affairs with multiple married women including two female leaders in WP.

In his absence, Mr Desmond Choo who is also the PAP grassroots leader for Hougang has been serving the residents faithfully by conducting weekly ‘tea-party’ sessions at Hougang Community Club.

The Workers Party has announced veteran leader Png Eng Huat as the candidate for the by-election. Mr Png contested in East Coast GRC in the General Election last year where his team garnered 45% of the votes.

Many political observers are predicting an ‘easy victory’ for the Workers Party in its stronghold with Yahoo News already proclaiming the WP candidate as the likely winner even before a single vote is cast.

Meanwhile, WP supporters are having a field day attacking and ridiculing Mr Choo with some even saying that he may lose his electoral deposit.


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43 Responses to “Subhas Anandan to offer free legal aid to Hougang residents if Desmond Choo is elected”

  1. FanaticD said

    Hmm.. what other freebies will PAP throw in?
    considering that other places that vote for PAP, are they getting so much things in return? is this fair to those who vote for them? hahaha.. makes them look like a fool now.

    I bet that if desmond choo loses, hougang will get even more freebies

    • Old Singaporean said

      Vote WP and make the goondu keep on giving Hougang ppl free porridge, hearing aids and other freebies. That’s the wise move.

  2. Stirrer said

    Sure or not?
    PAP also promise heaven and earth before election time.
    After election time, all I see is hell.
    Don’t talk with CB can?

  3. Saycheese said

    PAP sure win if there are more poor murderers and rapist than law abiding citizens there.

  4. LkySi said

    Subhas Anandan is trying to carry PAP’s balls. Too bad he wont be made Senior Counsel

    • christine said

      He just might be after this!

    • biccherry said

      You eventually would if U try hard enough I think.

      By choosing to apply his legal knowledge in a politically partisan manner, Mr Subhas is showing that his legal experience and expertise is not beyond common commoditization. Mr Suhbas is thus being unprofessional in the overt use of his professional qualifications in an obviously politically partisan manner.

      In Singapore, politics seems to override the law. Perhaps an association with the ruling party helps criminals get off the hook scot free.

      Shame on politics in Singapore, shame on Mr Suhbas Anandan, Shame on the legal profession of whom Mr Suhbas is a prominent member if not leader.

      Just my 2c.

    • Bai Hu said

      This stupid ‘Justice Bao’ look-alike always wanna snatch the limelight by taking cases of unlikely people like Chuan Yifeng, others hard-cored criminals like that. I dunno what he is up to.

  5. Never Mind What They Think said

    Is this kind of thing legal?

  6. Anon said

    The Singapore Law Society is already offering this pro bono legal service, but I guess not many people know about it:

    • joeaudar said

      but why ONLY IF Desmond Choo wins? Is this a form of vote buying> Favouring just one political Party. We are not legally trained.

  7. Hsien Liao La said

    who is this subhas? Go WP Go!

  8. LCW said

    Is Subhas saying he will NOT defend needy residents from Hougang if PAP fails to win Hougang again?

    Cannot be right?

    Anyone has access to the Legal Aid Bureau, it’s not restricted to geographical locations/constituencies.

    And Subhas is known to take up pro-bono cases as long as it is controversial.
    He has even defended non-Singaporeans.
    E.g.. Took Leng How in the Huang Na case was Malaysian.
    I’m sure Took didn’t have to vote for PAP to ‘qualify’ for Subhas’ help;

  9. Ace Lee said

    “A fool judges people by the presents they give him.”

  10. speechless said

    i dun understand.. wat is the purpose to provide legal services to HG residents? they got so many ppl to sue? i thought such services should be part of some welfare?

    suddenly feel that if our constituency is under opposition party, we no like… not ‘Singaporeans’…

  11. Jaded said

    why is Subhas Anandan helping the pappies? Just lost all respect for him…

  12. Ken Lee said

    free legal aid ?? legal?? Promise And Promise , but did they do it? one more million coming in to Singapore! no matter what we say no hwiew ! still vote for them?
    Subhas Anandan want to change to gov lawyer that do the charge charge instead of defense!

  13. reciprocity said

    That was a very cheap advertisement Subhas Anandan has put up trying to offer free legal aid services

    Why don’t he advertise this,his jargon in the Straits Times Press which is much more in wider circulation and with no cost at all,”FREE”

    Tell S/Adandan don’t insult the intel of Hougang Electorates

  14. xiaokia said

    Eh, Temasek Times, you are obviously misleading the rest of us here. Where in the world did the article say that the legal aid would be offered only IF Desmond gets elected? Better check your eyesight or your command of Mandarin. The legal aid will start on 15 May and continue from there regardless of whether Desmond wins or not. So, stop stirring shit yah Temasek Times.

  15. Gorillacury said

    If this is really for the benefit of the Hougang residents, shouldn’t he be offering free leagl services regardless of who win the by-election?

  16. Henry said

    You got a deal … Sambawang first, please. We also need it in Tampines Residence Centre … Don’t forget Joo Chiat … all these are PAP wards …. what is his number to call?

    • Henry said

      Hello, we also need free Legal Aid in our current PAP wards, not those yet to be won. Can these lawyers kindly talk to Charles, Lily and other PAP members about the arrangement quickly?

  17. kangaroo logic said

    History has shown that the people in Hougang do not take kindly to PAP’s way of using bribes or intimidation to gain votes. It remains to be seen whether Subhas Anandan’s offer can influence more votes for Desmond or actually trigger a collective response to humble him and his PAP.
    I am inclined to think Hougang voters share this sentiment, “we may not be rich like the elites, at least we have pride”

  18. Ron said

    If Desmond Choo is elected, I will offer free project management advice for upgrading work for Hougang. Yes, Hougang deserves to be under the PAP. It is legal for professionals to support the PAP. And the WP can also enlist other Professionals to offer their services via WP too.

  19. beenthereseenit said

    If Subhas really said that, he will be a great disappointment to SIngaporeans. One who wishes to do charity should do so with no strings attached. If there are strings attached, then it’s not charity. It’s bribery. Isn’t bribery a criminal act in Singapore? Can a lawyer knowingly break the law?

  20. clara said

    Hmm… so many untruths lingering and continues to viral. seems like people are not interested in truths, but are selective in fulfilling what they wish to listen… temasek times should review the source of their info too. ACLS will continue to support the legal clinic in Hougang regardless of whether Desmond Choo wins. In any sense, such legal clinics are really not at all new or unique to Hougang. Residents or whose friends have sought legal help from such legal clinics at their MPS are aware that these free legal clinics are also held in a few wards.

  21. aloysius12 said

    Wow, is PAP so desperate that it seeks the assistance of a member of the Law Society to tip the balance? Why free legal services to one ward, surely there will more cases of criminal activities with free legal services thrown in as a condition for a win for desmond!

  22. aloysius12 said

    Wow, Is PAP so desperate to seek the assistane of a member of the Law Society to tip the balance? I would rather see a fair “fight” and none of those “below the belt”. Thus PAP has honourably won!! Again why offer free legal services to this ward only? Are you anticipating a lot of criminal activities should Desmond win?

  23. What a joke! said

    I can’t help myself but to post this…

    It’s like buying laptop at IT show.
    If you buy, I give you free antivirus software.
    If you dun buy,
    I say wait wait wait, I give you 1 year extended warranty, upgrade ur RAM to 8 GB, free cooling pad and mouse, on top of that antivirus software.


  24. pngkueh_forever said

    I have lost respect for this lawyer, coming to offer his services pro bono at this juncture and proposed condition. No gentlemanly act leh …..

  25. sibei iDL said

    i used to have alot of respect for subhas (nice to see a gungho attitude lawyer who scold the prostitute hardcore) but now is giving perks to pap. if u want to give free legal clinic, everyone will welcome it with open arms, no matter what party or constituency.

  26. Magdalene Ruben said

    Yes, our TRE reader “KANGAROO LOGIC” comment, a spot- on truth about our HOUGANG residents as he expressed” we may not be rich like the Elites, at least we have PRIDE” Hope HOUGANG RESIDENTS will not get carried away…..

  27. Muthus said

    Subash Anandan was thrown into prison as the leader of the Sembawang Black Eagles Gang under the criminal temporary provisions Act. He was detained for secret society activities. Due to a massive cock-up by our illustrious Police Force, no one in authority was prepared to sign an extension of the detention order because his girlfriend was being screwed by the Police Inspector who was the IO of the case. That officer was subsequently sacked. The govt refused to give Subash citizenship for over 2 decades remaining stateless and out desperation he began to court the PAP. The fact that he was not granted citizenship was due to his past and that tells alot. This was despite numerous appeal.

    • pathfinder said

      Thanks for the revelation, but is’nt Subhas a citizen by birth ? or did he swim/float into spore from somewhere else ?
      The background explains why he is cutout for the current job.

      The moral of the story: can you trust a person who has made a deal with the devil?

  28. Anon said

    Editor, you may want to check this out –

  29. Magdalene Ruben said

    For your info, there’re several LAWYERS in this country who offer FREE
    Legal Advice before you can take up the case; so Hougang Residents don’t
    have to be panicky as if being harassed if they do not comply to.

    Find it a very naive way of offering FREE ‘Goodies’to lure ‘SIDES’.

  30. Bai Hu said

    Just wonder if this Justice Bao look-alike will care to take up the case of the Ferrari incident for the taxi-driver’s family. If he did not want to do it, then it seems to me that he does thinks for an agenda.

  31. biccherry said

    Oki, since the papers published his reply:

    The Straits Times; Published on May 15, 2012
    Free legal clinic not linked to by-election
    THE Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore (ACLS) was approached by Mr Desmond Choo and a mutual friend a few weeks ago to hold pro bono legal clinics at Hougang Community Centre, to assist residents of Hougang who required legal advice.
    It was subsequently decided that the ACLS will hold a free clinic at the community centre today. This decision was made before it was announced that there was going to be a by-election in Hougang on May 26.
    The ACLS clinic will be held notwithstanding the by-election announcement as it has no connection whatsoever with the by-election.
    For the avoidance of doubt, the ACLS will consider all requests for pro bono legal clinics from any organisation subject to our resources as we are a self-funding body.
    If citizens think that our legal clinic in Hougang is political, the facts stated above should put their minds at rest.
    The ACLS is not a political organisation and will not participate in any political activities.
    Subhas Anandan
    Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore
    Free legal clinic not linked to by-election

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