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Desmond Choo: I will serve Hougang residents for as long as it takes

Posted by temasektimes on May 12, 2012

Despite the odds clearly stacked against him, PAP candidate for Hougang Desmond Choo (pic left, Facebook) has declared his intention to continue serving Hougang residents for as long as it takes, even if he loses a few more times in the WP stronghold.

Many political analysts such as Derek Da Cunha and Eugene Tan have predicted an ‘easy’ victory for the Workers Party with Yahoo News going all the way out to promote WP candidate Png Eng Huat.

WP supporters have already popped the champagne to celebrate WP’s likely victory with many predicting that it will win by a greater margin this time.

Even PAP leaders like Teo Chee Hean and Tan Chuan-Jin have admitted that Mr Choo is the ‘underdog’ in the by-election.

In an interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Mr Choo said:

“So long there is still a need, I will stay on in Hougang to improve the lives of residents no matter how long it takes.”

(“只要还有这个需要(as long as it takes),只要我还能协助改善居民的生活,我都会留下。当然,最后必须由总理做出决定,但如果有得选,我会继续奋斗下去。”)

He reiterated that he is in Hougang for the long haul and has formulated several plans for the residents such as the Home Improvement Programme, adding that he has also fulfilled the election promises he made to Hougang voters last year such as giving free tuition to needy students and setting up a job hub to help unemployed residents.

The seat of Hougang was left vacant after its ex-WP MP Yaw Shin Leong was sacked from WP for his refusal to address swirling rumors about his alleged extramarital affairs with married women, including two female leaders of the party.


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9 Responses to “Desmond Choo: I will serve Hougang residents for as long as it takes”

  1. Henry said

    Welcome Mr MP-to-be … I am sure the voters will fulfill your wish, and let you ” …lose a few more times …” Please be patient; continue to serve us through a few more election rounds before we vote you in … Cheers

  2. sibei iDL said

    he requested liao, please adhere to his wishes. just be full-time grassroot advisor la scared he become MP he no time to serve HG residents. seems he doing very good job as grassroot leader, don’t disturb him ok?

  3. Stirrer said

    Let him lose then, if he win liao, he wouldn’t bother to do all these.

  4. SGsluts said

    desmond choo : if your wife is unable to cook, there is no point.

    he’s referring to all the useless spoilt sinkie bitches who only know how to eat, but cannot cook.

  5. Ken Lee said

    hope hougang bros and sisters know what they are doing!
    they are going to “upgrade” your over 20 year hdb flats leow!!

  6. Bulls said

    Once PAP wins..
    You will pay for that porridge! Even the bowl, chopsticks and spoons used will cost! Hearing aids will be ripped off your ears and you pay $500 for using them!

  7. Blood suckers said

    Now talk niah. Like all your other PAP moron dogs MPs (remember it is not me who started to call Singaporeans dogs and morons). When during election, can promise the sky moon stars sun, crying, apologizing, give freebies.

    When elected. All promises gone. Voice become silent.

    That is what the moron dogs are famous of doing.

  8. Utter Rubbish said

    Yawn.. Try harder

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