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NUH apologizes to family of late patient and pay compensation; but doctors did not do so

Posted by temasektimes on May 12, 2012

The National University Hospital (NUH) has issued an apology to the family of late Madam Heng Choon Noi for failing to pay ‘close attention’ and giving ‘reassuring care’ to her.

It also waived the $40,000 hospitalization bill and paid an undisclosed sum of money to her family as compensation.

In a statement released to the press, NUS said:

“We accept that it failed to give Madam Heng and her family the close attention and reassuring care that they deserved and has apologised unreservedly to the family for this.”

In October last year, Mdm Heng had undergone a heart-valve surgery at the National University Heart Centre as a private patient.

After she was moved from the intensive care unit to the general ward, her condition worsened, but when her sons tried to alert the two junior doctors on duties from 1am to 6am, they did little and refuse to contact the senior doctor despite numerous requests.

When her surgeon Dr Lee C.N. saw her in the morning, she was moved immediately to the intensive care unit again, but it was too late and she died from slow bleeding in her brain, according to a coroner’s finding.

Though NUH has apologized to the patient’s family, the two doctors – Tay Jia Sheng and Ng Hui Chong did not do so. Dr Tay who was training as a cardiology specialist resigned immediately. He tried to bid for a clinic space in Punggol last month to start his own general practice. Dr Ng is currently working at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Mdm Heng’s sons have expressed a wish to return the money as a gift to the NUH in their mother’s name to be used for the future training of doctors to improve patient care.


14 Responses to “NUH apologizes to family of late patient and pay compensation; but doctors did not do so”

  1. Ever heard of sorry no cure?

  2. WP for hougang! said

    Yes the quality of our doctors are getting from bad to worse.
    This is not unexpected since many of these doctors are also the same mugger scholars who dominate our cabinet. They belong to the same category. The same incompetent self-serving bigots.

  3. Stirrer said

    Tay Jia Sheng
    remember this name when you see doctor, you go there for constipation, he might stick a rod up your asss

  4. Ken Lee said

    He tried to bid for a clinic space in Punggol last month to start his own general practice. Dr Ng is currently working at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.
    Punggol !!!!! o my god i stay there!! pls don’t open shop here or many people will kanna kill!!

  5. muimui said

    My personal experience – junior doctors (esp Singaporeans) are yayapapaya….They think so highly of themselves.

  6. The Gardener said

    They must be our scholars produced by our great educational system created by our great leader.
    He feel so bad he resigned & hide in Punggol. Great remorse from our great doctors.

  7. spotlessleopard said

    SomeDoctors have become nothing but Drug pushers….disensing drungs like going out of style.

  8. It’s very heartening to see the family trying to bring about a change for the better despite their loss. I’m sure their mother would be very proud.

  9. It is very heartening to see that despite their loss, the family is trying to bring about a change for the better with the compensation money. I’m sure their mother would have been very proud too.

  10. Hsien Liao La said

    the two doctors’ faces should be published and they should be shamed. in my view, they have committed a worse offence than the 48 men charged for sex with the underage girl. where is the wanbao and new paper?

    Mod’s note:

    Can’t find their faces online. Do you know who they are in person? Agree we should shame them.

  11. Justsaying said

    When Mrs LKY had her shock, she was rushed back first class from UK on SIA plan, retrofitting for her purpose with personalised nurse and doctor. And she gets her immediate attention which according to then MM LKY, the free hospital in UK has failed in its system and competency in attending to a stroke patient. Despite an intervention by 10 Downing Street to let him cut queue (because in UK everyone IS equal, doesn’t matter who you are), he was essentially unhappy about not getting VIP treatment. HE praised highly the Singapore efficiency saying he’s so proud of our system, without realizing that he gets to be on the first line of queue because of his privelege. Not because he is one of us.

  12. Butt So Cute said

    Find out who C.N. Lee is you will know why the doctors didn’t have to apologize.

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