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PHOTO: Cheap-skate Singaporeans seen hoarding tissue papers at McDonalds

Posted by temasektimes on May 12, 2012

Two Singaporeans were seen hording tissue papers at McDonalds though they did not buy any drinks or food there. In fact, they brought their own drinks and food to eat.

[Source: Hardwarezone forum]


21 Responses to “PHOTO: Cheap-skate Singaporeans seen hoarding tissue papers at McDonalds”

  1. kc said

    Wow, TT has lowered to such standard of STOMP…sayonara.

    • Mywish said

      Agreed, their news is getting worst and also always attacking WP.

    • Prataman said


      In my opinion, TT’s reporting standard is now probably lower than that of Stomp as it wasn’t high in the first place.

      It’s strange but true that TT is trying its best to turn readers off with recent articles.

      Looks like their head is getting too big for their hat now that they are “one of the top 100 sites in Singapore”.

  2. lol said

    got any proof they were indeed singaporeans? or any proof that they in fact didn’t buy any proof? temasek times why was this published?????? you becoming a lower form of stomp? fail

  3. Freemakan said

    they are FT….

  4. adventuror said

    yup … why assume they are singaporeans? Could very well be f trash.

  5. Likely Not Singaporeans said

    Most probably they are PRC as Singaporeans here grew up with McDonalds . . . . .

  6. WP for hougang! said

    TT seems to be used as an avenue for character assassination and getting revenge for personal feuds. The two guys above have somehow stepped on the tail of the writer.

  7. Jessie Williams said

    From the perspective of a young American professional working here:

    If this is true, my opinion has been confirmed about the uncivility of you Singaporeans. I have not seen such barbarities since backpacking in Shenzhen a couple of years ago.
    This place has become a fools’ paradise: I have been to places in Africa where the locals have displayed much more dignity than this.

  8. Baogong said

    PRC again? That’ s FT that PAP imported.

  9. Mckoy said

    Honestly why Care what they take or how much they take, Mc Donald is a Corporations isnt’t it?

  10. this provides balancing views on FT and locals since so many people are complaining the biasness of TT

  11. Snoopy Says said

    Such disgrace. Should reveal their faces and shame them.

  12. samdolmat said

    TT is dumb to post this kind of news. please dont go so low, we dont need to know all this, dumb dumb

  13. LocalAlwaysRight said

    Yeah right, you locals certainly are able to imitate the “always right” mentality example given by your government. Whenever exposed of wrong-doing you guys defend yourselves by pointing fingers. Accept the fact that you guys are no better than the awfully accused FTs you’ve always blamed for anything bad.

  14. YOUMAD? said

    Goverment will rip you off by TAX , COE , ERP , SUMMONS , PRICES OF HOUSES ! Life in Singapore for you. For a price of HDB in singapore , you can get a luxurious house or apartment abroad and plus life is gonna be less stressful. Suit yourself people.

  15. Ken Lee said


  16. stevenado said

    Leave these kind of news to STOMP lah…

  17. Strange said

    Why is this even newsworthy?

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