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SMRT Chairman pleads COI to take ‘holistic’ view of reduced maintenance expenditure

Posted by temasektimes on May 12, 2012

SMRT”s maintenance regime has come under the spotlight during the ongoing inquiry by the Commission of Inquiry which questioned its board members on the reduced expenditure in maintenance and repair in the last few years.

However, SMRT Chairman Koh Yong Guan said the board had not found it necessary to tell SMRT to review its maintenance procedures.

On the issue of maintenance, he urged the Committee of Inquiry to take a ‘holistic’ view, pointing out that maintenance costs have been kept low given the ageing MRT line.

He added the SMRT board always emphasises safety and does not simply “rubber-stamp.”

Internal investigations had shown a drop in repair and maintenance expenditure which many blamed for the frequent spate of disruptions lately which has been SMRT a laughing stock in the world.


7 Responses to “SMRT Chairman pleads COI to take ‘holistic’ view of reduced maintenance expenditure”

  1. Bulls said

    The same holistic view with fare increase??
    Where did all that money go?

  2. GhostMan said

    When they cannot have an answer, they will start using bombastic words to explain and hopes that this would put some smoke into their replies and hopefully no body will ask any more questions!

  3. Emeritus Wannabe said

    A broken down escalator at Lakeside MRT took more than 2 weeks to repair. Waiting for spares, so said the security when queried. Dont SMRT keep spares? Or cant they request for urgent air dispatch?

  4. Freemakan said

    gone case…forever…

  5. Henry said

    Spend too much money on the Rental space … they lost sight of SMRT’s core-competency. The danger of a marketing person at the helm …

  6. Tan Yan ren said

    DONT TALK COCK!!!MR Koh dont understand the task of running a transportation company eg SMRT…please tell us on what basis and what your “holistic VIEW” is determined by and what does it take to run an outfit like this…Do you know anything about machines, the limitations, performance, and the factors affecting its performance, limitations, and the maintenance schedules and procedures for the optimum usage and performance?if you can , then you are qualified to make comments like you did…the former CEO is still and will always be a recalcitrant…cocky., arrogant and bulshit artiste just like those who selected her in the first place!!!!She is still insistent that she “DID nothing Wrong” …but did she do anything RIGHT?!!!…all you Dafts!!!!directors and those responsible for her being hired!!

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