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A family’s nightmare at NUH

Posted by temasektimes on May 13, 2012

I understand the feelings of tge family members of the deceased. My father also died due to the negligence of NUH. He suffered a stroke in 2002 and was sent to the emergency room of NUH. Nothing was done to him till a few days later when he was hospitalized. Then he was sent for CTScan and MRI. The reason provided by NUH is that it does not enough facilities. Then in a paper that year,  its CEO said that they want to developed NUH as a medical hub to draw regional medical patients.

When my father was in NUH , he was attended by trainee doctors and also one of the specialist new guy was rude to my mum. Out of concern, my mother kept asking about my father’s condition and was told off my that young specialist. I actually gave him a piece of my mind as I felt that they should be more empathetic especially of managing the family of the patients. On top of it, I was told my some doctor friends that the hospital should have given my father medication to thin the blood so at least he can be saved.

My father went through of a few months in ICU suffering which can be prevented if doctor in NUH has done the necessary actions. I went to see the CEO but he only provided official version. My father survived for next 9 months and passed away. On tge day of his wake, a representative from NUH came to attend tge wake. I was surprised if NUH has not done anything wrong, why should they concern and visit the wake. All government hospitals should be accountable for their patients regardless of the ward A , B or C wards. It should not differentiate rich and poor but to take good care of the patient and also the family members feelings.

This is not new as my maternal aunty went through a simple operation of heart ballooning also went wrong and was hospitalize for 3 months before passing away. We understand that that there may be no enough oxygen that caused tge complications.
We are all lay man and do not understand medical terms as such we are always at tge mercy of the hospital and Dictor. We should hold the hospital accountable.


* The above was first posted as a comment here.


13 Responses to “A family’s nightmare at NUH”

  1. singaporeans said

    Why are “the” typed as “tge” so many times?

  2. Eugene Gan said

    Internal & external audit on system and procedure normally on paper turn out with not many findings or observation…quality class & award are bcoming a norm…

  3. FanaticD said

    useless. the hospital belongs to the government and is fully protected by the legal system against the people and their wrong doings. u must know that doctors are consider elites which is fully pampered and protected by the government while the rest of us are dog shit

  4. Blood suckers said

    I believe. I hated NUH. Cos I was a victim once.

    I had knee problems during my NS period. Was refer by the moronic MO dog to NUH. So they check X-ray, MRI. Say nothing wrong. They very reluctant to place me under physio for almost a year. Til the MO accuses me of chao keng and want to ignore my pain and resume normal duties.

    So I had to borrow some money, and went to private clinic and check. First appointment, the doc say i did indeed have genuine knee problems. Now I was downgraded accordingly, so that I can still walk. If not, I would have been using crutches to walk my entire life.

  5. Jasmine said

    I believe that every hospital has to go through constant upgrades, be it in terms of having the latest medical equipment, continual learning in medical professionals or the aspects of quality in patient services.

    A group of trainee doctors may have responded to this situation in this way and it may not seen like they are professionally portrayed but I supposed they are in the midst of learning to become better as well.

    I believe as a medical doctor, nobody wants to see anybody in dying condition. as much as what inspires them to be a doctor who treats, they do care for their patients. pressure is on and some may tip off the cliff but I guessed we must appreciate the efforts
    from these medical group of people.

  6. Bak gong said

    Unfortunately, going to the hospital is like tikam tikam. If you’re lucky you meet caring doctors and nurses, otherwise you get the kind mentioned above– MOs and nurses rushing to meet their quota of work and trying to get on the good side of their superiors. Patients and family members have to be pro-active. Thank goodness for the internet then. Always try to read up on the illness that is being treated, that way you at least have an inkling of what your options are. Vigilance and persistance is also necessary when it comes to getting medical attention for the patient. If a doctor or nurse won’t come to your sick family member, look for others that have a conscience.

  7. Ken Lee said


  8. ellery chua said

    The most important and first rule of keeping yourself healthy is – “Never trust the doctor whole heartedly – they are not there to make you well, their job is just to tend to you the question of how much or how well they do this is an uncertainty. Doctors have been taught to disassociate emotional from their patients so the fate of the patient has not emotional impact on them however this practice also means that doctors will unconsciously try less; it is only when you care or have a emotional or personal ownership on the outcome do you reach deep in your resources try to make an outcome happen. Take to professional sportsmen, it is always personal and because of this they can outperform their personal best in training.

    All these cases the sad common thread is they trust the doctor as expert and left everything in their hands. We have the internet, do your own research and check if the attending doctors are doing what is standard practice, check if they have exhausted all possible therapies.

    My dad die earlier (possibly) than he should have. TTS did not give him all they could simply because he was cat 4 cancer suffer. The A&E doctor asked the blunt question if we want they to try every possible to revive him when he fell unconscious or just go through some basic motions and if he comes around fine, if he dies it is also fine. That alone tells volume of the unspoken directives at our hospitals – in short they practice what in the Army hospital at war situations is call trindage. This means to separate those that can be treated quickly, need immediate intensive treatment and those who should be place on side to die because they are so seriously injured it is most possible the treatment will only delay death.

  9. Ed said

    go private next time.

  10. WP for hougang! said

    Yes go visit reputable private doctors. Government hospitals are dumping ground for the incompetent ones. Do you want to risk your life?
    I can tell you most of these doctors practice medicine not because they want to save ppl’s lives but because of the prestige and money!
    How can you expect these ambitious and morally depraved muggers to treat their patients well?

  11. Anakpakkassim said

    I know someone who had a heart bypass there,,, they left something in his body and had to open him up to take it out. He was ok after a while but died a few days later, heard that the bill was ‘absorbed’….

  12. What is actually an Emergency, by the time one is treated after two to three hours later he will dead and gone, hopefully these emergencies are not so emergency so, so that they may survive for next 2 to 3 hours before being treated.

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